Stalking Elk, Slaying Trout, That’s what Montana’s All About! Check out these Incredible Pictures/Video!

Stephan Ferry is a photographer, editor and videographer specializing in news and documentary photography, film, and new media production.  Using his background in business, especially in the recreation industry and outdoor media market, he is ready to tackle any assignment with professionalism and finesse. He goes to the places most people wont to capture that perfect shot. Check him out at

Here are some other epic shots from the day.


Insane GoPro Shot of a beautiful trout on a fly

Glacier National Park

Mission Mountains

South of Flathead River

And some other amazing shots of Stephan Ferry Photography.

Sf1Osprey Slay’s a trout! SF2Glacier National Park SF3Wild Buffalo st4Hawk In flight SF5Stephan Ferry The Man, The Myth, The Legend SF6Fly Fishing SF7What Moon Over The Flathead   SF8Frost on Barbed Wire SF9A Missoula, Montana  SunsetSF10Glacier National Park and a Goat.SF11Fly Fishing Stephan Ferry SF14Hawaii Sunset SF16Glacier National Park SF17Abandon Barn Montana SF18Washington Grizzle Stadium

SF20 Horse Horse Love



We will let Stephan Ferry’s edit last week speak for itself.


Best (Worst?) LinkedIn Profile Pictures Ever!

As we get closer and closer to graduation, it seems like we’re on LinkedIn a lot more than we were before. We all know how important it is to show your best professional self because nowadays it’s all about first impressions. Here’s a few people who leave a little bit too much to be desired…


Like this guy. He’s all about being casual professional. He keeps it casual by avoiding eye contact and putting his hand in his pocket and being in front of a mirror…in a bathroom? I’m pretty sure bathroom mirror selfies aren’t even okay on facebook anymore. But that mass produced Christian Riese Lassen poster in the background really classes up the shot, and he is wearing a tie.

Linkedin Picture Fail 1


Why not spice up your LinkedIn picture with a fun filter?! Because….THIS.

Linkedin Fail 3


It’s Christmastime somewhere amiright?! I don’t even care that you might actually be Kevin Spacey, this probably shouldn’t be your first choice for your LinkedIn profile.

Linkedin Fail 10


“I frickin hate this job and my boss threatened to fire me if I didn’t get on LinkedIn.”

Linkedin Fail 9


“I love to listen. No really, that’s why my hair is so big…it’s full of secrets.”

Linkedin Fail 8


Whether he’s chillin’ in the backseat of his car, or in his mom’s basement…he knows how to play it cool. Some say he may be playing hard to get…as in it’s going to be hard for him to ever get a job.

Linkedin Fail 7


I like how she didn’t even capitalize her own name. It says I don’t take things too seriously and I also have no idea what LinkedIn is. It’s almost like bartenders maybe don’t need to be on LinkedIn…..

Linkedin Fail 6


Can we please just all agree to leave the fitness pictures to Facebook?

Linkedin Fail 11


Ummm…what? I have no words.

Linkedin Fail 12


“Hey there kids! You probably know me from The Wiggles and I’m here today to offer YOU a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!”

Linkedin Fail 13


I’m just nervous that this guy might actually be reading my mind through the computer.

Linkedin Fail 14


At least her future employers can’t say they’re surprised when she comes to work hungover every Monday….and then they have to pay for her medical leave when she ends up in rehab.

Linkedin Fail 5



Best of Craigslist Missed Connections: Montana

Romance…It’s so hard to find that one true love these days. Especially when we let that person slip right through our grasp, wondering if we’ll ever see them again. Luckily Craigslist has your back. The Craigslist Missed Connections section has become the go-to spot for anyone trying to reconnect with that special someone they had a moment with at a coffee shop, grocery store, concert, or wherever cupid happened to be working that day. Now kick back and pledge allegiance to the state of Montana, and enjoy these missed connections from our dear state:

You farted at Good Food Store – m4w (Missoula)

You were the tall brunette with the near perfect body that farted in the bread section last night. I was the tall guy next to you that looked over and asked, “Was that you?” You quickly replied “No…Wasn’t me!” You almost seemed insulted I would ask. As the stink grew you continued to deny your flatulence, but it was evident. I tried to get rid of the stench by waving 2 loafs of Ciabatta bread. You proceeded to storm off in an angry manner. You are beautiful and even if you are a liar and fart like a Clydesdale, I’d love to meet up sometime.

marcus at meat counter – m4m – 44 (missoula rosauers)

eye contact. turn on. like to know you.

chick in newer mustang – w4m (Great Falls)

What color was the Mustang? What were you driving? Did we make eye contact or did I just drive by?

Looking for – w4m – 39 (Missoula)

Tim Fisher. Anyone know where .he is? Tell him an old friend is looking for . Please

yelawolf – w4m (Missoula)

i saw you outside the yelawolf concert, you asked about yellowstone and i didn’t get the joke at first 🙂 anyways, you were really cute and later that night my wolf was howling so i looked for you but you weren’t there. . .

Mrs. Motherlode – m4w (Helena)

Your a bartender there during the days best as i can tell. your humor is shining! my buddies and i sit in back under the spotlight for lunch. youd never notice me tho i think ive spotted you looking at me while i was watching you. lol your a large woman with the most un describable green eyes ive ever seen. ya jules. you kid about your ‘big ass’. i dream about it. i believ ive heard you talking about being on some nutri system shit and gymin it. i hope whatever you do it doesnt change the funny, outgoing person you seem to be. and nothing you could do would make you more beautiful to me and a few of the guys i sit wtih even. someday maybe ill sit at the bar i know your married but a man can dream right?

I SAW YOU AT WALMART!!! – m4w (Bozeman)

You were the beautiful blonde woman in the bright green fleece top that was smiling at me in the parking lot of WalMart at 4PM…..I walked in ahead of you (I was with my sister) and I turned around to look at you several times and we smiled and there was chemistry there….Oh, I DO so hope you see this…..I was the tall blonde guy with the brown vest, baseball hat, and sunglasses….I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! I need to look into your eyes and tell you that I adore you…..answer if you see this!!!!

Not sure why you waved – w4m (10th ave)

I didn’t see you waving at other people you were parked next to. Why did you guys wave at me? I was a little preoccupied with a conversation and I surely waived very awkwardly but if you want to chat tell me what you were driving. Trust me I am a car girl and I remember.

I saw you pooping. – m4w (Burns St Bistro)

The morning after a hazy, enjoyable night out at the Badlander, I found myself eating breakfast alone, enjoying a rare sunny morning in Missoula. A creature of habit, I was wont to use the restroom and, in my haste, made the mistake of going through the wrong door. Or was it a mistake? This world can work in mysterious ways.

Cue you.

I rushed in through the stall door, and there you were. Rich auburn hair, radiant emerald eyes, and a smile that could melt the heart of the coldest misanthrope. I tried to introduce myself, but you kept saying no and waving your hands, insisting I leave and wait at the other door. In a rush, I thought you had meant the men’s restroom, and I waited there for an hour and missed a job interview–you must have forgotten to check over there.

I know the passion is there–let’s make this happen.

Camel Reds at Big Smoke – w4m – 18 (Moscow)

Oh, good LORD you were adorable. I could barely look you in the eye… You had to grab a new carton of Camel Reds and dropped a pack as you were opening it…I could hardly contain myself…I wanted to ask for your number so badly, but you were just too much for me to process. I instantly regretted not asking, and I’m hoping you’ll see this post so I can get another chance.I know if I see you again in person, ill just get flustered and be shy and then get distracted by you and forget to ask again…

Les Schwab – m4m – 35 (Missoula)

Hi………….. I saw a VERY VERy handsome cowboy today in Missoula store on Broadway..You had a long coral green wesern shirt on. Looked very nice in those wranglers too. We smiled at each other a couple times and would like to get to know you. You were with an older gentlemen, mabe your pops….. I know this is a long shot, but one never knows….. Oh yeah you had 15 plates which means you were from Lake County….

This morning’s route 11 bus driver – m4w – 38 (Missoula)

I’ve been riding for about two years and I’ve always wanted to tell you that I think you are absolutely beautiful.

That is all.

Stock girl at Orange St. Food Farm – m4w (Missoula)

To the hot stock girl – keep rocking your sexy colorful look – and I will keep making way more trips to the grocery store than I need to!

Walmart checker  – m4w (Missoula)

I was at Walmart with my grandmother and you commented on my crochet rainbow bracelet and we talked about how as gay individuals we do not have to follow the stereotype of what “gay” is but can still have pride in who we are as humans. You touched my heart somehow that day and I gave you the bracelet that I made. I would like to have that bottle of coke with you sometime. You made me smile when I was having a bad day.
Random acts of kindness feel just as good to do as they are to receive.

The Girl at Jimmy John’s – w4m (Billings)

This is a long shot, but I go into Jimmy John’s everyday for lunch and the cashier with gauged ears that always takes my order has really caught my eye. Just a really shy guy and I don’t really know what to say.

scraggly man – w4m (Bozeman)

I’ve seen you around town a few times lately, in different spots. You look like you could be a hipster, on the verge of becoming a homeless man. No idea how old you are, but guesstimating mid 20s-early 30s.. You have an epic ginger beard and you’re kind of dirty looking..What’s your story? You have a vibrant energy all around you. Next time I see you I’m just going to approach you.

We met at a pawn shop – w4m (Kalispell)

Hey you, I’m far away and yet I miss you. I think about you and how much fun we had together. We talk but it’s not the same. I just wanted to say, I MISS YOU. I know you’ll read this and know it’s me.I’ll be back soon. Be ready…You’re awesome, Mybigman. Love you.

bingo! – m4w (Missoula)

Cute blonde girl at bingo last night. Couldnt take my eyes off you. I wish we had talked more.

The Barista at City Brew – m4w (Billings)

It was about 6 pm on Valentine’s Day. I was hoping to run into someone specific, so I approached the counter – by the time I got there and realized she wasn’t on shift, it was already too late!! I was committed, didn’t have any money on me, and wasn’t really up for coffee. You had blonde, curly hair, and asked for my order. Fortunately, one of those giant chocolate chunk cookies caught my eye, allowing me to save face and actually order something. You asked if I wanted anything to drink with that – and I replied that I was good. I didn’t take a receipt, but, after our transaction, I reached into my back pocket, and handed you some candy, wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day. You lit up like a Christmas Tree – it seemed as though my actions may have “made your day…” and just thinking about that made MY day. 🙂

Just so you know, I’m a teacher. The candy I gave you was left over from what I gave my students that day. I originally intended to give it to someone else, but, it turns out, maybe it was intended for you all along. What I teach is math, so, I know the odds are incredibly long against your even SEEING this ad, but, if you do, and if you feel like taking a risk, reply to my ad… Perhaps sparks didn’t fly – but if they did, I wanted to give them their due opportunity to see what they can do.

at walmart – m4w – 21 (bozeman)

You are beautiful. Thank you for reminding us why man creates art. Your ink and metal compliment you wonderfully and your i love zombies necklace was perfect


It’s Not Me, It’s You

8 types of guys that girls can’t stand and guys don’t want to be

1. Elliptical Guy

Elliptical - UsePhoto Credit

We see the elliptical guy and he confuses us. As girls, we question why a guy is using the machine. Sure, the elliptical is stereotypically for women, but that’s only because any man on it hasn’t been to the gym enough to know otherwise. While he could actually be trying to tone his booty and calves, the nature of manliness and the required equipment lead us to believe that this man has ulterior motives. Ladies pull up your shirt and avoid eye contact because elliptical guy is on the prowl. Elliptical guy, your bro tank and gently used Nikes fail to distract us from your intention to chat with fellow female elliptical users, “it’s not me, it’s you.”

2. Bar Fight Guy


Photo Credit

This guy is a knockout, literally. He will start with, “let’s go out for drinks, baby.” As much as this guy believes he is a perfect ten, his ill-prepared pickup lines and overwhelming eagerness to buy us another round only results in irritation and a serious case of skin crawling. Pretty soon, one vodka redbull turns to three and your shoulders are inevitably between many other pairs. Just when you think it is safe to turn around, bar fight guy brilliantly decides throwing a punch for no reason will lead him to getting lucky. What began as a romantic night out, ends with you running away in your high heels from an angry mob. While we may love acts of passion in the bedroom, as for at the bar, no thanks. Bar fight guy, “it’s not me, it’s you.”

3. Avoiding a Relationship Status Guy

AmbiguousPhoto Credit 

This guy is so cryptic about your relationship, you’re about to buy Rosetta Stone to decipher him. His sweet talk and keen methods of avoiding conversation leave you anxiously analyzing his every action. You can identify this type of guy by phrases like: “we don’t need to define our feelings,” “were just going with the flow,” or “let’s just see where this takes us.” Your friends endlessly pry about your relationship and nearly every new interaction is preceded with meet my “friend” [insert name here.] This guy is so ambiguous you catch yourself acting definitively crazy stalking his Facebook, psycho analyzing his texts, and did a drive by just happen? The combination of casual hookups and random dates leave our head spinning so c’mon man, as long as you keep calling us just friends, “it’s not me, it’s you.”

4. Random Guy in the ClubGrinding Guy

Photo Credit

On the dance floor, you can feel this guy approaching before he enters your personal bubble. A warm breath on the back of your neck usually signals his approach along with sweaty, poorly placed hands on your hips. Finally, our stomach churns with the ever so classy bulge pressing against your lower back. This instantly brings out your inner nun, wishing for a turtleneck and regretting previous booty shakes. We will never know why this guy believes girls enjoy being stealthily approached from behind only to be severely violated by his crotch. We can conclude this guy’s attempted imitation of Channing Tatum is closer to John Travolta in Hairspray. If you want a dance, buy us a drink and just ask. Random guy in the club, we don’t want to back up on it, sorry “it’s not me, it’s you.”

5. Social Media Obsessed Guy

Social MediaPhoto Credit

Whoa there thunder thumbs, slow down! This guy taps on his phone so much sometimes we are surprised the screen hasn’t cracked. We must applaud him for his endless knowledge of every social media outlet. However, this guy has somehow managed to convince himself his number of new notifications is a direct reflection of his likability thus faultily concluding he deserves a high self esteem. You can’t put a filter on real life, so clear your vision girl! As soon as retweets, filters, likes, and hashtags become main topics of conversation it’s time to think twice. Social media guy, until you stop determining your self worth by your number of retweets, #itsnotmeitsyou.

6. Pretentious Guy

PretentiousPhoto Credit

As much fun as it is to listen about your fraternity awards, self-serving volunteer work, and profoundly faulty solution to world hunger, we would rather sit through a PBS special on the eating patterns of a mollusk than hear one more word about your excessive and futile efforts. The more you yammer on, the more we realize you love the sound of your own voice more than you could ever love us so you shouldn’t be surprised that your relationships don’t go as well as your election as secretary of environmental club. So until my eyes don’t glaze over with just the thought of conversing with you, we must proudly proclaim that “it’s not me, it’s you.”

7. Gym Rat Guy

GymRatPhoto Credit

We wonder how long it took this gym rat to arrange his protein mix containers into a three-tiered pyramid (complete with a perfected backlighting and an inspirational quote) before he proudly uploaded it to his Instagram. He points out to us that excuses don’t burn calories, but we’d like to add the excessively posed selfies in the dirty gym mirror doesn’t either. His extensive effort to strategically show off his biceps does not go unnoticed but when you ditch us for your fellow sweaty men – we’re forced to question what we’re willing to deal with for washboard abs. Next time, put some of that effort into pleasing more than just our eyes, so we don’t have to keep saying “it’s not me, it’s you.”

8. Identity Crisis Guy

identity crisisPhoto Credit

This guy has been recently inspired by another male, so inspired in fact that he has moments where he takes on his latest idol’s personality. Sure the inspiration starts with some sporadic catchphrases but adoration turns to imitation and with that, a powerful girl repellent. Common mistakes of this guy include wearing clothes he can’t pull of as well as Ryan Gosling or forgetting about his race when blasting dirty rap from his 2002 Toyota Camry. When analyzing identity crisis guy, you must be aware of who your man is channeling. A dash of Don Draper or Drake may whisk you away into a temporary fantasyland, but as soon as your guy touches upon Jesse from Breaking Bad you’re shaken back into reality. While we may enjoy role-playing now and then, remember at the end of the day we like you for you. Identity crisis guy, until you realize you cannot be a combination of James Bond and Liam Hemsworth, we will forever tell your alternate identity, “it’s not me, it’s you.”

Anonymous Missoula Stories: Can You Guess Who Said It?

UM Streaker

Thought UM Confessions was over and done with? Slightly depressed about it?
Well have no fear, the unbelievably team is here to help you out!
Below is a compiled list of the best “anonymous stories” from Missoulian’s to help you get through the week!

Maybe the stories will make you LOL, cringe with embarrassment and even become speechless. 

You might even question whether you know the person who said it.

I’ll give you a hint… you probably do.

1.“Pooped my pants in the food zoo on the second day of freshman year. It is called the Food Poo for a reason, although I wish I would have coined that nickname.”

2. “I am a junior in college, and I peed my bed last year because I had a dream I was drowning.”

3. “I had a crush on the Stock’s bouncer…. And then I made out with him. He still wants to be friends.”

Stockman's Bar

4. “The bouncer at Stockman’s told me while plunging a toilet due to a cellphone, that they find about 3 cellphones a month in the toilets. C’mon ladies.”

5. “I go to Mo Club to find hot girls because the fluorescent lights lessen the chance of a beer goggle moment.”

6. “I sneak into the Double Tree Pool all the time during the summer, better beef up your security guys! However, compliments to the chef on the cookies.”

7. “Freshman year, a friend and I decided to relax with a nice hookah session. Too bad we almost burnt down Craig Hall in the process. Note to everyone, don’t put coals in the trashcans.”

8. “One time when walking out of the Recreation Center, my shorts got caught on the Griz card gate. Unfortunately, this caused my shorts to be lifted all the way up to my back, making it so my entire left butt cheek was out and about. I couldn’t get my shorts unstuck so I stood there stranded for a few minutes as everyone, including the receptionists, were staring at me.”

9. “I’m finding more and more that my likes on Facebook determine who I can choose from on Tinder. Thanks to Missoula I am now getting messages from bearded, outdoorsy, flannel-wearing men and I am all about that life.”


10. “One night while I was working at Reds, a woman in her 40’s came up to me and told me if she wasn’t in a marriage of 15 years she would take me home with her and her friend. I thanked her for the compliment and she said if she ever got a divorce I would be the first guy she would “bang the sh** out of.”

11.“I accidentally locked myself out of my room when I was in my towel in the dorms. My RA was MIA so I had to brave the elevator and go down 9 floors to find another RA to help. Low and behold, when I reached the lobby there was my RA at the front desk and some unexpected guests as well: Half the UM Football team.”

12.“On my 21st birthday, I took the Flaming Lamborghini shot at Feruqi’s and burned my eyelashes off.”

13.“Dan the Man streaking at the first football game of our freshman year. Probably the only time we made ESPN outside for something epic. Too bad he got expelled…. Ouch.”

UM Streaker

14.“This spring break I was on my flight home sitting next to two little girls (a 13 year old and an 8 year old). When the flight attendant came by and offered them their free meals since they were unaccompanied minors, she then proceeded to ask me what meal I wanted. I was about to tell her that I was not an unaccompanied minor but actually 20 years old and in college, but then a thought came to me… free food. I had no shame in asking for the kid’s meal and ate my cheese puffs with pride.”

15.“Once I lost my wallet and phone downtown and the guy that found it and gave it back to me left a note saying “Drinking until puking is not attractive.”

16.“I know the taco bell owner.”

Taco Bell

17.“I once told a girl downtown that I was a prestigious lawyer from Seattle, she said she was single so I continued buying her drinks throughout the night. Turns out I’m not a prestigious lawyer, and she wasn’t single. The next day she came to the golf course I work at with her boyfriend. All we could do was smile and laugh awkwardly about the white lies we had told the night before.”

18.“The only weekend I have ever puked from drinking was parent’s weekend when I was at a restaurant with my family. When I came back to the table my mom gave me a high-five. ”

19.“Flew home for Thanksgiving and got a drink on the plane. Out of habit I told the flight attendant to “keep the tab open”. She just stared at me for a second and seemed very unamused.”

20. “Went to an American themed party dressed as the American flag and ended up staying the night on a friends couch. The next morning my walk of shame got nicknamed the Stride of Pride.