24 Hour Night Life in Seoul, Korea

I really wanna introduce crazy night in my country. This is a little bit embarrassed, but sometimes I miss that culture.

Locals and foreigners in Korea have always been saying that the nightlife in Seoul is this vibrant, can’t-miss thing. There are plenty of bars, clubs, and 24-hour restaurants to hit. You can also visit some shopping streets and markets that are open all day and all night.

People who say that New York is the city that never sleeps have obviously never been to Seoul. Filled to the brim with 24 hour cafes, bars, and clubs, Seoul houses some of the best nightlife scenes around. And though you’re bound to find 24 hour-anythings no matter where you go in Seoul.

However, there would be certain neighbourhoods that would make you doubt that nightlife in Korea is really abuzz with energy. There are certain spots in Seoul that feel like zombie land when you walk through them past midnight. If you’re a clueless guy or girl, you might wonder, “Where exactly is that thriving nightlife in Seoul that those blogs are raving about?”

When the subway trains and buses will stop running, and you hate the idea of paying more than 10 Dollars for a taxi, why not try these activities instead? Each of them beats that biting cold wind when you have no choice but to walk home at 2 a.m., we promise


If you have a lot of cash to spend and maybe a list of winter layering essentials you’ve still yet to buy, find everything you need at the largest shopping complex in Seoul everywhere. Some alleys can be quieter than others, but a lot of the stores are still eager to sell (and some might even be willing to haggle). Enjoy, and tick off each item in your shopping list!

In addition, Multi room is one of the most popular 24 hour entertainment in Seoul. If you or your group wants to do more than karaoke, then a multi-room just might be what you’re looking for. Head to Seoul, which is home to a lot of these establishments.

Play games on Nintendo Wii or a PC, or maybe watch a movie or a TV show together. You can also just spend the night by sobering up with ice cream and some music videos for entertainment or by simply taking a nap.

Clubbing in Gangnam

For those who love partying the night away, Seoul is the place to be. Go to the trendy area called the Rodeo Street in Gangnam for the most upscale clubs in Seoul (prepare your wallet, of course!)

you’re not into the younger crowd, however, a neighborhood like Gangnam is probably more your kind of place. There are very trendy and hip place during the day and an absolute party central during the night.

There’s a term in “Gangnam Beauty” – this term is used to refer to young women who very obviously have had plastic surgery, but are gorgeous as a result.

They’re incredibly fashionable, look very wealthy, and are always picture-perfect. You’ll be sure to come across a lot of “Gangnam Beauties” in this area, during the day or the night.

However, be warned that Seoul is infamous for its “hunting” or “hook up” culture and people are not subtle about it.  Whereas in many other countries, “hooking up” takes place inside the vicinity or bars and clubs, Seoul is notorious for hoards of young guys trying to pick up girls from literally anywhere – which of course includes bars and clubs, but also extends out into cafes, convenience stores, or even the streets.  If you ever venture to Seoul, throughout the night you’ll witness dozens of people picking up and getting picked up, guys running up to girls with memorized pick up lines and attempts at flattery.




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  1. Jaeyoon, this article was awesome. For someone who didn’t grow up in South Korea, I learned a lot. There were many useful facts in there of where to be, what to do, and even how expensive it is which is good for the readers to know. Knowing that English isn’t your first language, I would say this is well written. To add some points that might add to your blog, I would think about rearranging it so the last paragraph about clubs starts off the blog. I was a little blindsided by the shopping when I was expecting to read about nightlife. Also, maybe add some specific names? Overall, I thought it was a great read and interesting.

  2. Hey Jaeyoon, I like your blog. Actually I’ve been Korea for several times, and I like this country’s culture and attitude. I am also a man who is obsessed with nightclub (no shame:joy:), and the feeling that Korea gave to me was exactly the feeling you described in your post which is 24-hour-night-life. But I think you probably missed one thing which is pretty important about Korea. It’s the food. I love Korean Barbecue so much, and we have a lot of authentic Korean restaurants in China. The combination of lettuce, pork belly, and the sauce is amazing!!!

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