12 Signs You’re in Eastern Montana

As you probably know, the mentality and culture of Eastern Montana is far different from that of Western Montana. Some might even say the two regions should be different states…but that’s another story for another day. If you ever get lost in The Last Best Place, here are 12 signs you might be anywhere East of Bozeman.

1. The vehicle of choice is a nice big diesel truck


Ford F-250 to be exact.

2. The most popular hair style is the Snooki bump (even before Snooki made it popular)

Hair bump

Pretty sure Snooki should be throwing some props to Montana for her signature style.

3. You’re fashionable if you wear a camo coat, Wranglers, a plaid shirt, baseball cap, and Oakley shades. #RedneckSelfie anyone?

Redneck Selfie

The best part is that I wrote the description before I found the photo. The Duck Dynasty poster in the background is just an added bonus.  Classic!

4. You’re still expecting more snow and cold weather in April

April Snow

Ya know that meme of Montana getting all 4 seasons in one day? Yeah, this is an example of that.

5. You start chewing tobacco at the ripe age of 13


Isn’t that SO cute?!

6. Getting an MIP is a normal part of high school

Jack Daniels

Seriously, the police should just write you a ticket as you enter your first day of high school.

7. It’s perfectly common to leave your cars running and unlocked at the grocery store during winter

Parking lot

…you probably even know which car belongs to who!

8. Your morning latte costs at least $5, and you can only get it at 2 locations in town

The latte art is seriously pushing it over here.

9. You pick up a Scandinavian accent while visiting

Every. Single. Time.  It’s like you’re living out the movie Fargo.

10. Local Lutefisk dinners are the most popular events of the year


Lutefisk Dinner

Yummmmm. Who doesn’t love lye-soaked fish that’s been boiled and smothered in melted butter?

11. You can count on two hands the number of businesses in your town

Circle Main Street

Okay, it might only take one hand. (Actual Main Street in Circle, MT)

12. Your idea of a fancy date is going to your local café for spaghetti and meatballs… and you might even wear your nice Carhartt jeans!



13. BONUS: You can visit North America’s smallest TV/radio station (KXGN)


TV channel 5 or 1400 AM on the radio dial (’cause we’re still reppin’ the AM frequency). Total market: ~5,000

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  1. Hey Mark…You nailed it! You have a great career ahead of you as a writer…..I love this blog and can’t wait for more….The only thing I’d add is that the biggest draw for an early spring activity is watching the sights and sounds of the Yellowstone ice going out…All the citizenry come out on both banks of the Yellowstone to visit and coffee and picnic and wager as to when it will happen….Huge …..

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