5 Things Wrong With the Election Process

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I am all for State’s Rights and the right each state has to choose a process in which the elections are conducted. But for the efficiency of the electoral process, it should be simplified and semi-standardized throughout.  As an example, the Iowa caucuses were a nightmare this year. Several of the districts came down to a coin flip. Which of course, begs the question: is it an accurate representation of populous? Maine and Nebraska seem to have a comprehensive system where each congressional district gives the represented elector to the winner and then the spare two go toward the overall statewide winner. It gives each citizen a greater impact on where the vote goes.

  1. Primary Debates. Carson. Hilary Clinton. Clinton. 2016 Election. Bernie Sanders.

I hate the way the primary debates are shaped and executed. Hate. Hate. Hate. For a year and a half we listen to a handful of grown people bash each other on live television and attack after attack on what the other candidates have done wrong. Especially this past election cycle with the GOP debates having shouting matches between the candidates and even with the moderators. During the MSNBC GOP debate, there were several moments when arguments got so off topic because the far left moderators weren’t asking informative questions and the far right candidates felt attacked by accusations and leading questions. As a voter who still isn’t sure about the candidate I would prefer to have in office, the debates don’t do shit for me. They need to be controlled better and limited to answering questions about policy not defending someone’s attack. Also, the moderators need to be impartial and not ask leading questions to get a rise out of a candidate and ask informed questions, so that an (admittedly ignorant) voter like me can have a chance of learning what platforms these candidates stand for.

  1. Primary Debates (Again).

I said I hate the debate system. I meant it. I’m also a person who doesn’t necessarily identify with a particular political party, but rather finding a leader with ideas and policies I support. So I would want to see cross party debates in the primaries so they can be measured up all at once, pick the top 4-5 candidates from each party and pit them against each other in open debate and discussion. It would be a good place for a highly undecided voter to see the candidates’ platforms. It’s also extremely unappealing to listen for a year about how shitty each of the candidates are, and then one by one, as they drop out of the race all of a sudden they encourage supporters to support the leader two months ago they were calling incompetent and unqualified. The flip flopping of support is very annoying and seems like they are either lying now about supporting the frontrunner, or they lied earlier about why the frontrunner was a schmuck.

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I am in the boat that my vote doesn’t count (although I absolutely do vote so I can legitimately reserve my right to complain). However, it is hard to say that my vote actually means something when the past two presidential elections have been called by the time my state’s election is even over. A nation-wide popular vote would make every single vote count more since my part of three EC votes doesn’t even affect the outcome of the race.

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