5 Traits of A Social Media Narcissist

By Colin Angland

In the year of 2016 it is pretty safe to say that most college students have some sort of social media profile. Virtually everyone is on Facebook, and Twitter and Instagram are becoming more and more popular by the day. We are all guilty of occasionally talking about ourselves online but that doesn’t go to say that some users get carried away. You have probably seen users who are extremely obnoxious and annoying on social media. I have always wondered what drives these folks to promote themselves as often and pretentiously as they do. I call these users social media narcissists. Webster’s Dictionary defines narcissistic personality disorder as a personality disorder characterized especially by an exaggerated sense of self-importance, persistent need for admiration, lack of empathy for others, excessive pride in achievements, and snobbish, disdainful, or patronizing attitudes. You might not agree with me 100%, but I am going to describe some of these attitudes I see on social media every day based on my own observations and opinions.


Endless Selfies
Ahhh, the selfie. The possibilities are endless. There are so many different ways someone can take a picture of themselves. The classic mirror pic is always a good choice. What about the gym selfie? These users take many pictures of themselves for the sheer purpose of self-promotion and gaining positive comments about themselves and base their self-importance on the amount of “likes” they get.



Over posting
Some social media users have a bad habit of sharing everything with everyone. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen the same users post their fruit salad and cheerios breakfast plate on Instagram, another form of self-promotion. These users assume that everyone is interested to see what kind of coffee they drank that morning, or what book you read in your free time. The reality is that a large majority of users simply do not care.



Showing off
These users are always self-promoting their lives. This person spends their time bragging about their material items or how awesome their vacation in the Bahamas was. Picture after picture. We get it. You have cool stuff and have a great life. These users also use social media to boast about their achievements. We’re all glad you made the dean’s list this semester but so did about 3,000 other students, and they aren’t telling everyone about it. These social media users simply paint an unrealistic picture of who they really are.



This is quite similar to the selfie phenomenon but let’s go into a little more depth. These users essentially stage their own little photo shoots, just to post them later to Instagram. I’m not strictly talking about women because there are definitely men that are guilty of this as well. They always seem to pick the most attractive photos of themselves, and if they don’t get more than 200 likes the photo is an epic failure. We all have seen users like this specifically on Instagram. It really is kind of sad and pathetic.



Large Amounts of Followers
This one always makes me laugh. I mean how is it even possible to be acquainted with 1,000 other people? It’s ridiculous. These users use followers to achieve some sort of status. We’ve all heard someone brag about the amount of followers or friends they have. These users believe that the larger their audience, the more likes, retweets, or favorites they will receive, which in turn fuels the narcissistic behavior. These users believe that other people are constantly interested in what they’re doing and they want others to know what they are doing.  I see a lot of users that think they are too cool to follow someone because they do not want to ruin their “ratio.” The saddest part is that there are users who will actually purchase fake followers to achieve a sense of status.



I know I will probably not change anyone’s behavior, but I hope that after reading this, people will think twice next time before being obnoxious on social media.  Just remember that a large majority of people on social media do not show narcissistic behavior. Also, if you ever get confused about the term narcissist, just think of Kanye West or Kardashians.  Thanks for reading.  Now get on Twitter and Instagram and follow @colinangland right now.  Totally kidding.

Colin Angland is a student at the University of Montana studying Business Administration with a focus in marketing.




Not Your Typical Missoula Club Experience

By Brandon Smith

September 5, 2015 for most of us this date has no importance, just another ordinary Friday. As the week comes to an end I usually find myself downtown Missoula enjoying a beverage. Like any other UM student, I frequently attend the Missoula Club.


It was a typical Missoula Club experience, very packed, damp, loud, poorly maintained bathrooms, cheap drinks, and underage patrons. After receiving my first beer which took 15 minutes to get, I retreated outside to get some fresh air. Walking through the doorway I ran into an acquaintance. I hadn’t seen Pat for several weeks so I was eager to catch up with him. After a few minutes of conversation, a very intoxicated gentleman walked past the front of the Missoula Club. Both of us were cracking up as we watched him feebly attempting to walk down the street. This guy was your quintessential drunk bastard, you could have determined he was hammered from a hundred yards away. He was doing the classic drunk stagger, moving at the pace a zombie would.  It looked as though he was in an epic battle against gravity, and gravity was winning. To our surprise the gentleman grabbed a pair of keys from his pocket, and proceeded to enter his vehicle. Jesus Christ I thought.  Is this guy really trying to drive out of here? A few minutes passed and the gentleman was sitting in his car with the engine idling. I felt a sense of responsibility come over me.  Should I really just watch this guy drive off, or should I go and say something?  Before I mustered up the courage to confront the man it was too late. The gentleman did exactly what I was afraid of. After shifting into reverse the gentleman immediately backed into the car parked parallel to him.  “Holy shit” I yelled, catching the attention of the other patrons standing outside. After realizing what he had done the gentleman quickly shifted into drive. In an attempt to flee the scene he floored it, ramming into another parked car. After seeing this I looked at Pat in utter disbelief. Without hesitation Pat ran up to the driver window. “Get the hell out of the car”, Pat yelled.  Ignoring Pat the gentleman accelerated down the street.

At this point Pat and I were in the middle of the road, trying to get glimpse of where the gentleman was heading. As I looked down the street I noticed two people standing on the corner yelling at the gentleman to stop. Boom! From out of nowhere I heard the distinct sound of a firecracker. It took me a second to process what I had just heard. Wait a second I thought, that wasn’t a firecracker. After realizing the firecracker was in fact a gunshot I ran for cover behind a car. Boom! Boom! Boom! In a panic I frantically tried to figure who was doing the shooting, and from what direction. After several seconds I poked my head out to see what was going on. The gentleman’s car was stopped in the middle of the road. It turns out the two people standing on the corner were uniformed police officers doing their patrol on foot.


After gathering further information of the situation I discovered some interesting facts. The gentleman fleeing the scene was instructed to stop by the officers. After ignoring the order he proceeded to strike one of the officers with his vehicle. In response officers opened fire, shooting at the vehicle and the gentleman inside. Thankfully no one was killed or seriously injured. Within minutes of the incident every police officer in Missoula was downtown. The streets were filled with people trying to see what was going on. It looked like something out of a Law and Order episode. After it was all said and done I looked at Pat. Smirking I asked him if he wanted to get a beer.  Laughing, Pat replied “A beer sounds nice.” To this day I find it crazy how a night at the Missoula Club can go from ordinary to crazy in a matter of seconds. From shots in the bar, to shots in the street.


If you interested for further details I posted the URL/Link to the news article below.


Photographs courtesy of

Asmi, Rehana. 2015. Missoula.

Vanni, Olivia. 2015. Missoula



Chipping Away at Chips

Chips or ‘crisps’ as they are called in other countries, are perhaps the most satisfying crunchy snack in the known universe. The true beauty of these snacks lies in the immense variety that is available for purchase. One of the pillars I live my life on lies in the motto, “There is a chip out there for everyone”. Without further ado, let’s begin our journey and pay homage to the grand daddy of them all.


1. Lay’s Original

Let’s face it, Lay’s Originals is probably not you favorite all time chip, but I would wager it is definitely not your least favorite either. With the perfect blend of crunch, saltiness and Idaho potato starchiness, this classic go-to is high up on my list of best chips. Not only that, but these were essentially the very fist chips to be invented (by accident!!) In addition to being delicious by themselves, these golden beauties can be enjoyed with any number of dips, or loaded inside your favorite club sandwich.

2. Doritos Nacho Cheese 

Sticking with the theme of ‘classics’, you can’t get much more classic than the OG Doritos Nacho Cheese. For millennials like myself, I remember little else from my childhood besides looking forward to tearing open my lunch to find a little bag of these beauties. Let’s face facts, depression, break ups, bad grades, getting fired; all of these symptoms can be cured by a handful of these potent corn-based chips. Eating them is only the first half of the adventure, sucking off the cheesy residue is what really gets my blood flowing!

3. Tortilla Chips

Tortilla chips (bland as they may be on their own) played an important part in their hay day. They represented a portable, corn-based baked snack that could be taken on long journeys. Invented by the Hopi people of New Mexico and Arizona hundreds of years ago, we continue the legacy by eating and innovating them to this very day. They come in assorted colors: blue, red, white and yellow. Eating them by themselves will prove a bland but noble endeavor. However, when combined with dips such as queso, salsa, guacamole or any number of alternatives, and you have something truly special on your hands.

4. Kettle Chips

If ‘crunch’ is what you are after in a chip, than look no further. Kettle chips are perhaps the crunchiest of the breed, due to the unique process of making them. Another attribute of kettle chips that most people find appealing is the “realness” of them (there are even rumors of organic kettle chips). Unlike some other types of snacks, kettle chips are actual slices of potato which have been fried and seasoned . If you are looking for a honest to goodness chip that will back a heck of a crunch, kettle has your back.

5. Pita Chips

They say not all chips are created equal, never have any truer words been spoken. These imposters masquerading as “chips” are nothing more than bits of concrete and gravel formed into little squares that will turn your teeth to dust due to their hardness. True chip lovers will have no problem steering clear of these abominations.

Trump Rejects Primaries in Favor of Fight Club

Donald Trump in a bold move has announced his intentions to settle the remaining GOP primaries via “something akin to fight club”. donaldtrump1

In a shocking turn of events the real estate mogul turned self funded politician announced his plan at a NASCAR rally in Chattanooga, Tennessee  ahead of the state’s primary.

“Look at these guys, scrawny fellas right? America was made great by burly beavermen who chopped wood with their own damn hands. We are a country united by our strength and love of protein shakes. Our founding fathers gave us the right to bare arms yet I haven’t seen a politician actively stand by that constitutional right since. Listen folks, we need a leader that knows how to lift.  How can we respect a candidate who doesn’t respect mad gains?”

“You guys ever see that movie Fight Club? I think that was a good system. Men asserting their power with their fists. The voting establishment of today doesn’t guarantee us a strong president or one with mad judo skills for that matter. Look at how they do this in Russia people, Putin came to power by boxing a bear and look where Russia is today. The point I’m trying to make here is that voting won’t give us the strongest leader ; which is why I’m calling out Rubio, Cruz, Kasich, and Carson to be men. Mano a mano, Trump Tower, Tomorrow”

In an interview later that day when asked why he took this drastic turn he responded by calling the other candidates “sweaty nerds who don’t even lift”, he followed “that this is probably their only chance at winning”.

Self-provided photo from Trump’s 2013 WWE Hall of Fame induction

“I can do like 8 pull ups, these losers don’t stand a chance”

With Trump currently standing in the WWE Hall of Fame and being a former owner of Monday Night Raw this move to take his dominance in the polls to a physical arena comes as no surprise to pundits the world over. Vice President Joe Biden has already stepped forward to offer his skills as referee. Leaders the world over are already firmly grasping their lunch money in anticipation of the results of this election year.


12 Things To Stop Saying To Retail Workers (Seriously)


All retail sales associates understand what it is like dealing with a variety of customers.  Some customers are nice and appreciative and you sincerely enjoy helping them.  Some customers are nice enough and they don’t particularly stand out in your mind – you don’t love them and you don’t hate them.  Then, there are those other customers – the people that make you wonder why you continue to show up each day.  These customers are the reason most sales associates speak fluent sarcasm and are at risk of their eyes getting stuck in the back of their head from rolling them so much.  People who say the following 12 statements fall into this customer category.

 “The customer is always right.”

confused 1

I promise you, you are not and this cliche makes us instantly hate you.

 “It’s not scanning, it must be free!”

um no

Do you think you are the first person to use this line? Do you think it has ever worked?

“Can you check in the backroom?”

eye roll

We are all very familiar with what is in the back so if we think what you are looking for is back there we will offer to check.

Bonus follow up question: “Can you double check anyway?”

Fine.  I will double check but just so you know I am going to take that time to eat a snack, talk about you with other associates, and cry a little.

“Wow, it’s really busy in here.”


We hate you for making this observation.  We know it is busy.  We are already counting down the hours until we can leave.

“I need to return this.  I took the tag off and I don’t have the receipt.”


We understand that stuff happens and most of the time it can be worked out.  But don’t start yelling when I have to put a discounted amount on a merchandise card.

“I spend a lot of money here.”

good for you

If you feel the need to tell a sales associate this you are probably an asshole.  And after saying this, you will probably not get your way.

Comes in 5 minutes before close. “I know you close soon.  I just need to grab some things.”

we hate you

I am sure you just need to grab some things and you aren’t about to leave 20 items in the fitting room and every table a mess.

“Wow, it must take forever to straighten all of this.” Proceeds to mess up the pile.


As a matter of a fact it does – thank you for reminding me.  Also, acknowledging the fact that it takes forever does not give you a free pass to mess it up.

“This is cheaper at ______”

i really don't care

You can shop there then if you would like.

“I am never shopping here again.”

nobody cares

Your absence will brighten the store.

“Can I speak with your manager?”

excuse me

You aren’t scaring a sales associate when you say this.  Chances are the manager will agree with them and tell you the exact same thing.

“Well it was on the sale rack so I should get it on sale.”

are you serious

It doesn’t have a marked down price on it but you think you should get it on sale because you told us it was on the sale rack? Does this really make sense to customers?