5 Reasons I left Orange County For Montana.

  1. 13680473_553195834873046_4156277085914253513_oTHE SPACE. Orange County, CA is home to approximately 3.1 million people in 948 square miles of land, but just over 1 million people call Montana’s 147,164 square miles home. Montana’s high amount of space and low population means it is easy to find some space to yourself. handshake
  2. THE PEOPLE. The people in Montana are different. They don’t care what kind of car you drive or how big your house is. They don’t care who you vote for or what god you pray to. In Montana if you greet someone with a smile and a ‘hello’ 9 times out of 10 they’ll give you the same response. fh
  3. THE BEAUTY. “What? Montana is prettier than ‘The O.C.’?” YES. Absolutely yes. “What about the beaches?” Montana has Flathead Lake. You can’t beat the views that Montana offers on a daily basis.crazymtn_packtrainw10_trailride_1052
  4. THE OUTDOOR OPPORTUNITIES. Montana is home to over 3.4  million acres of public land for anyone to enjoy. Whether it is hiking, fishing, hunting, skiing, rafting, kayaking, or even surfing, you can do it in Montana.montana-fly-fishing
  5. THE WATER. The amount of accessible water in Montana is incredible. Whether you prefer large lakes, small alpine lakes, or rolling rivers, Montana has it.