6 Outdoor Brands that will Make you Look Cooler than you Actually Are

In the old days, we used to have to choose between outdoor gear that was either cute, but fell apart in five minutes or high quality but boring looking as hell. Those days are here no more! There are brands out there that make beautiful outdoor lifestyle products without sacrificing quality or dependability. These companies make products that look just as amazing after three days on the trail as they do just grabbing brunch with friends.

Cotopaxi (Salt Lake City, UT)cotopaxi

 This Utah-based company is bold with its colors and impact on the world. Cotopaxi has committed to funding solutions for individuals in extreme poverty all over the world by making some crazy eye-catching and creative products. Cotopaxi’s claim to fame is their backpacks that are as vibrant as they are well made, but also make jackets, apparel, bags and more all with the same colorful and fun loving style.

Learn more at: //www.cotopaxi.com/

Poler Stuff (Portland, OR)

This Oregon based brand works to bridge the gap between the outdoor life and city style. Every product Poler makes is made with high-quality materials and design but is set apart from its competition by its attention to aesthetics. Poler Stuff refuses to believe that well made outdoor gear has to be boring. Why not have a tent covered in flowers? Or Camo? Or a rainbow design? They build personality in products that are usually bland or plain. The product line ranges from apparel to camping gear and accessories. Poler Stuff creates products that would look as natural in the city as it would on a backpacking trip.

Learn more at http://www.polerstuff.com

Aion Board Shop (Jackson Hole, WY)aion

Aion is a small lifestyle brand that focuses on creating products that bring us closer to nature and adventure. Aion believes in creating ethical, quality clothing that you can depend on. Aion currently produces tops, jackets, hats, and shoes, but the brick-and-mortar store in Jackson Hole will offer Stand Up Paddleboard rentals and more.

Learn more at: //www.aionmfg.com/ 

Hydroflask (Bend, OR)hyrdoflask

Hydroflask dedicates its time, money and energy to creating a world free of plastic bottle waste. These double insulated bottles keep cold stuff cold and hot stuff hot for an insane amount of time. They have the classic durable water bottle style that they created this brand with, but also have grown into pint cups, snack containers, soup thermoses and to-go coffee cups in every color under the sun. This bottle lets you live your adventurous life without ever having to settle for lukewarm.

Learn more at: www.hydroflask.com

KLYMIT (Centerville, UT)klymit 

Klymit creates products that give you the best sleep possible while out in nature. They use cutting edge technology and a customized design approach to make quantifiably comfortable products. Klymit creates any accessory you may need while on the trail from sleeping bags to blow-up pillows to sleeping pad/hammock combos. They make products unlike any other in their category, focusing on being the best in body-mapping technology, lightweight design and comfort.

Learn more at: http://www.klymit.com/  

 Topo Designs (Denver, CO)topo

Topo Designs believes in simple, well-made products that are produced in the USA. They believe in taking the complication out of outdoor gear and bringing in personality. The focus of appreciating nature should not be overshadowed by the new latest technology or fad. Topo Designs creates several products ranging from outerwear to casual loungewear and accessories. Every piece of clothing stays true to Topo Design’s belief of simple and effortless style.

Learn more at: http://topodesigns.com/