Ten Most Memorable Moments From LOTR.

So the last and final Hobbit movie is coming out December 17th…Who CARES!

Just kidding I totally care but I cant help but to reminisce on the all the good times we had before/after/before The Hobbit, during the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Here some moments that can never be forgotten.

1. One does not simply….forget this moment of most quotable times.


2. These guys….


3. Those guys..


4. That time Smeagol had a heart to heart with himself. 


5. Learning what taters is/are.


6. Gandalf telling the Balrog what’s up. 


7. Environmental Life lessons.


8.He IS always watching…


9. The Original Feminist.


10. Once is never enough…

4 Examples of the Effects of No Shave November

Four men volunteered to show what No Shave November can really do to a person. Here are their stories.

1. Baby Face to Mountain Man

Before No Shave November:

morgan before








After No Shave November:

morgan after









2. Adorable to Manly

Before No Shave November:

casey before 1







After No Shave November:

casey after









3. Unsure of What to do in Life to Full of Wisdom

Before No Shave November:

chauncey before









After No Shave November:

chauncey after










4. Cheesin Hard to Serious About ‘Merica

Before No Shave November:

james before








After No Shave November:

james after

8 Tips to Making the Best Holiday Playlist

The holiday season is upon us, and with that comes parties. With the parties comes the need to for a killer playlist to get everyone mingling and on the dance floor. Here is a quick guide for building the best playlist that will get even your grandma to boogie. Even though this post is specific to holidays you can use the same steps for any event.

1. Decide on the platform to use.

Spotify or 8tracks are great for making playlists. Each one has its ups and downs. Spotify supports the artists, but some artists are missing (if you’re wanting to add Taylor Swift to your playlist you will not be able to “shake it off” if you are using Spotify). 8tracks gets its music from SoundCloud but be ready to sift through tons of material. My personal preference is Spotify.


2. Decide on a theme.

Holidays is the obvious choice here. You can choose to be more specific or general here. Playlists should be like a hallmark that reminds you of songs you were listening to at any specific moment in time and the theme should represent that.


3. Your playlist needs to have a clever title.

Like “Ho Ho Home for the Holidays” or “T(swift)isn’t the Season(songs of the season sans Taylor Swift)”.


4. Make it eclectic.

Just because you’re making a holiday playlist doesn’t mean you only have to use Christmas music. For one, there are hardly any original songs anymore. If you stick to Christmas songs it won’t be long before instead of a playlist you just remade Mariah Carey’s 12th Christmas album.


5. Dance.

Throw in plenty of dance tracks amidst the warm and fuzzy songs. No one will be getting down to Mannheim Steamroller (except Grandma, maybe.)


6.Don’t forget about your multicultural friends.

Not everyone celebrates Christmas. Make sure to include Matisyahu and Lady Smith Black Mambazo for your friends that celebrate Hanukkah and Kwanza.


7. Everyone loves the Sax Man aka Kenny G.


8. Don’t hide that playlist away on your phone, share it with friends.

Create an open playlist so your friends can add their favorite holiday party songs. At your holiday party, everyone will pick the playlist “we” all created. Except for Taylor Swift. She got left in the car because that’s the only place we keep CD players.


Happy Holidays and Happy Playlist making!


*Disclaimer: I actually like Taylor Swift and bought her album, but I am disappointed in her choice to stay off of Spotify.

Butte Originals – 22 and Counting…

Are you a proud Butte, Montana resident? Here is a list of 22 Butte highlights I am sure you can relate to and you will think of many more on your own!


1. Pork Chop Johns The original Pork Chop Sandwich was founded in Butte, Montana in 1924. While there are many replicas, this one is the best out there. Many people come to Butte just to enjoy a Pork Chop.






2. St. Patrick’s Day – When the first parade was held in 1881, little did those folks know it would still be going strong 133 years later. This is a major celebration in Butte, Montana bringing in guests from all across the U.S. and even Ireland. The amazing bars in Butte and the fact that there is no open container law until 2:00 a.m. help make this event one to remember.

St. Patrick's Day Butte








3. The Christmas Stroll – Held in early December, the Christmas Stroll is a main attraction in uptown Butte where locals stroll, visit, and make their Christmas purchases in the shops. Vendors line the streets offering goodies, while horse-drawn wagons give the kids a thrill.










4. Evel Knievel Days – Evel Knievel is Butte’s own son and the world’s first daredevil. Honoring Evel, Butte’s Evel Knievel Days has been a tradition for years. Bringing in stuntmen and women, and acts from across the nation, this is a fine tribute to the first real thrill-seeker. The free event is held the last weekend in July every summer and is a major attraction for Butte.

ek days






5. Pekin – Since the early 1900s, the Pekin Noodle Parlor has been a longtime favorite for Chinese food in Butte, Montana. The old architecture and narrow hallway lined with booths on either side create a unique atmosphere to enjoy your wontons and noodles.

Pekin 2








6. “Metsgiving” – Celebrated on the eve of Thanksgiving, The Met Bar in Butte welcomes everyone home from college for Thanksgiving break, and the celebration has become known as “Metsgiving”. Like a high school reunion when you walk through the door, it is a great place to grab a drink, listen to music, and catch up with old friends.









7. Ice Skating on Neighborhood Rinks – When the snow finally falls in Butte, Montana, kids of all ages enjoy skating on their neighborhood rink. The rink at the Original Mine even has piped-in music!

ice skating







8. An Ri Ra Irish Festival – Celebrating Butte’s Irish Heritage, the An Ri Ra provides endless entertainment including Irish dancing, world-renowned bands, and food and refreshments.

irish festival







9. Festival of Trees – The Festival of Trees raises funds for the Paul Clark Home located in Butte, Montana, which provides housing to families with a loved one in the hospital. Local residents bid on beautifully decorated Christmas trees to support this worthy cause.

festival of trees







10. El Taco – Home of the best cheese melt and spicy spuds ever, El Taco was established by a local Butte family years ago and is an all-time favorite for many.

el taco







11. Freeway – For over half a century, the Freeway Tavern has been serving a sandwich known as the Wop-Chop. Similar to a pork chop, but with its own unique twist, this one is well worth a try. The Freeway was featured on the popular TV show Man vs. Food.








12. Povitica – A delicious Slavic ethnic dish, povitica is a Butte favorite that is made around the holidays. With layers of dough and sweet nut filling, this bread tastes as spectacular as it looks.








13. Lights Upon the Mines – The many gallus frames lining the hillsides of Butte are original all on their own. Shining with red lights every night, these beautiful sentinels are a Butte trademark.








14. Folk Festival – Starting off as the National Folk Festival, the Montana Folk Festival is now held each summer in Butte, and is already a treasured tradition. This free outdoor event with amazing, creative music, and delicious food and drink provide a wonderful weekend of family enjoyment.

folk festival









15. 4th of July Parade – Parades are a longstanding holiday celebration, and the 4th of July Parade in Butte is one for the record books. Thousands of residents get up on Independence Day and start their day watching the parade with friends and family. It’s so good, even Obama and his family came!

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Malia Obama, Sasha Obama







16. Pasties – Meat, potatoes, and onions wrapped in dough make an amazing combination known as a pasty, and individuals are very particular regarding whether they are topped with and gravy or ketchup! Another ethnic favorite, this delicious dish is a specialty at several Butte restaurants.








17. Sledding on Hospital Hill – Called sleigh-riding in Butte by many, this is a great winter activity. After the first snow, kids and their sleds line the hill in front of the hospital for their turn to go down the steep incline. It is a great hill!








18. Orphan Girl Liquor – Made at Headframe Spirits, the local Butte distillery, this cream liqueur is the number one choice in the town of Butte and far beyond. Add it to your coffee, or make a Dirty Girl drink by mixing it with Root Beer, either way it’s delicious! Headframe’s only makes the best.

Orphan Girl








19. 3rd of July Fireworks – Montana’s most renowned fireworks show is held on the 3rd of July every year atop the “Big M” in Butte. This fantastic display is augmented by the many fireworks set off all around town by holiday revelers.









20. Twisted Sisters – A local boutique in downtown Butte, Montana, Twisted Sisters has established a very loyal following. From quality jeans to awesome dresses, they have it all. Run by two Butte girls who really are sisters, the customer service cannot be beat.

twisted sisters







21. UpTop Clothing Company – Founded in Butte by brothers Luke and Colt Anderson, the UpTop Clothing Company has made its impression all over Montana. With multiple designs, the shirts, hats, and sweatshirts are the perfect complement to any casual attire. And now Baby UpTop is available too!

UpTop Clothing






22. The Lady of the Rockies – The Lady of the Rockies sits atop the East Ridge in Butte, Montana overlooking and protecting its residence. At an astounding 90 feet tall and constructed entirely by volunteers, she is an impressive attraction for the Butte community and tourists alike.

Lady of the Rockies