Ditch the Tech, Gain Success

This short video give a little insight in gaining more success through reducing consumption of smartphones and social media in order to increase productivity.

Also please give the 24 hour productivity challenge a go.


Video by Luke Courtney

Luke is an marketing student from Ireland on exchange at the University of Montana.

Say Productive again…. I dare you. I double dare you…

The traditional view of productivity that has been pounded into your head is so wrong.

You’re almost never “traditionally” productive. So stop freaking out. Honestly it sucks seeing how stressed people get about their work, even when they love it. Your real productivity will never be quantifiable in the “output over hours worked” model that businesses use. That has nothing to do with personal productivity! There is so much more to you being productive that whatever tangible output you accomplished today.

Do you find yourself dismayed when you have an idea, but can’t seem to put extra structure to it upon reflection? It’s a relatable feeling. We all want to see our ideas come to fruition, and are almost always willing to put in extra work. But even if you can’t… why are you upset? You had an IDEA! Do you understand how fucking cool that is? That’s abstract thought. That’s peak terrestrial consciousness. You came up with an electrical impulse that fucking meant something? WHAT? Just now thinking about how cool thoughts are my mind is being blown, and at one point you came up with one that had NEVER been thought before? You quite literally, momentarily, rival Einstein at that time. I want to be a writer, a philosopher, a marketer, a politician, a diplomat, an actor, a musician, and a whole host of other things. You want to know how many ideas I have a day? Like, good, content driving, possibly inspirational ideas? Two on a good day. And most of the time they are: what if I gave this character the ability to time travel, or should I write a blog about having ideas, or hot damn what if I put feta cheese on this pizza? Every once in awhile I hit gold though: one time I thought a short story about a species with four arms would be cool. Now I am working on creating a fictional Universe about an Earth-Like planet and a bunch of other weird stuff. That is how ideas work! Write them down! Think about them more than once! It really doesn’t matter at all if you can further anything about it right now, that idea was the most integral part of your soon to be creative process!

Want to really, really know why you’re almost never “traditionally” productive? You’re a living being! I don’t mean you engage in destructive habits to avoid productivity, you just have to spend most of your productivity being a person! Eating, sleeping, loving, showing, hiding, pooping, crying, aging, growing, eating again, you’re most important productive times occur when they are strictly for you. Without that, the rest of the shit doesn’t matter!

I do have some advice in terms of being productive, because I’m sure you didn’t click this to hear some hippie tell you that work isn’t the most important thing in life. I am and it’s not, but that’s not my point here. If you want some tangible advice, I have a few quick tips for you:

1. Eat slightly more than enough food on a day you hope to be productive. Just do it.

2. Find a flow process. There are an infinite number of structures out there, but only a few will work, but one will work wonders. How do you find it? Trial and error. Then perfect it. You will know once you’ve found it because holy shit all of a sudden you produced so much stuff and didn’t realize it was happening, how did you do that? Because you found out how you work, silly.

3. It’s impossible to be productive when your emotions aren’t playing the same game as you. Have a nice long talk with them. Go to a movie together. Eat some chocolate. It’s not about being happy, or content, it’s about being able to let yourself create or do.

4. Procrastinate. This might not make a lot of sense, but have you ever noticed you can, for some reason, write a seven page paper in an hour if its due the next day? That’s still productivity! I’m not saying you should procrastinate everything. In fact, it’s still best if you don’t. But it happens sometimes! So utilize that panic mode to get shit done!

5. Write so much down. Even one phrase notes about stupid ideas you had. They might be usable at some point.

6. Don’t listen to me. Like I said, I had an idea and rolled with it. It seems right to me, and damn I seem witty in this blog, but we are all different. I have no clue how you work, and for all you know I’m crazy.

There you have it. You’re doing fine. If you are feeling anxiety set in because things aren’t progressing as you saw them in your head, try to breathe, because you seriously crush it 24/7. 90% of your life grade comes from eating healthy and sleeping. I personally am proud of myself every time I cook breakfast. Because I know for a year it was coffee and cigarettes. Guess who got nothing done back then? *Points thumbs at self* this guy.

Stephen is a student at the University of Montana. He can’t come to the phone right now, please leave a message after the *beep*.

Beyond the Hunt: 5 Most Valuable Things That Hunting Has Given Me

From a very young age I spent a lot of my spare time in the outdoors. My dad would take me out hunting all the time as a kid, and I was hooked the very first time my he threw me on his shoulders and waded across the backwaters of the Flathead River for a morning duck hunt. The passion only grew with the more time I spent outside. Throughout the years I have spent a fair amount of time in the outdoors, and I still fall in love a little more each time I get out there.

I have come to learn that there is so much more to hunting than the hunt itself. Being outside, away from civilization and able to completely unplug and disconnect from anything or everything. Its liberating.  Not to mention the experiences with family and friends that serve as some of the best memories. Hunting has become somewhat of a lifestyle for me, and from that lifestyle, here are a few of the things that hunting has given me.

5 Most Valuable Things That Hunting Has Given Me

1. A Lifelong Hunting Partner

The bond that my dad and I have developed from our years of spending time together away from civilization is something that is incomparable. He has passed down his love for the outdoors to me, and has taught me many things on our adventures. Whether it’s in the truck on the drive out, around the campfire after a long day, or sitting at the top of the mountain we just climbed, the time that I have been able to spend with my dad is something that I will cherish forever. He and I still have many, many hunts left to go on. My dad will always be my hunting partner.


2. An Escape

Something about the solitude and isolations in the mountains makes all of my problems, stresses, lingering due dates, or whatever else it may be, disappear for a bit. Every time I get away from civilization for a while I come back recharged, clear minded, and humbled by the realization that I am just a very small piece of this puzzle.

3. Memories- and the friends they are made with 

Some of my favorite memories and best stories come from hunting experiences. My brothers first elk. The annual antelope trips. My childhood best friend chasing a grouse through a field after he shot his last .22 bullet, or found a fish in his pocket that he had caught a few days earlier. Pool games and shuffle board at the last chance saloon. The chicken fried steak at Trixie’s. My first solo elk with a bow. Or sitting around the fire at low camp and drinking an ice cold keystone light, as if it were tradition or something.


4. A Passion

What are you doing if you’re not doing what you love? Hunting gives me something to do with my free time, to put effort into and concentrate on, to prepare for, and something to feel very passionately about. Everyone needs a passion, something they love to do simply because it makes them happy.

5. Food for the Winter

A freezer full of elk meat is one of the most beautiful sights that there is. As someone who has doesn’t buy beef, I couldn’t tell you exactly how much I’m saving a year on red meat. But as someone who typically eats  meat 2-3 times a day, I can say that it’s probably somewhere around a metric s**t ton.

Beyond the Hunt. Its about the places you go, the things you see, the people you do it with, and  memories made.


Author: Shelton Todd


Dear 2017 Montana House Reps & Fellow Natives, from #NotYourIndianNCupBoard

Equality, sovereignty, self-determination, decision-making and change for communities are myths for many Native Americans because the delivery of the message has always been from the same people who put us here. The analogy of “Indian in the cupboard” is from a stereotyped political Native American, who would agrees on traditional token messages from political campaigns pushing an agenda for a single vote. Not a lot has changed for Natives since 1889, when Lewis and Clarke murdered the first Blackfeet of Montana.  My ancestors were the “Original Protectors” of what is now called Montana, they never had the ideology of owning land, air or water. They lived in a “communal balance” between natural resources, animals and their people. A special election for the Montana Federal House Seat will happen in the next 90 days. The 13 tribes of Montana will be the deciding vote. I see two white men, who will debate on who is more Montanan from 4rd generation to 7th generation, all while some Native Americans are still 1st generation Americans/Montanans with parents who were once free to their tribal nations. I am a 3rd generation American citizen on paper and Montanan. My grandparents were not papered citizens by the government’s standard because they were born in tipi’s and spoke the languages that the creator gave them. The next question from the two candidates will be an argument about land access and who wants to restrict access to lands in Montana. The Irony of this epidemic issue, is that both political parties have applaud the creation of the Keystone Pipeline. This pipeline will run through traditional lands and create restrictions of land access to tribal members and non-tribal members that reside in that region. I am not one for being poverty porn  driven, so how do we change the narrative in Montana?

We start by remembering who we are as a people. That the resilience of our ancestor’s flow through our veins. It wants us to thrive not just to survive. Empower yourself through asking compelling questions and be humble in learning your traditional ways. Do not follow the Plastic Medicine Man who only is ceremonial when money is involved. Rather, go to sit at the drum of an elder who sings from the heart or head to the grandmother’s house who teaches language from her heart. Just make a effort to change your community. Support the female veteran who hosts community meetings based on the hard talks about meth and youth suicide in our communities. Again, just make the effort. Rather than putting down the Native who comes back to the rez to make difference, stand with them and guide them. Support other tribes directly by standing on the front lines in the face of oppression. Face the same oppression that your ancestors faced for you to be here today. Support the youth who wants to leave the rez to see the world, let them know that they will always have a home when they return. Support each other and love each other, it’s simple, its who we are as a people. This is the start of the narrative but somewhere within that change happens. How is change started is the next question?

I don’t have a formal education, I am not smart enough, I don’t know politics, I will sound stupid, I will wait till I am older, it’s not my problem, I am from the rez, I can’t change anything; these all excuses that I have heard from people throughout the years. I never had any skills at first either. There was no one speaking for our people or any leader acting. I forced myself to become educated on the issues through google and other sources. I started to see common trends such as;

Native American men are incarcerated at four times the rate of white men; Native American women are incarcerated at six times the rate of white women

88% of violent crimes committed against Native American women are carried out by non-native perpetrators.

Native American Youths are 30% more likely than whites to be referred to juvenile court than have the charges dropped.

On some reservations in Montana there is 40-60 unsolved murder cases

I could see the faces of people in my community, who I lost to murder and cases were never solved. I thought about friends, who I will never see for years because they were lost to the profit prison system in Montana. Friends that confined in me about being raped by someone who was still free or white cowboys that told me they didn’t have to follow the law on the rez. Nor did I ever hear politicians mention in their political campaigns meth usage by 12 year olds, meth babies, unsolved murders, non-native perpetrators uncharged, modern-day land grabs, protection rights to clean drinking water, Indian health Service that is underfunded by 50% or the lack infrastructure for Native Communities. So, I headed to and spoke at state legislative hearings, I founded my own nonprofit, I held rallies against anti-Indian groups, I held rallies against the governor of Montana for sending Highway patrol to Standing Rock, I stood face to face with my fellow Native Brothers & Sisters against the United States & the State of North Dakota, I supported my youth members who rallied against racism at Polson High School. I just did it because Facebook shares can only do so much. There is nothing special about me, I am a full-time Business Analytics Student with a family and not much money. All I have is my ancestor’s that live through me. So, when will you make that change?

Now, not tomorrow but right now is the time for you start. Go to political rally’s, google, google, google, Netflix social justice movies, dances with wolves (jks), google, Facebook, twitter, attend city meetings, host meetings, talk to a non-native about native issues but whatever you do don’t be the Indian in the cupboard. The Indian in the Cupboard is the same as a native puppet, who white people tell what is good for them. They only take the Indian out of the cupboard to create racial valorization. Almost like saying, I have an Indian friend so I know what’s good for all Indians. DO NOT BE THAT INDIAN. Be the native who is knowledgeable, connected to your community and understands that change starts by saying no. Tell politician’s or political parties, that you know what is good for your community and what works. We don’t we need a white savior mentally that hinders progress. So, before you use words like sovereignty and self-determination check your white privilege because I am not your Indian in the Cupboard, I am going to ask you what you mean in detail with percentage changes, evaluation metrics, timelines, and exact systemic change plans. This Native has never been an “Indian in Cupboard” type and there is a whole network of us in Montana, so prepare to speak to a generation of Natives that are the realization of our Ancestor’s Dreams.

Get Strong. Get Big. Ditch Broscience.

I have put in a great deal of effort researching and thinking about how to maximize the results I see from lifting while minimizing the time I spend in the gym. Like most people, I have many other things competing for my time and I like to see fast results. I am going to talk about a few pieces of misinformation commonly spread in the fitness community that could waste your time and effort. So, whether you are about to start your first lifting routine or have been a gym rat for years, here are a few ways to maximize the results and efficiency of your weight training.

Ditch the Bro Split

In a drug-free lifter, muscle protein synthesis is only elevated for 24 to 48 hours after being stimulated by exercise. This means that if you want to make the most of the time you spend in the gym and gain strength and size as quickly as possible, you should be working out all the muscles you want to grow every 48 hours. The all too popular “Bro Split” routines have a person hitting each muscle group once a week. These routines are not optimal for drug-free athletes because they will only induce muscle growth in each body part 2 days a week. Full body routines or upper/lower splits should be used instead.

Ditch Isolation Movements

Isolation exercises confine all movement to one joint (think bicep curls and calf raises) while compound lifts involve movement in multiple joints (think bench press and squats). Many bodybuilding routines rely heavily on the use of isolation exercises but this is not time and effort efficient. There is certainly a place for isolation exercises to target specific muscle weaknesses but the most effective workout routines are built on compound lifts. Not only do compound lifts save time by working out multiple muscles groups simultaneously, but they have also been shown to increase testosterone more effectively than isolation exercises.

Ditch the Pump

Many bros focus on maximizing the “pump” or temporary swelling of muscles due to an increase in blood volume. They don’t focus on progression and end up using the same weights workout after workout, week after week, and not making substantial gains. That is because, in drug-free lifters, the pump is not a driver of muscle growth or strength gain. What will result in substantial gains is progressive overload or the increase of work and intensity over time. This can mean lifting more weight, doing more sets, more reps, or taking shorter breaks between sets. In any case, making progress every week in each exercise is the best way for a drug-free lifter to make consistent strength and size gains.

Sample Workout

To give an example of what an efficient routine might look like, here is a sample full body workout that I might do every other day. It focuses on all the major muscle groups, can be completed in as little as 30 minutes, and offers major gains if used with the principle of progressive overload.

Bench Press        3 sets x 5-8 reps

Squat                   3 sets x 6-10 reps

Rack Pull             2-3 sets x 5-8 reps

Chin Up                3 sets x 6-10 reps

OHP                     3 sets x 5-8 reps