10 Things We All Do While Driving


Playing off of making ourselves uncomfortable and getting out of our comfort zone, I’m sharing a video with the world of me being 100% with the hopes that people can relate to it and not be afraid to embrace who they are, quirks and all! Hope you all enjoy!

Post by: Alex Gage

Because I posted this the complete wrong way, Mario said to get a screen grab of the traffic and post it. So, here’s the traffic for my blog post.

One Reply to “10 Things We All Do While Driving”

  1. That was a really cool, funny video! Everything you included was entirely relatable, and I find myself doing most of those things whenever I drive. I love how you weren’t afraid to be yourself in front of the camera, which made it enjoyable to watch. One suggestion I would have is to cut some parts shorter because I noticed that there were some parts that were longer than others, but overall, great job!

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