Going somewhere? 12 Things Cats Do on Spring Break!

Are you going somewhere for spring break? Mom and dad’s? Or maybe somewhere more exciting, like New York City? You might even have a whole week of rip-roaring debauchery planned in good ol’ Sin City. But have you thought about Cuddles and Mr. Belvedere will be up to in your absence? “Sleeping, of course,” you might think. It turns out that they had some plans of their own. Here are twelve things your cats do when you are out of town. Because thirteen would obviously be evil. Hello!

1. A quiet evening with the tele.


2. Fulfilling my dream of driving Nascar. Shut up. I’m a cat. It’s all Nascar to me.

kittynascar copy

3. Vacuum up some of that people hair.

kittyhousework copy

4. Take some ME time.


5. Ladies night with my Home Girls!


6. Finally, get some laundry done without getting hair in it!


7. Go see Miller Creek at the Badlander.


8. Get some groceries I want for a change. Not that kibble you feed me.


9. Get those pesky taxes done! Cats are dependents, right?


10. Commune with nature and test out my new fly rod.


11. Hit the slopes !


12. Get some R&R, yo.


10 College Jobs You Definitely Won’t Put on Your Resume

There’s a difference between making ends meet and building your resume, know those differences.  Here are 10 jobs to make ends meet that are certainly not resume builders.


10. Dog Walker

Yes, we all know how awesome of a job this would be.  Could you imagine how cool it would be to get paid to hang out with a bunch of dogs? Totally cool.  However, when you’re in your first big-kid job interview, describing your past experience as a glorified “poop-picker-upper” may not land you the job.


9.  Blood Plasma Donor

You are literally selling your body for “employment”.  No, you are not going to end up on the next episode of Cops, but do you really think this is a job?  Actually, you know what?  Keep it on your resume; I’m sure the person interviewing you could use a good laugh.


8.  Ice Cream Attendant

Yes, customer relations may be a valuable skill set that you take away from your tenure as an ice cream scooper, however, you might want to  try to avoid the awkward “what’s your favorite ice cream flavor?” question when you are interviewing for your first real job.


7.  Parking Lot Attendant 

If your chief responsibility is opening a gate and saying “haaaaaaave a good one!” you may want to reconsider putting this on your resume.


6.  Janitor

While being a janitor is a respectable job in its own light, cleaning off whiteboards and the mopping the hallways of your favorite building on campus may not be the experience that HR representative is looking for.


5.  Drink Cart Girl

If you are at work and consistently answering the command of “beer me,” make yourself look good and leave this one of the good ol’ resume.


4.  Campus Quick Copy

Literally, the only thing going through the interviewer’s mind is “I wonder if this guy can fix that paper jam Bill from accounting caused?”


3.  Dancer, Exotic



2.  Campus Food Service

Food service jobs, for the most part, totally suck.  But working at the campus dining hall?  That double sucks.  Job experience does not come in the form of washing the dishes of hundreds of college students.


1.  Houseboy

A houseboy is someone who works in a sorority house, washing dishes, serving food, sweeping floors, among other things.  In exchange, a houseboy is compensated by meals during the week.  Make no mistake, indentured servitude is alive and well on college campuses.




Dog Balances Montana’s Greatness on His Head

We all love Montana for one reason or another. This is Bear he was born and raised in Montana, Bear loves everything about Montana, but most of all he loves balancing his favorite things about Montana on his head.


Montana is known for it’s amazing fishing and has built local cultures around the fishing lifestyle. Whether it is tossing a line out of a boat on Canyon Ferry or wading out up to your giblets rippin’ lip on the in the waters of Madison River , Montana is truly a fisherman’s paradise.



Montanans love their beer more than most and Bear is no exception. The atmosphere of a Montana brewery is often hard to beat, not to mention you can bring your dog, and what is not to love about dogs and beer?



Montana’s rivers and lakes provide endless opportunity for adventures. Especially when all the snow melts and the whitewater rafting and kayaking begins, and if that is not your cup of tea, floating in the old inner tube is a Montana pastime and a sure way to have a good time.Bear hasn’t quite mastered the kayak yet but he does pretty good for not having thumbs.



There are few places that offer the scenery and wildlife of Montana, which often can be discovered just minutes out of town. With Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, Montana is a sure to provide unrivaled experiences and memories. The wildlife in Montana is hard to find anywhere else and just like any Montanan, Bear loves it all Except cats, Bear hates cats. (and yes this isn’t technically balancing, but a goose on a dogs head is pretty great)


Good People:

There is a reason people love Montanans…we rock. Ok yes, every village has a an idiot or two but Montanans are truly the kindest, most unselfish bunch of hippies, yuppies, hillbillies, and misfits one could cram into one great state. Bear especially loves the Montana girls in boots.



If a great buck or bull is what you’re after Montana is the place to go.Trophy animals grow in Montana faster than our hatred for Justin Beiber.



We Montanans are not only a kind and unselfish bunch, but were classy too. Whether is red solo cup wine glasses, daisy dukes on men, Hoagieville stains on our sweatpants, or the ever present “Montana” musk of a downtown bar, Montana knows how to keep it classy.


Texting and Driving? This Video Will Make You Think Twice…

This video shows just how deadly texting and driving can be.

Originally created for a Future Business Leaders of America competition in the Spring of 2012, three students from Alta High School in Sandy, Utah show the devastating consequences that could happen when you text and drive.

SO before you reach to send that quick text watch…


The video creators Mitchell Calder, Nicholas Carpenter, and Ben Doxey took first in the State of Utah competition with the help of their FBLA advisor, Kim Batey.

Together they proved that texting and driving accidents could happen to anyone.  

Thank you to Mitchell Calder and the rest of Canopy Productions for the video content.