You Are Never Alone When You’re Traveling Solo

by Hanna Ronish

Solo traveling is life changing, liberating, and lives up to the hype set by the free spirited people with a passport full of stamps.  There is just something about being a stranger to every single person in the country that makes you invincible in building new relationships.  There is something about marching to the beat of your own drum that creates music on the other side of every mountain and at the first sight of a foreign sunset.  There is something about finding yourself and learning lessons in life and love. I dare you to find a solo traveler who has a complaint of their solo journey.

When your girlfriend loves dogs, but has a cat

Tyler Pike

My girlfriend adopted a cat, but misses some aspects of having a dog. We decided it’d be worth the attempt to try to walk the cat, not because we expected it to work, but because it’d at least be funny. Surprisingly, Tibbet the cat wants to perch on his cat tree more than go outside in the snow.


With this being the month of March Madness, let’s take a look back on the time the Montana Grizzlies had in the craziness of March last season. The Griz would draw the powerhouse Michigan Wolverines in Wichita, Kansas. The Griz were ranked as a 14 seed after winning the Big Sky championship game and having a dominant record of 26-7. Montana would fall to the 3 seeded Wolverines 47-61. Michigan would make it all the way to the National Championship game and eventually fall short to Villanova.