13 Pugs Who are Ready for Halloween

1. Ghost Pug

Sticking to the classics.

Ghost Pug











Instagram: @itslolathepug

2. Tickle Me Elmo Pug

This pug is scared of the tickles but ready for the Halloween candy.

Tickle Me Elmo Pug











Instagram: @yamafujisun

3. Whoopie Goldberg/Dorothy Mix Pug

Ain’t nobody got time for Halloween!

Whoopie Dorothy Pug











Instagram: @760tor

4. Frog Pug

No one is truly proud of their first Halloween costume.

Frog Pug











Instagram: @tobithepug

5. Pugsley and Loki

The Justice League is accepting applications; these two are on the top of their list.

Loki and Pugsley











Instagram: @pugsleyandloki

6. Shark Pug

Duhduh, duhduh, duhduh duhduh duhduhduhduh

Shark Pug








7. Double Agent Pug

Double Agent Pug











8. Horse Head Pug


Horse Head Pug











Instagram: @jermzlee

9. Ram Pug

Just enjoying the pumpkin patch and scenery.

Ram Pug











Instagram: @spankythepug

10.Gaston the Little Green Man

Smiling because he has been chosen by the claw!

Little Green Man Pug











Instagram: @gastonthepug

11. Thug Pug

This isn’t a costume.

Thug Pug











12. PUGmas Tree

Incorporating the two best holidays with the one best dog breed.












13. Norm

Norm is going to get blacked out on Halloween.












Instagram: @jermzlee

BONUS: The Easter Pug! Coming to an unbelievably post near you.

Easter Pug


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  1. Ha ha! So cute!!! Bogey is going to be a frog, Dinah is going to be a bumble bee, and Suki will be a unicorn! Yeah, I caved and got them costumes today

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