10 Ideas for Graduation Cap Decoration


  1. Your Name




Putting our names on our possessions is what we have been doing since kindergarten. Now you are graduating and it’s time to decorate your mortarboard. You can use your first name only or last name as well. Style your name in a fancy way to let the audience know who is graduating 🙂



  1. Something related to your major

Major (math)Major (accounting)

If you have something that you repeatedly learn in your major or something that is very important in your major such as an equation, show it on your graduation cap. It represents what you got from school.



  1. School theme

School ThemeWhat about adding your school’s mascot?



  1. Future

FutureAdventure Is Out There


Tell the audience where you are going after you graduate from college! Make them excited as well by letting them know what is waiting for you in the future.



  1. Memory from college


Add something special to remind you of your college career. This could be some study buddies who you always studied with or with others whom you had the most precious time during school.



  1. Character

Captain AmericaAriel


Take your favorite character to your graduation. Be creative by using quotes from them! It will be entertaining for everyone at the graduation!



  1. Quotes and Phrase

Just did itBye Felicia

If you have any favorite quotes or phrases that are always in your mind, you could use them as a decoration to deliver your message to the audience. Some suggestions would be favorite quotes from a movie you always watch or a phrase that a famous company uses as their slogan.



  1. Thank Something

Thanks Mom And Dad And Coffee

Graduation is a great opportunity to say “Thank you”: thank someone who supported you through your college life; thank somewhere you always went during exam weeks; thank something that helped you keep energized when you took down your enemy aka homework.



  1. Confess Something

Btw i have a tatoo momThis is a great time to confess something. Tell your friends or family something you have kept secret. Surprise!



  1. 3D decoration

Beer PongBooks and Horse


I was impressed how creative people are when I was searching these images. Express what you liked from your school life with a miniature figure of it such as beer pong on your graduation cap. Cool!






Now what?


Did you find any good ideas for your graduation cap? I think it will be fun to decorate your cap because it becomes a memory of the last moments of your college life. It could be your last study break after you have all of your final project done. I hope this article helped you come up with a unique idea and was entertaining for you.

10 Starbucks menus that you can get only overseas


  1. S’mores Frappuccino

s'mores frappuccino A drink you can get only in the United States. Cream made with melted marshmallows and milk chocolate rest on top of the Coffee Cream Frappuccino. You can taste the American treat!



  1. Red Berry/Banana Yogurt Frappuccino

red berry and banana yogurt frappuccinoIf you have a chance to visit a European country, don’t forget to try the special Starbucks fruity Frappuccino! You can purchase one only in the UK, Ireland, France (Paris), Germany, and Spain.



  1. Cherry Blossom Frappuccino

cherry blossom frappuccinoCan you imagine what cherry blossom tastes like? If you can’t, you can travel to Japan and try it 🙂 You may discover something that you never thought of!



  1. Hazelnut Macchiato

hazelnut macchiatoThis drink would be the best for someone who loves nuts. This rich macchiato is filled with hazelnut flavor. The scent of sweet hazelnuts will lead you to a luxurious time in Australia.



  1. Red Bean Green Tea Frappuccino

red bean green tea frappuccino When you go to Korea, don’t miss a chance to experience this Asian style Starbucks Frappuccino! Red beans and sweet chestnuts on the green tea Frappuccino are an absolutely unique taste that you don’t want to miss in Korea.



  1. Summer Berry Panna Cotta Frappuccino

summer berry panna cotta frappuccinoMoving on to other Asian countries, you can find more special drinks! You should stop by HongKong, Taiwan, Malaysia, or Singapore to try this tropical panna cotta Frappuccino.




  1. Turkish Coffee

turkish coffeeYou have to check regional flavors when you are traveling the world. Turkish coffee from Starbucks will be the best for you to discover the traditional taste in Turkey. The cup for this drink is very tiny just like an espresso cup. It has a very bitter taste.



  1. Yogurt Fizzio Mango Jelly Mock tail

yogurt fizzio mango jelly mocktailLet’s go back to Asia again. Try a fresh jelly mock tail and feel adult in China or Korea.



  1. Orange Honeycomb Crunch Frappuccino

orange honeycomb crunch frappuccinoIndonesia and HongKong have a very fresh flavor Frappuccino as well! Cold Frappuccino with a slightly sweet flavor under the sunshine… sounds great!



  1. Floresta Negra Mocha Frappuccino (Dark Cherry Frappuccino)

floresta negra mocha frappuccinoThe last drink is from Brazil. Fresh dark cherry sweetness will add some extra fun to your summer experience.



Other than these drinks, Starbucks in each country has some local menus that are available only in that place. Don’t forget to look for those rare items when you travel! I hope you enjoyed running into special drink menus from all over the world! Gotta go to Starbucks to try some new flavors now 🙂



Why I Will Miss Missoula

It’s graduation season and this year I am one of the graduates. I am excited to be done sitting in lectures hours and for all-nighters in the library to be things of the past. But that means it is time for us graduates to find jobs, and for many of us we know that we will have to move out of this town that has been our home for the last four years. As I reflect on my time in Missoula, I can think of endless things that I will miss and it will be so hard to say goodbye. I am going to share with you the seven things that I will miss most about my favorite college town.

ONE: Football gamesarticle-2278626-176FB139000005DC-294_634x399

There is no better way to spend a Saturday morning in the Fall than cheering on the University of Montana Grizzlies. Half of the state meets in Missoula wearing their maroon Griz gear to tailgate, enjoy some football, and celebrate Griz Morning!

TWO: The riverriver-float

The Clark Fork River runs right through town, which adds a lot of beauty and activity. Floating the river and surfing Brennan’s Wave are common activities for summertime in Missoula. There is also a path along the river that is populated throughout the year, no matter the weather conditions.

THREE: The fooda62f23dc724fc1e93f315cb55e068ef8

Big Dipper, Five On Black, Biga Pizza, Plonk… Just to name a few. These are popular Missoula restaurants that I will greatly miss. Biga Pizza is great for a night out with the girls. A glass of wine and fantastic gourmet pizza is never a bad idea. Five On Black is a locally owned, cheap, and fast option for lunch or dinner. Plonk is perfect for when you are wanting to get dressed up and treat yourself to a fancy drink with friends. Finally, Big Dipper, definitely a Missoula favorite. Big Dipper serves the best ice cream in town.

FOUR: The downtown scenedownload

Downtown Missoula has a lot to offer at all times of day. Great breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night spots for every crowd. There are some fun shops and galleries to explore during the day and plenty of bars for late night entertainment.

FIVE: Hiking the Mmain-tower-m-trail

The hike to the M on Mount Sentinel is a must do for anyone who resides in, or visits , Missoula. From the top of the M you can look over the entire town. I will miss being able to sit up at the M and look over the University of Montana campus, and the town that has made my college experience incredible.

SIX: The eventsthe-annual-symphony-in

There are always events going on in Missoula to bring the community together. First Friday, Downtown Tonight, Out to Lunch, Top Hat shows, and Brewfest are some of my personal favorites. With a wide variety of events, there is sure to be an event for everyone to enjoy!

SEVEN: The peoplekeep-missoula-weird

Missoula is a very accepting and welcoming community. Everybody in Missoula is encouraged to be exactly who they are and do what they love. I love that the people in Missoula are so friendly and treat each other with such kindness. While the scenery, beauty, and culture of Missoula are spectacular, it is the people I have met here that made this my home, and it is the people I will miss the most.