12 GIFs that Prove that Holiday Season is the Worst!

It’s November and holiday cheer is in full effect.  And it’s the worst! For those of us who hate hearing Christmas music months before the date and wish we could just skip the holidays altogether, here are 12 reaction GIFs that prove that this 2014 holiday season will be the worst ever!  I just can’t wait until New Year’s is over so that I can safely listen to the radio without my ears bleeding!

This reaction GIF that shows how we feel about Black Friday shopping specials beginning on Thanksgiving day this year…

When you’re feeling sarcastic. - Imgur

Looking forward to the only topic of conversation for 2 months being everyone’s boring holiday plans…

When something is just that boring. - Imgur

How about when your server at a restaurant starts to say “Thank you, and have a Merry…” on November 28th…

When you don't want someone to say something. - Imgur

Stephen Colbert knows how horrible it is when your mom says that she already bought your Christmas present, but you have to wait to open it…

04 - OJoi7Rq

And we all know that feeling when you see Christmas lights before Thanksgiving!



Or your reaction when you are standing in line at the grocery store and the Christmas music seems to be getting louder…

When you're getting progressively angrier... - Imgur

Or when you are just so sick of seeing holiday shopping ads online that it makes you want to do something drastic!

When you’ve had enough Internet for the day. - Imgur

Or that overwhelming feeling when you finally have to commit to buying Christmas presents and don’t know what to get people…

When you really can't decide. - Imgur

When your friends ask you to RSVP to their super cheer-tastic holiday party they are planning (ugly sweaters required!)…yeah right!

When you agree... but not really. - Imgur


Or this GIF of how you feel when your mom finally lets you open your present and you are sufficiently unimpressed with her choice…

When you are unimpressed. - Imgur

This is the only thing getting us through the worst time of year…

This is how we handle things - Imgur

But, we all know that the horror has to end sometime (specifically on January 2nd) and we will all be this happy that we survived another holiday season and won’t have to hear Christmas music for another 10 months!

When you can't contain your happiness. - Imgur


 Credits: GIFs from Imgur.com, giphrific.com

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