7 Acceptable Man Crushes

Every man has at least one “man crush”, and it’s totally okay.  Here’s a list of “man-crushes” that are accepted by the opposite gender…


  1. Brian Williams


One of the most dignified men on television, Brian Williams garners respect and admiration.  From his impeccable style to his poise when reporting some of the most important moments in history, nothing shakes Mr. Williams.


  1. Ryan Gosling

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Lady’s love him, men want to be him, it’s as simple as that.  If a guy tells you that he’s never watched a Ryan Gosling movie to learn a new pick-up line, he’s lying.


  1. Ron Swanson

Ron 2

He hates the feelings almost as much as he hates the government.


  1. Jon Hamm



If you’re a guy, chances are at some point you had an introspective look at yourself and wondered, “What is manliness?”  Jon Hamm has never experienced that.  Suits, women, and great hair, Jon Hamm has it all.


  1. Clark W. Griswold


A loyal family man with stupid sense of humor.  Not only is this a spot-on description of Clark W. Griswold but it’s also every man’s inner self.  Clark W. Griswold, the main character in the National Lampoon’s Vacation movies, will stop at nothing to make his family happy, and sure he’ll tell a dumb joke from time to time, but in the end it’s all for the Griswold name.


  1. Tom Hanks


Show me a guy who doesn’t like Tom Hanks and I’ll show you a total jerk (hint: it’s the guy who doesn’t like Tom Hanks).  Touted as one of the nicest men in Hollywood he has never let his success get to his head.


  1. Bear Grylls


Why do men love Bear Grylls?  I don’t know, maybe because his name is Bear or maybe it’s because he can survive just about any deadly situation imaginable.  If Bear Grylls was on MH370 they would have already been found and probably in pretty good health.


So, there you have it, men.  These are the “man-crushes” that have been deemed acceptable by the ladies.  However, be careful mentioning them to your lady friend, she may try running of with one off them.