10 Widespread Panic lyrics that will make you want to see this band live

Take a moment and think about the one thing that truly makes you feel. The thing that lets you just be. Maybe a calm rush runs over you. Maybe your heart explodes with happiness. Or perhaps just feeling is enough and you’re simply…grateful. For me, this thing is live music. There is something about looking up at a stage and being completely captured by the band. Oh man, its something else when a band or a musician can grab hold of your soul and pull you into them and you are in such utter awe that nothing else seems to exist in that moment. It’s not difficult to get me to any concert, but there is one band today that I will always, without question, say yes to. Widespread Panic. If I had to describe WSP in one word, the first of many that comes to mind is ‘un-fucking-real’. This band can jam! It’s not just their jams, though, that gets me. It’s everything about a Panic show. The good people that have grown into your family on tour. The venues they sell out. The adventure of getting to the show, the pre-show anxiety and the moments leading up to getting your coveted ticket scanned. The fact that they never play the same set twice. The jaw drops, the high-fives, the spilled beer and other funny things. And then there is their music. It would be an impossible feat for me to even try to dub one of their songs as their “best”. I have limitless appreciation for all of their songs, even my piss break song. I will, though, throw you ten lyrics that have hit me in an inexplicable way. I won’t attempt to tell you my interpretation of the lines below, because to let them marinade in your own spice, I think that’s the point. By the way, fall tour is in full swing, so swoop some tickets and lose your mind. WSMFP!screenshot_20161004-1059572

  1. C. Brown
    “But in his heart he knows that sometimes a dog is as good as any man,
    Trying to do as we should
    That doesn’t always rhyme with doing what feels good”
  2. Free Somehow
    “I want to be free somehow
    See the forest for the grass
    Wonder through it all, through the looking glass”
  3. Up All Night
    “The best thing about New Years is the Christmas lights
    Hiding in the day, exposed at night”
  4. Airplane
    “Sittin’ around, watching the rainfall
    I don’t know how it could rain so long
    They say the ocean, she is a woman
    Who waits for her man to come home”
  5. Vacation
    “I didn’t see you were right next to me
    But I’m so glad you could make it
    With you by my side, I might get back alive
    From my next vacation”
  6. Climb to Safety
    “Time will surely mold you
    Into something you don’t like”
  7. Bust it Big
    “Beware of the man who builds monuments to himself”
  8. Visiting Day
    “And why can’t we just take a look around us
    And only see the things that make you smile”
  9. The Waker
    “My name is blue skies, and I’m bluer than all of you
    I’ve watched you run around forever, always looking for something new”
  10. Gradle
    “Time plays a roller coaster
    Not afraid to ride itself
    Never takes adventure lightly
    Always stops enough to let us on for a ride”

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  1. I love this post! It makes you really appreciate Widespread, even if you’re not a huge fan. Their song lines are so deep. I really like the line from “Visiting Day”, very inspirational. Thank you for sharing, Mrs. Panic.

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