3 Companies you need to invest in. (You will never guess #3)

Three companies that have the potential to make you a great return on your stock investment.

1) Amazon (AMZN)    amazon

Thanks to their dominance in the online retail industry, Amazon stock has doubled in 2015. Expect this company to continue this exponential growth as they are breaking into the technology industry with cutting edge electronics featuring the Amazon Echo. Also, Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to grow worldwide helping other companies improve their online presence.

2) Tesla (TSLA)tesla

While Tesla stocks have had some highs and lows lately, this company is on the verge of making astounding achievements in the transportation industry. Electric cars, and even more exciting, self-driving cars are the next big thing. Society’s push to go green and reduce carbon emissions only helps Tesla’s cause. By developing longer lasting batteries, and designing a more affordable vehicle, electric cars are bound to become mainstream.

3) American States Water Company (AWK)    water co

Most people underestimate the value of water stocks. While technology companies have great potential, the demand for water is guaranteed to rise as the global population increases. Some larger cities including San Francisco, Atlanta, and Albuquerque have borderline unsafe tap water. New an improved water treatment sites are in need. The fact is, the world can’t survive without fresh water, and the infrastructure needed to supply this demand is only going to increase.