5 types of customers bartenders/servers love! BE THESE PEOPLE.

Every blog post, article etc. I see written about the food/drink industry is negative. How many lists have you stumbled across titled 12 things you do that piss off your waitress, 8 orders that drive your bartender nuts? Having been a waitress for the past nine years I assure you I could write a scathing list of twenty things customers do that enrage me. Instead I have compiled this lovely list of my five favorite types of customers.
1. The customer that actually asks me how I am doing after I ask them and they actually mean it. This is my typical exchange “Hi, how are you today?” Good can I get a Pepsi?” Which is fine, so common it doesn’t bother me anymore. So common in fact that when a customer does ask me how I am doing I always thank them for asking. Remember the person serving you actually has a life going on beyond their work.
2. The customer that orders efficiently. You know what you want, you even know what side you want! You tell me anything extra you need right up front to save me a trip. These people are the best. I love them.
3. The customer who recognizes that we are busy. Very, very busy. Anything they ask for they add with a “when you have time.” Sometimes I truly do have to take that little extra time to get back to them. And yes, when I get a little downtime they are the first table I make sure to check on, run their bill or grab dessert.
4. The customer that comes bearing gifts and/or compliments. Honestly receiving a nice compliment from a customer really helps when I am having an incredibly busy day. My personal favorite is “wow you are very efficient.” I try hard every day to be able to wait on as many customers as I can as fast as I can while still providing good customer service. There are also customers who come bearing gifts, I have received numerous items including a bottle of gin for my birthday.(Score!)
5. The customer who says thank you. It is really that simple. Always remember to say your please and thank yous they really do make a difference.

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  1. Thank you for this great assessment of a great customer! I really appreciate and agree with all you have written! You are a classy customer server! I worked as a waitress during high school and during college. I believe that those who have waited tables (or been bartenders etc) are also the best tippers and leave the best “gifts” (verbal and otherwise). Once you have dealt with the general public as a food or drink server, you appreciate all the energy, mental and physical, that goes into this type of work! I appreciate this great insight and I hope tons of customer types read it and take it to heart!

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