5 Spring Break Trips that Won’t Break the Bank


College is all about getting out of your comfort zone and finding out more about yourself, and spring break is one of your best opportunities each school year to get outside and try something new. So many of us give up this chance to explore because it’s just too expensive. That’s why I made this list of five trips that actually cost less than a month of rent in Missoula.

Moab Spring Break

  1. Road Trip to Arches National Park- This one is on the top of my list because it’s the only one I’ve personally done. Sure, it’s 10 and a half hours in the car, but if you spend it with your best friends, half the memories can be made on the trip. Once you get to Arches, there is so much to explore. My two buddies and I spent four days hiking and still left plenty to see. The arches are truly something that should be experienced in person. Gas will run you around $150 and the camping pass we got for the week was around $30.

Las Vegas Spring Break

  1. Take on Las Vegas- Everyone knows that Vegas is as much fun as you make it, and for me, the less money spent on flights and hotels, the more money I have to spend on “less essential” purchases. You can get a flight there and back through Allegiant for less than $200 and then stay at Circus Circus for less than $30 a night.


  1. Seattle Mariners Game- April means it’s start of baseball season. Get your friends together and catch the home opener for the Mariners in Seattle for less than you think. Tickets are under $25 apiece through StubHub and camping at the beautiful Blue Sky RV Park just outside of Seattle is much cheaper than the city’s hotels. Another bonus road trips to Seattle provide is Dick’s Hamburgers in Spokane. There isn’t a better place in the Northwest to get quality burgers, fries, and milkshakes for less. And being so close to the interstate, it’s a must stop! Gas would run your group around $100, but burgers and shakes will fill you up for less than 6.  http://www.blueskyrvpark.net/blue-sky-menu/blue-sky-home-.html

Yellowstone spring break

  1. Camp out in Yellowstone- It still might be a little bit chilly to camp at Yellowstone right now, but spots go for $20 a night inside the park. A more realistic option would be to spend your nights at the Stage Coach Inn, a favorite for Yellowstone visitors. Located in West Yellowstone, you would be just a short drive to the edge of the park, and also be close to the restaurants and bars. http://www.yellowstoneinn.com/


  1. Visit Salt Lake City- Catch some NBA action in Salt Lake City. The Jazz take on the Spurs and Clippers during the first week of April, who are among the best teams in the Western Conference. Tickets for both games are still less than $30 a pop, and gas will only run your group about $100. Stay at the cheap, but clean and well equipped EconoLodge for around $50 a night.

Redwood National Park, fog in the forest.jpg

BONUS TRIP to the Redwood Forest-  All an unforgettable trip needs is one friend that pushes to make it happen. I was going to sit at home this break, but my buddy was adamant on going to the Redwood Forest. For less than $100 a piece for 4 friends, he planned out gas, other travel expenses and two nights ocean-side at the Crescent Beach Motel. For a few days, we are going to hike through a North American rain forest and hangout by the beach at night. That sounds too sweet to pass up for a few Montana kids who just thawed out from winter.

Well that’s all the ideas I have for now. I hope this article gets you thinking about going on an adventure of your own this spring break, and if it does, share this article to get someone else inspired!




Ryne B.




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