10 Pictures of Puppies Loving Fall, Because Pumpkin Spice is SO Last Season!

Fall is upon us. The season of multi color leaves, football, thanksgiving, and puppies! Here are 10 pictures of puppies loving everything about fall.

1.     This puppy Playing in the fall leaves.

Puppy playing in the leaves

2.     This puppy enjoying an afternoon walk in fall

Puppy on a afternoon fall walk

3.     This puppy snuggled up on the first day of frost

Puppy snuggled up on first day of frost

4.     This puppy picking out a Halloween pumpkin

Puppy picking out halloween pumpkin

5.     This puppy cant wait to go trick or treating

Halloween puppy

6.     This puppy passed out from too much fall fun

Puppy passed out from too much fall fun

7.     This puppy is ready for football

Puppy ready for football

8.     This puppy enjoying Big Dipper ice cream like a true Missoulian

Puppy enjoying Big Dipper Ice Cream in Fall


9.     This puppy cant wait for leftover turkey on thanksgiving

Puppy begging for turkey dinner

10.     This puppy bundled up for the cold loves fall, but can’t wait for winter!

Puppy ready for winter

Just kidding about pumpkin spice.

Pumpkin spice treats are SO in season

Puppy Pumpkin Spice Latte