10 Struggles Every College Senior Knows to Be True

By Katie Sears

It’s that time of year: College graduation. For three and half years all you’ve wanted to do is get as far away from campus and school-related responsibilities as possible;  now you’re crying yourself to sleep worried that the ‘real world’ might be a little bit too real for you. Staying focused in school while simultaneously trying to figure out the rest of your life seems damn near impossible, and no amount of ‘You can do it!’s from mom will help.

If it makes you feel any better, we’re all in the same rickety boat.

  1. Finding a job is a Catch 22.
    You’re trying to find a job so that you can make money, but you need money to get to the job. Moving out, storing your stuff, and finding a new place to live all require a significant amount of cash..cash that you probably should have started saving as a freshman, but instead blew on BeatsByDre headphones and 3am Taco Bell runs.
  2.  Student loans have to be paid back. Like, now.
    Financial aid is great while you’re in school, but the day you graduate marks the day you will forever be indebted to the government and to your university.
  3. You realize you may never, ever see your college friends again.
    It seems like everyone you know is moving to a far-away state, country or continent. The friendships you’ve fostered over the last four years will abruptly end, and it’s one of the saddest things about being a senior.
  4. Senioritis.
    Imagine the senioritis you felt in high school and multiply it by ten million. Then add 40. I wouldn’t wish the last five weeks of senior semester on my worst enemy.
    living life
  5. Final Exams.I’m not just talking about the exams during finals week that cover the last semester; I’m talking about CapStone classes, major field tests and other exams that will likely determine the rest of your life, like the MCAT, PCAT and the bar exam. It’s even worse when the test costs money. I thought paying to take a test in a classroom was called tuition?
    hate everything
  1. Not being confident about your degree.
    That moment you realize you actually hate your degree and it’s not what you really want to do. And then the moment you realize you are really passionate about your degree and don’t want to work in any other field. The daily back-and-forth is exhausting.
  1. You have a lot of stuff. And only one car.
    While you’ve spent the last three years decorating your home to better resemble the one you left behind, you never really considered the massive amount of space these things take up. Combine that with the fact that you only have one car, and moving becomes a lot more daunting than it already was.
  2. Your dream job most likely won’t be your first job.
    You start accepting that your dream of changing the world and becoming one of Forbes’ 40 under 40 might have to wait a couple of years. Suddenly, just being an assistant doesn’t sound so bad if it means you’ll have a paycheck at the end of the month.
    pay day pickitup
  1. Time is running out.
    There are still a million things you haven’t done on campus/in town/ in your state and suddenly you want -no NEED- to do all of them, like that popular hike you passed up on because you were hungover or that weird restaurant that sells avocado-flavored ice cream. FOMO starts to seriously set in at this point.
  1. We see articles like this:
    Why Millenials Have a Tough Time Landing Jobs – CNBC
    Millenials Have Nothing to Celebrate When it Comes to Employment – Forbes
    40% of Unevmployed Workers are Millenials – MarketWatch

All. The. Time.

Why We All Need to Get #MyMissoula Trending

Main hallThe views in this blog are absolutely not designed to discount the severity and importance of the issue of acquaintance rape and sexual assault. This is an issue that must continue to be talked about and brought to light so victims can ultimately feel more comfortable coming forward to confront and convict the cowards that are guilty of such heinous crimes.

By now, most have heard about the new Jon Krakauer book: Missoula, which is a narrative about sexual assaults at the University of Montana and are used to depict the national epidemic of college rape. Although the book has not been released at the time of this blog, the available information about the book’s content is sufficient to warrant a counter position regarding the image of the Missoula community. The book may offer a short disclaimer of the true nature of the community of Missoula, but the entirety of the book will potentially be damaging to Missoula’s image and reputation. However, I submit that instead of a counter position, Missoulians leverage the true nature of the community in combination with supporting the books content ideally creating a winning scenario for all.

Anyone that has actually spent any amount of time in Missoula or the surrounding areas understands the friendly, happy, outgoing, supportive, adventurous, artistic (insert your adjective here) nature of the town’s inhabitants. Missoula is big enough to offer some great entertainment and experiences, yet small enough not to get lost in the masses. This is a city that has also continuously appeared in lists of best cities in which to live (Outside Magazine, Livability), to raise outdoor kids(Outside Magazine), and to retire(Livability) in the U.S. for reasons relating to diversity and openness of the community.

This is just a glimpse of what Missoula has to offer. But deeper than that, this is a town where just last winter, I witnessed 5 cars sequentially pull over to help another who got stuck in the snow. Or in 2014 when the Mount Jumbo avalanche hit the lower Rattlesnake area, more than 50 Missoulians showed up just to help search for salvageable belongings for the affected families. These are just two, very small, everyday examples highlighting the true spirit of the Missoula community I have come to love. But these examples will not appear in the search results for those Googling information about Missoula, but Jon Krakauer’s Missoula, will.

In a perfect world, Missoulians and beyond can help Jon Krakauer expose the injustices of sexual assault while simultaneously proclaiming the positive nature and experiences Missoula has to offer. Unfortunately, Missoula will ultimately be reflected in the negative nature the content of Jon Krakauer’s book narrates. But that is not my Missoula. It is up to us to help reveal and share stories highlighting what makes this beautiful town, Missoula, in an effort to leverage the true nature of the community. We need to embrace this exposure as a challenge to further improve the Missoula community and become an example for all other communities. So share a memory or picture (something as simple as seeing cars pull over and helping someone stuck in the snow) that makes it so easy to LOVE Missoula. Share your #MyMissoula moment, story, and/or picture on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. using the hashtag #MyMissoula to get this trending to show the world what the true Missoula spirit looks like.

Tips & Tricks for Landing an Internship

What is one of the biggest things recruiters look for when trying to hire college graduates? INTERNSHIPS. Have you done one, two or multiple!? What skills have you acquired? Before you can answer these questions make sure to land the internship first! Here’s some friendly tips and tricks to make sure you do just that.

Research the company…

Always start with knowing the background of the company you plan to intern for because it could lead to further career opportunities. Also, you don’t look ridiculous when they start asking you questions about the vision and mission of the company.

Have a unique resume…


Make sure you stand out! You want to get noticed and a creative resume is just the start, trust me. But be careful on how you submit your resume and cover letter though. Uploading a resume and cover letter should always be a  .doc file (online systems cannot score or rank PDF files, and some cannot read MS Office Suite .docx files). E-mail applications need to be saved in .doc or .docx and email in PDF.

P.S. You can also steal a layout and recreate it to be your own. (This is not my resume, please steal!)

Dress the part…

Nothing like a bad first impression to make these companies turn their heads. Shower, comb your hair, brush your teeth and dress to impress because it is all about faking it until you make it when you really want the position.

Connect with the recruiters…

Recruiters see so many students in a given day so make an impact but talking to them as an actual person. Ask them how their day is going or what they think of the function they’re at before leading into why you deserve the position. This also helps for you to make a more personal impression that lasts longer.

Perfect your LinkedIn profile…

By now you should have your LinkedIn profile in tip top shape because that’s the first place recruiters are going look on social media. Clean it up, look professional and SELL YOURSELF.


Put yourself in front of the recruiters by meet as many people as possible therefore you can help build your network to help you land the internship. Remember: it’s all about who you know!

Follow Up…


Following up can be one the most beneficial aspect to getting the internship . Again, it reminds the recruiter who you are and shows dedication but don’t send a million phone calls and emails in one day. Follow up and wait for a response.



CONGRATULATIONS! You landed a killer internship but….

Ask anyone who has ever done an internship before, they may not be what you expect but they can lead to great opportunities once you graduate just like….

Does Business effect your Love Life?

As Business Majors, we hold the world to a higher standard. Do these standards carry over to our love lives? Find out! Think back to your last encounter with an attractive potential, and see if you have been caught asking yourself these questions. Presenting…

Things Business Majors Would Love to Say, but Should Probably Keep to Themselves as it relates to Love…..

1. Why does he dress so poorly?


2. Why does she think that career path will be successful?

3. Why is he not interning right now?




4. Why is she working on a Friday afternoon?

5. Did he even practice his “elevator pitch?”

6. Why is she doing that so inefficiently?

7. Does he even have a rough five year plan?

8. Wait, did she say she doesn’t like Mad Men?

If you have ever had the desire to ask any of these questions, then Business has definitely effected your love life… it’s ok, we understand.

SOULTION: Let’s face it, our only hope is to date other Business Majors.

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On Bar Etiquette For Girls