Worst NBA Jerseys Ever! (Wait Til You See #1)

There have been a bunch of great looking jerseys in NBA history, and unfortunately there have been plenty that are less than pleasant. Here is my list of the top 7 ugliest NBA jerseys. Let me know what you think!

7 Golden State Warriors 2012


I won’t lie, I think all of the sleeved jerseys in the NBA are just hideous. But out of all of them, this orange one to go along with the pin stripe shorts are just the worst of the bunch. With how well the Warriors play, this jersey seems to misrepresent them.

6 Charlotte Bobcats 2007


This jersey was the terrible idea of some Charlotte designer that went along with their “NASCAR Night” in ’07. The finish line checkers on the sides of the jersey do not mesh well with the pin stripe design of the rest of the jersey. While Charlotte was named the Bobcats, they only had a winning record 2 years out of the total 10 years, this jersey kind of fits with the ugliness during that decade for them.

5 Sacramento Kings 2005


The Kings made gold and purple jerseys in ’05 as alternate uniforms, seemingly forgetting about that powerhouse Los Angeles team to the south. These were only used for two seasons, which in my opinion, is two seasons too many.

4 Cleveland Cavaliers 1994


The stripe going across this jersey just doesn’t look right, not to mention that the colors have nothing to do with the Cavaliers logo or primary colors. Even the word “Cleveland” looks ugly with the red font. Compared to today’s Cavs jerseys, I’m glad these will not be making a comeback any time soon.

3 Dallas Mavericks 2001


This metallic looking jersey was only used for one game in the ’01 season before owner Mark Cuban gave them the boot. I honestly can’t blame him because these things just look downright awful. They almost look like a shiny trash bag, and that’s where they belong; in the trash.

2 Los Angeles Clippers 2006


This jersey is a throwback to their days as the Buffalo Braves. It’s hard to make an orange jersey look good and the weird stripes on this one just didn’t do it. The “B” also looks totally out of place, similar to the stripes. Clippers fans weren’t too proud of these jerseys and were happy to see them go after only two seasons of being in use.

1 Milwaukee Bucks 1995


There are a bunch of ugly Milwaukee jerseys that I could have chosen because most of them look bad, but I think you can tell why I chose this one! There are so many things wrong with this jersey, so let me start with the obvious; the deer. Damn this thing looks pissed and awful, and it takes up basically half of the uniform! Next let’s look at the primary color; that may very well be the worst looking green I have ever seen. Now the text; with the faded white to purple lettering, it just tops off what was already an ugly jersey.

Everyone and their dog loves March Madness!

It’s March, so that means the sports world is fixated on college basketball. Some make it a priority to get school or work off to catch the games. Most fans fill out brackets. But not many love the game so much that they force it onto the family dog.

jordie2This is Jordie. I always knew she was into basketball as much as the next dog, so I helped her fill out her own bracket. To make the picks a little easier, I put treats next to each team for each match-up this postseason. The treat she ate first would indicate which team she was choosing. That way she could finally communicate to me what jersey she wanted to wear during the Final Four.

Here is her bracket.


I entered her into the bracket pool along with all my buddies. If Weber St. can work some magic, Jordie is gonna get a new bone.

Here’s the video of her championship pick


Blog to Share Your Passion with a Community

Using Blogs and Social Media Is a Good Way to Get Involved With a Community of Individuals Who Share Your Passion

Right off the bat you may be wondering, “Why would I ever want to create a blog or website?” to which my response would be, “Because you can monetize it!” Setting up a website is more simply done than you may think. It doesn’t take years locked in a dark basement learning how to write code to produce something you can be proud of (I am using WordPress, which is fairly simple and includes tons of useful tools). We all have our own hobbies and interests that we engage in each day, why not try to make a little cash? Check out the following links for examples of people using blogs to share with their community:

FlowingData  Explores how statisticians, designers, data scientists, and others use analysis, visualization, and exploration to understand data and ourselves.
Pop-Up City – Explores ideas that shape the city of the future.
Nerdophiles A Collaborative Blog on Nerd Culture.

These are just a couple blogs that I have found to be entertaining.  No matter what your passion there is a community to share it with. Starting your own website is a great way to build traction within a community and develop awareness of what you do. By creating a blog, and fine tuning it through social media, you will learn more about what you love, you will meet people who share your interest, and you might be surprised to find that you truly enjoy it. Hanging your thoughts out for the world to see can be a little uncomfortable at first, but realizing that people are actually listening is a satisfying reward. Following are a few website creation and sharing tips that I hope can get the creative ball rolling.

1. Do Your Research, Develop Your Voice, and Create Content People Want

Diving in and immediately promoting your interests, or business may seem like a good first step. However, many of us are overwhelmed and turned off by another’s attempt to sell us something. Your website shouldn’t focus solely on you. Your content should be developed around what potential users find interesting; can you spot any trends? If so, take advantage of trends and catch a wave to success. Do research on your subject, become a knowledgeable voice in your field.

Another effective way to position yourself amongst the current big dogs is to watch them. What are their goals, who are they reaching out to, what are their strengths, are they failing to meet a market need on which you can capitalize? By developing a well-rounded understanding of what potential viewers like, or don’t like, you can tailor your content to cater to those needs.

Social Sharing
Connectivity across social networks provides great opportunities.

When creating a blog, it is important to remember that everything you share doesn’t have to be in print. If you have art you would like to share, heard a great new song (maybe you made one!), or saw a funny video, chances are that others exist in this world who will also find similar content interesting. Don’t be afraid to speak to your audience with passion. You have got to do something to break through the noise of every day life and be worth the time to read. When planning to speak to a group it is important to ask, “Why should they listen?”  I may have valuable things to say, but so do a million others. Pair that with peoples’ limited time, and it becomes clear that being unique is very important to grabbing someone’s attention. Understand your audience so you can produce something that matters. Be inspirational, be different, and aspire to talk to your audience in a way that is not only interesting, but also valuable enough to share.

2. Social Media Useful For More than Sharing Cat Videos

Social media sites are great platforms for sharing with those who are interested in what you do (maybe that’s cat videos). People today spend a shocking amount of time on their mobile devices, computers, and social media sites. If you are dedicated to providing entertaining content, technology of today allows us to speak to millions at the touch of a button. That is POWERFUL. However, it will not always be easy and you may experience some failures (but that is ok, because they can be fixed). You may be surprised that your sweet new website fits seamlessly into this advantageous ecosystem designed for sharing. Social media is the best way for you to begin developing awareness of your message. Again, messages to your social media community should not be self-promotions. Do not become another advertisement that is ignored by your followers. Trolling for attention is not attractive either, so be mindful of their needs. Plug in to the topics that they are already interested in. Become content that users are excited to see because it provides them value.

Producing meaningful content will create a loyal following. Loyal followers will allow you to break the mold and can traction with followers.

3. Measure your message

Another great feature to social media and website driven sharing? It is measurable. There is a long list of tools that can be used to measure how interested a community is in your cause. Google and Facebook both provide software programs that will help you paint a clear picture of the way people consume your content. You can see whether or not people interact with your posts, how long to they spend on your site, where do users typically access your content? These are just the tip of the iceberg of web traffic measurables.

Use images to make pages more attractive!
Use images to make pages more attractive!

Measuring your users interest may seem tedious, and at times painful, but allows for us to make our messages better. Did your last blog post flop? Are visitors rarely visiting more than one page on your site? You can either guess-and-check, say a prayer and hope it fixes itself.

Or you can use simple analytic tools to do better next time. Create your site with an online platform like WordPress, Foursquare, or Wix, and they will likely have plugins that allow you to measure and optimize content. Google has powerful tools for measuring online behavior. Find groups and forums that have a shared interested in your topic, share your content with them, and use tools to measure who is responding. Provide more content to those who seem inspired. Alter messages so that they aren’t landing on deaf ears. It is smart to deploy two strategies with the same goal, and compare the two. What worked? What didn’t? You can start to play a game of leap-frog toward improvement.

4. Creating Interest Takes Time, Dont Get Discouraged

Chances are unlikely that you will create a good blog, link it to your social media, go to bed, and wake up to the new Facebook. Your content may be spectacular, your messages on point, and you may truly be making an impact on those who are listening; but considerable growth will take time. Hopefully you have chosen to create around something you find enjoyable, because success will require dedicated involvement.

Be patient,and listen to feedback, while growing followers.
Be patient,and listen to feedback, while growing followers.

Your content must be consistent; both in what it applies to and your timeliness. If you have begun to generate some interest, you better begin to generate more content! This is where all the available measurement tools come into play. Pay attention to trends, to your audience, and to your instincts. Encourage people to share by creating a community, and providing them with something they enjoy. At first it may seem daunting, but as the pieces begin to fall into place it becomes pretty cool. You just might find that in the process of providing others with something they enjoy, you can stumble upon something new and surprising that you enjoy. When you find it, pursue it. Don’t give up, just get better.

If you are interested in more content regarding individual growth, and business development, please check out my blog @ Protect Our Roots

Why You Should Take More Risks


Can you think of a time where you wish you would’ve taken a risk instead of playing it safe?

Whether it’s a trip to Cancun you could’ve taken, an employer you could’ve reached out to or that cute barista you’ve wanted to ask out but have said nothing more to than, “I think I’ll grab a 16oz. chai” (solely because she recommended it, even though you’re lactose intolerant.) Most people have something pop into their minds immediately when asked this question. Looking back now, that dilemma, strangely, doesn’t actually seem that complicated anymore. Whereas, in the moment you were sure that even Einstein would’ve been as baffled as you. Then again hindsight is 20/20, right?

In fact, when reading this you most likely have a current situation you’re dealing with where you can identify two options. A “safe” option and a “risky” option. Let’s take a step back to see things a little more clearly and maybe that “risky” option won’t seem so risky after all.


As humans, we tend to exaggerate. That fish Pictur1you caught this summer grows an inch every time the story is told and the dog that chased you around the block might as well have been a cheetah hunting a gazelle on the Sahara. It can be fun to embellish a story a little to get your crowd on the edge of their seats! Unfortunately, I think that this exaggeration and magnification can also permeate into our decision making process – and it’s subconscious. When we get asked to do something hard or uncomfortable, our brains turn what was a five-foot jump into a 50-foot jump.

A good way I’ve found to overcome this thought process is using simple logic. Seems like an obvious solution, but it is often overlooked. Taking a few minutes to write down the pros and cons of each possible outcome can bring things back to reality. We can, unintentionally, make the consequences of an outcome seem much more daunting than they are in reality. Sit down, breathe, and think logically to take the blindfold off that you’ve put on yourself.


 When we make our problems big, our own abilities seem to become very, very small. We give ourselves a lot less credit than we deserve. In reality, however, we may have every single experience, skill or attribute necessary to get the job done. So, when you’re bringing your problems down to size, make sure you are giving yourself the credit you deserve as well. We tend to be harder on ourselves than we should. I would highly recommend talking to a few people who know you well and ask for encouragement. You will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

The “Risk”

 Once everything is laid out logically, it is time to make a choice. Hopefully at this point the choice at hand does not seem too overwhelming and that “risk” doesn’t seem very risky anymore. We often psych ourselves out of something that can be so very beneficial to us. By taking the steps above, you can very easily overcome that mindset.

However, sometimes the decision is simply too big or life-changing to overcome the nervousness of the situation. In these times I would still advocate for a serious consideration of the riskier choice. Here’s why:

  1. People like being comfortable and secure. It makes sense, it’s the safe choice. But, these types of choices will, more often than not, be available to us. It’s the uncomfortable decisions that come around much less often. Don’t take the opportunity to make one of those decisions for granted.
  2. Everyone wants to improve their quality of life. That’s what keeps this world turning. We wish for more things, opportunities or experiences. But, if those opportunities don’t present themselves in the way they we thought they would come we get nervous. Don’t be scared to walk through a door that was opened for you – you asked for it!
  3. There are not many people who end life thinking, “I wish I would’ve done less. Had less experiences and not had so many opportunities.” However, there are, sadly, many people who end life wondering, “What if…?” Don’t let that happen to you.
  4. There is no time like the present. If not now, when? Things change – relationships end, friends move, babies come, your favorite band will break up and Netflix binging can’t last forever – you will never have the same opportunities in life that you do right now. Carpe diem.
  5. Michael Scott is also an advocate of taking the shot.

Take that risk today and live life to its fullest.


By: Nate Christoffels

Happily Never After: Montana’s Missed Connections

Welcome to the world of Missed Connections where you can post on Craigslist a short description (or a dramatic poem) about a person you saw and wished you would have “connected with”. And if the majority of the posts weren’t so ridiculously creepy, it could almost be sweet to see how many romantics are out there, tirelessly searching for someone they briefly made eye contact with in line at Taco Bell.

Here’s a few good ones I found in Montana.. And who knows – maybe someone is out there looking for you! You can thank me later when you and your soulmate get connected.

1.The Polygamist.

land and girlfriends montana missed connections

Or do be shy. Unless you’re looking for cheap rent.

2. Connecting on a Connecting Flight.
montana missed connections (2)





You know what else is magnificent? Punctuation.

3. The worst post, ever. 

brown girl montana missed connection

I  have a couple things to say about this one..

1)Brown hair? Brown skin? 2) Were you eating a Crunchwrap Supreme, because those do tend to get messy. 3) I can’t imagine that Razr phone’s photo quality is any good 4)I hope your wife takes that 1994 Vintage Aerostar and drives very quickly and very far away from you. 5) Katy, don’t call him.

4. The Spelling Bee Champion.

spelling issues montana missed connections

couldn’t*, were*, wearing*, and again, were*

5.The Hit and Run.

hit and run love

… so do you want my number to go on a date or to make an insurance claim?

6. Searching for an equally insane counterpart.

zombie apocalypse montana missed connection

Play on playa, play on.

7. The enthusiasm is real.

charter guy montana missed connection

He must have been really cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! n really funny !!!!!!!!!! n like so awesome!!!!!!!!!

8. The Tall Cowboy.VERY montana missed connection



..and this makes us so VERY uncomfortable.

9. Lookin’ Gassy.

Gas Montana Missed Connection

He either bought gasoline or Pepto Bismol.

10. The Hopeless Romantic?

baby jesus Montana missed connection

He’s not just praying to one baby Jesus, he’s praying to ALL of them! aww