10 Crushes of 90’s Kids – still hot or not?

1. Aaron Carter

 aaroncarter1 aaroncarter2

He “always tried to be the flyest kid on the block”; however, along with Aaron’s Party, the 90’s are over. Seems his haircut thinks otherwise.

2. Mandy Moore

mandymoore mandymoore2

She stole every 90’s boy’s heart with her “Stupid Cupid” debut in Princess Diaries, and became every young girl’s idol after proving even bad boys have a soft side in A Walk To Remember.

3. Rider Strong – AKA Shawn from Boy Meets World


From the actor that made us love “bad boys” to…Columbia graduate? Maybe bad boys aren’t so bad after all.

4. Amanda Bynes

Amanda-Bynes amanda-bynes-1

“Bring in the dancing lobsters!” Judge Trudy is sending Amanda Bynes back to rehab judging by her recent Twitter updates.

5. Backstreet Boys

backstreetboys backstreet-boys

Ladies, we all know this post would be “Incomplete” without the Backstreet Boys. Unfortunately, it takes more than not wearing white after labor day for a boy band turnaround. Sorry boys, Backstreet is not back.

6. Hilary Duff – AKA Lizzie McGuire

hilaryduff hilaryduff2

She is still “What Dreams Are Made Of;” some things only get better with age. Lucky for you boys, there are rumors that a Lizzie McGuire reunion is in the works.

7. N’Sync

Nsync NSYNC-now

You can’t have Backstreet Boys without N’Sync, because if we’re being honest, nobody knew who belonged to which band anyway. Who would have thought the one with bleached, ramen noodle hair would make it big. Cheers to you, JT.

8. Britney Spears

britneyspears britneyspears3britneyspears2

Oh baby, baby – Britney Spears is proof that anyone can make a comeback.

9. Erik Von Detten

erikvondetten erikvondetten2

Not much has changed with Andy “Brink” Brinker; or maybe you know him as Josh Bryant in Princess Diaries – even Princess Mia fell for the greasy, middle-part. However, I think its safe to say the greasy, middle-part is out considering his latest gig was the voice of Sid (another bad boy) in Toy Story 3.

10. Christina Aguilera

ChristinaAguilera christinaaguilera2

She made boys swoon and made being a “Genie In A Bottle” sound like fun. Based on her role in Burlesque and her position as judge on the hit TV show The Voice, I think it’s safe to say Christina is still getting “What A Girl Wants.”



Premiere Of Oscilloscope Laboratories' "Shut Up And Play The Hits" - Arrivals Nickelodeon's 2008 Kids' Choice Awards - Arrivals

Drake, another bad boy, gave false hope that we would all find a dreamy, guitar playing sweet talker to win us over as soon as our dads sent us on a first date. There is still something to be said about a dreamy guitar player, but in the case of Drake and Josh (and based on the pictures above), Josh is proof that nice guys don’t ALWAYS finish last.

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  1. Mandy Moore was a singer before she did a song on The Princess Diaries (Which, btw, came out in 2001). Her hit single was “Candy”.

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