How many road signs can you guess right?

When did you get a driver’s license? I assume that it was a long time ago and you are an expert of the road signs in the United States. What if it’s road signs from other countries? I found some unique road signs around the world! Let’s try to figure out what they say so you can drive in foreign countries 🙂  The answers will be at the end of these signs.


  1.  What does this sign mean?


Road sign in New Zealand

HINT: This is a road sign from New Zealand.



2.  The sign says “_____” in Japanese.

Road sign in Japan

HINT: It’s a hexagon in America.



3.  What does this sign mean?

Road sign in China

HINT: Explosion! This is in China.



4.  What does this sign mean?
UK sing

HINT: What is the red car trying to do?


5.  This is an exaggerated depiction of ______.

Road sign in UK

HINT: The car is not in a gymnastic class.



6.  What does this sign mean?

Road sign of school ahead

HINT: It’s not a giant lollipop.



7.   Can you guess what country this sign is in?

Road sign in South Africa

HINT: It’s not in America.



The answers are here:

  1. “Kiwis are crossing the street so be cautious.” (New Zealand)
  2. ”Stop” (Japan)
  3. “Do not load explosives in your car and drive” (China)
  4. “Do not pass” (United Kingdom)
  5. “Accident Ahead” (United Kingdom)
  6. “School Ahead”
  7. “High-Jacking hot spot” (South Africa)



How did you do? Did you guess all the road signs correct? I hope you enjoyed these quizzes!



9 Totally Random Lifehacks

By: Charlie Freyn

#1. Make an improvised life jacket

Instant Life Jacket (how to)

  1. Take your trousers off
  2. Tie the legs together with the fly facing down, to hold air better.
  3. Pull the legs over your neck.
  4. Cup your hands and splash air into the waist
  5. Open the waist to add more air as needed
  6. ????
  7. Success

#2. Use a plastic bag to watch shows or movies on your next flight

  1. Throw your phone/tablet in a plastic bag
  2. Attach the plastic bag to the folding tray clamp
  3. ????
  4. Success

#3. Seal a bag of chips without a chip clip

How to seal a bag of chips without a clip

  1. Fold the top of the chip bag over several times
  2. Fold the edges of the bag inside
  3. Execute a reverse fold
  4. ????
  5. Success

#4. Make a camping lantern using a headlamp and water jug

  1. Place headlamp on the water jug with the light source facing in
  2. ????
  3. Success

#5. Casually drink a beer in public

  1. Empty a soda can
  2. Vertically cut the side of a soda can
  3. Place the soda can over your beer
  4. ????
  5. Success

#6. Cut a rope without a knife

How to Cut Rope in an Emergency!

  1. Place a rope on the ground
  2. Step on the rope with both feet
  3. Use the excess rope to saw the gap inbetween your feet
  4. ????
  5. Success

#7. Use a fork to balance your taco while you add toppings

  1. Stand the taco upright on a plate
  2. Put two prongs of the fork on the inside of the taco
  3. Fill the taco with your favorite toppings
  4. ????
  5. Success

#8. Clean a dirty record with wood glue

Cleaning a record with wood glue

  1. Spin a dirty record on the record player
  2. Apply wood glue while the record is spinning
  3. Let the record dry
  4. Peel away the dried wood glue
  5. ????
  6. Success

#9. Sneak liquor into a concert or festival

  1. Hollow out the inside of a baguette
  2. Pour your favorite liquor into a small water bottle
  3. Place the bottle into the baguette
  4. Insert the baguette into the original bag, open side down
  5. ????
  6. Success


5 Songs That Will Bring Happiness To Your Day

By: Charlie Freyn

#1. Nujabes – “Feather”

Jun Seba (Nujabes) was born in Tokyo, Japan, on Februrary 7th, 2010. Nujabes mixes hip hop, rap and jazz samples. Unfortunately, Nujabes passed away on February 26, 2010 in a traffic accident. His music lives on and brings joy to countless listeners around the world.


#2. Electric Light Orchestra – “Mr. Blue Sky”

Electric Light Orchestra are an English rock band from Birmingham that formed in 1970. Their music falls into the following genres: progressive pop, symphonic rock, art rock, and progressive rock. “Mr. Blue Sky” is featured on Electric Light Orchestras 1977 double-LP Out of the Blue. “Mr. Blue Sky” is a great song to add to your playlist as the warmer weather is approaching.


#3. Lettuce – “Move on Up”

In 1992, the Lettuce band formed in Boston, Massachusetts. Lettuce brings the sounds of funk and jazz to their vibrant live shows. In 2008, Lettuce released the Rage! Album that pays a tribute to Curtis Mayfield’s “Move on Up.” If you’re ever looking to attend an extremely funky show, I recommend you check out the Lettuce band.


#4. Nappy Roots – “Good Day”

In 1995, Nappy Roots formed their rap group in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Nappy Roots adds an energetic twist to the hip hop and alternative hip hop genres. During the month of July, 2007, Nappy Roots released the Innerstate Music album which included the single “Good Day.” Give this song a listen if you are on the search for feel good music.


#5. Earth, Wind & Fire – “September”

Earth, Wind & Fire is an original Chicago band that was founded in 1971. Their music focuses on a number of genres: R&B, soul, funk, jazz, disco, pop, and psychedelic soul. “September” was released as a single by Earth, Wind & Fire in 1978. If you haven’t heard of Earth, Wind & Fire, I highly recommend you go listen to several of their albums.