Top 7 Unique Gyms in Western Montana

The Gym

My name is Josh, and I am currently working on a project called Humans of the Gym, which you can checkout on Facebook HERE (well worth checking out). My Philosophy is that the gym should be a place where everyone who enters feels comfortable, welcome, and part of an incredible community. The gyms mentioned exemplify this quite well. Each also offers its own unique approach to advocating health and activity.

*The list is in no particular order, each title is a link to the respective Facebook Page.

MUST (Missoula Underground Strength Training Center) creates a more intensive, results orientated environment. Their gym layout is incredibly unique, and is something worth checking out. The community environment of positivity is also something you MUST (pun intended) experience.

The combination of Yoga and Martial arts provided by Straight Blast Gym of Montana is something not many gyms are doing. Never done yoga or martial arts? No worries, as they offer beginner classes for all ages!

Ever wanted to just hit something? Title boxing club can help. They offer classes that will help empower anyone who participates. As always, the first punch is free. (They let you take the first class free.)

Freestone offers a great bouldering experience. They have built a community of people who have fun, stay fit, and plan outdoor trips together! Interested in bouldering and live in or around Missoula? Go check out Freestone. Seriously.

A very unique gym that offers an incredible climbing experience. Climbing is becoming increasingly popular, while also being an exciting and exhilarating way to exercise! I have only heard high praises from a few friends who have attended this climbing gym!

Monkey bars as a kid were awesome. Monkey bars as your workout? More awesome. The Monkey Bar Gymnasium offers an incredibly unique approach to exercise, with their focus on gymnastic equipment and body weight movements. Tired of the typical gym setting? Check this place out.

A more typical gym that is fully equipped for almost any method of exercise imaginable. They provide an atmosphere that is dedicated towards self improvement. Well worth a look if your goal is to improve yourself physically.

  • BONUS – Can you spot the gym that is not from Montana? Comment with your guess.

Also, anywhere in the outdoors of this beautiful State can be used as a gym!

The nice folks at Runners Edge in Missoula have created an incredible atmosphere dedicated to helping people use the great outdoors of Montana as their gym.


Again, I would love it if you checked out Humans of the Gym on Facebook!

Thirsty? Grab a cold one at one of these breweries

In case you haven’t already noticed, breweries are a hot item in Montana. In 2013, the state ranked 3rd in the nation for breweries per capita. The number of breweries has grown since then, and the community is embracing it. Breweries offer a special experience for those who go. They also give back to the community by supporting non-profits, offer entertainment for people of all ages and gives the people of Montana a place to come together. Without further ado, here is a list of some of breweries worth checking out:



Big Sky Brewing ~ Missoula, MT

One of the largest breweries in Montana, Big Sky Brewing offers a outdoor venue for its summer concert series that includes the likes of Slightly Stoopid, Ryan Adams, The Decemberists and Greg Allman.

Beers to try: Summer Honey, Trout Slayer

DSC03575 (Custom)

Lewis & Clark Brewing ~ Helena, MT

Lewis & Clark brings a state of the art facility along with award winning beers to the Helena community. Awarded best brewery in the Best of Helena Awards, Lewis & Clark has something for everyone.

Beers to try: Miner’s Gold Hefeweizen, Backcountry Scottish Ale


Mighty Mo Brewing Co ~ Great Falls, MT

One of the newer breweries in Montana, Mighty Mo opened its doors in 2013. Since then, it has become one of the most well known breweries in the state with it’s open floor tap room. It’s also one of the few breweries that you can challenge your friends to a game of ping pong.

Beers to try: Dam Fog, Smoke Jumper


The Great Northern Brewing Company ~ Whitefish, MT

Great Northern Brewing Company is home to the tallest building in the town of Whitefish. This unique brewery churns out over 310,000 gallons of craft brew annually. Located downtown, Great Northern Brewery is right in the middle of many attractions.

Beers to try: Wheatfish, Wild Huckleberry


Bozeman Brewing Company ~ Bozeman, MT

Bozeman Brewing opened its doors in 2002 and hasn’t looked back. Located in the historic brewery district, their unique tasting room compliments perfectly with their weekly Sunday Funday events.

Beers to try: Bozone Select Amber Ale, Hopzone IPA

Ten Mile Creek  ~ Helena, MT 

Ten Mile Creek is an up and coming brewery that is planning on opening its doors in late Spring/early Summer 2015. The owners are some recent college graduates looking to break in to the industry.

5 Reasons You Should Tell Your Parents You Love Them Today

Whether it’s your parents, grandparents, siblings, aunt/uncle, etc., everyone has that certain person or group of people that have been their largest influencing factor for the majority of their life. During our young  lives we rarely take the time to appreciate or even realize the things these people have done for us. Looking back one can realize they have done more for you then you could ever repay but with that being said these people don’t expect anything in return. What means the most to them is knowing the way you feel about them. So pick up your phone, write a card/email, or send a prayer today because here is 5 reasons (among 1000 other things) why you should tell your parents you love them today.

1.   They Gave Up Their Lives For You


Once you became a part of their lives these people dedicated all their time, energy, and resources to you. They constantly sacrificed and forgot their own needs just so they could provide you with the things you needed and wanted. They went to work every day so they could provide for you. They traveled the town and globe to support you and your interests. They lost sleep, hair, and compromised the rest of their own youth so you could enjoy yours.

2.   They Built Your Foundation for Success


Refer to yourself as a self-made individual and I have no problem calling BS to your face. Sure you may have worked incredibly hard and been dedicated to reach your goals and become successful but in no way was it a sole endeavor. The characteristics and traits that have led to your success came from the influence of these special people. They taught you how to be successful and once you set out to reach your goals, they were there to support you. They laid out the platform for you to be successful and this is a platform that will guide you for the rest of your life.

3.   They Loved You through Your Worst

spoiled-brat-kidRemember when you were a little middle school smart ass, a whiny little toddler, an irresponsible and unruly teenager? Well so do your parents. We all can look back on times and absolutely hate ourselves for the things we did and the way we acted but during these times our parents still loved and provided for us. The fact that anyone was willing to let us live, let alone love us during these times deserves all the praise you can give.

4.   They Changed For You


Looking way back in time you may actually find a version of your parents you consider “cool”. They were probably similar to yourself now or a younger version of yourself with their own interests, ideals, and bad habits. Often times these are the hardest things to change in a person’s life. It takes a huge driving force to make big changes in a person but once again because of you, your parents often had to change and stop doing many of these things because they were not in your best interest. So indirectly you should be held responsible for your parents losing their “cool”.

5.   You Mean More to Them Than You Can Comprehend

I’m sure I will never fully understand what it means to be a parent until I reach that stage in my life. I can think back at the countless times my parents have gone out of their way just to get the chance to and sit down and talk with me and this gives the basic understanding that parents don’t care about the place, activity, or situation. All they care about is you. This unique type of love may not be found anywhere else.  There is nobody that have been as engaged in my life and devoted to me in the biggest and smallest ways as my parents. I fully regret every missed opportunity to spend time with my parents. With that being said it’s time for me to go make a phone call. You should do the same and don’t forget to tell the most influential people in your life how much you love and appreciate them!


10 Reasons Every Woman from a Mountain Town Needs a Dog

10. They are a daily reminder to practice your Downward Dog.


Photo source:
Photo source:

9. A bed full of dogs is warmer and better insulated than your 0-degree, down sleeping bag.


8. They are a great buddy to enjoy the views with.

And they won’t complain that you are hiking too fast or their feet are cold.

Taking in views with the dog

7. You will never need to carry a bottle opener to a bonfire again.

Dog as bottle opener

6. They are a better judge of character than you.

Living in a mountain town, we know there is a high ratio of dirtbag males. You need a little extra help selecting a mate. Let your dog help you.


5. Their unfettered joy bounding around in the snow is contagious.


4. Ditto for their love of playing in the leaves.

Dogs will help you enjoy every season, the more we think about it.


3. Dogs, trucks, and mountains belong together.

They form a perfect trinity with you in the middle.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

2. They can smell the funk in your hiking boots before you do.

Hint: when the dog is really interested in your hiking boots, it is a sure sign that your entire apartment smells like a foot.


1. Because…love

dog love

Living in a mountain town, there are a lot of great dogs in need of a home. Here is a list of some of our favorite shelters where you can find your canine adventure buddy!

Bozeman, MT:                 Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter

Jackson, WY:                     Paws of Jackson Hole

Glenwood Springs, CO    Colorado Animal Rescue

Portland, OR                      Oregon Dog Rescue

Kanab, UT                          Best Friends Animal Society



5 Reasons I Will Always Own a Yorkie

First time holding Harlie

I wrote this post to explain why Yorkies are more then just a “rat” dog. I got my Yorkie when I was a senior in high school. I’ll admit that I was upset when my parents wanted a Yorkshire Terrier instead of a Husky, which is what I wanted. The day we picked Harlie up I immediately fell in love. I continue to do so everyday, she is the best dog I could ever ask for, and I will always own a Yorkie. Here are 5 reasons why.


Harlie dressed up for spring
Harlie dressed up for spring

1. Yorkies are so beautiful, and always adorable. I call Harlie my forever puppy. She’s 3 years old and people still think that she is a baby. They are often so surprised when I tell them that she is fully grown




Yorkie Puppy
Harlie hanging out, chillin.

2. Yorkies love to cuddle and love. Harlie is the best chill dog ever. We call her the chill dog because she loves to just lay around and hang out with you and snuggle, she actually sleeps in longer then I do most days. She doesn’t hardly ever bark either. She didn’t make a sound the 1st year that we had her!


Yorkie Puppy
Harlie after canoeing on Flathead Lake

3. Yorkies are adventurous. Harlie and I have been on many adventures. Mountain biking, boating, canoeing, hiking, floating the river, you name it she’ll do it with me. Most the time I just strap her in my backpack with her head popping out and she is good to go!


Yorkie Puppy
Harley straight up looking like Chewbacca

4. Harlie has the biggest personality ever to come out of such a tiny little body. She knows how to get your attention, gets pissed when you don’t go to bed with her on time, and will do her best to protect you from anything and everything no matter how many times bigger it is then her.


Mountain Biking with Harlie
Mountain Biking with Harlie

5. Yorkies are the best friend you could ask for! They want to spend every minute with you. Since they are so tiny you can take them anywhere and everywhere and life is  good.


Don’t judge a dog by its size. Not all small dogs are yip yap dogs that are hyperactive 24/7. Give Yorkies a chance and you’ll find your best friend.

Yorkie Puppy