7 Reasons Growing Up is a Trap as told by “New Girl”

1. College isn’t always a party.

Project X doesn’t happen every night, and thank goodness for that because you have grown up s#!t to do. Chances are, you will be in the library more than you party, and your friends become your teachers and the peers in your student groups. It’s the sad truth.


2. Say bye-bye to your little friends.

You’re #BFF’s from high school and college move across the country and you chances are, you stay in the same town you grew up in or only move a couple states away. Wine nights become less frequent and require you to purchase a $500 plane ticket.


3. Groceries.

You added Oreos & milk to the cart just like you did when you were a kid, right? Well, that just cost you approximately $6 since mom isn’t around at check out. Top Ramen and Mac & Cheese it is.


4. Dating

Dating becomes a lot more difficult than signing on to AOL messenger at the same time as bae. This isn’t the Bachelor and no, 25 hot guys are not waiting to meet you.


5. Bills

Congrats, you found an apartment with cheap rent. Bet they didn’t mention that once you add in electric, internet, water and if you dare want cable, you’ll be adding on an extra 10 hours a week at your shitty retail job.


6. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Can’t decide if you should move to Seattle or Portland and need some advice? Chances are your parents expect you to make your own decision and the only people willing to put in their two cents are your friends that are moving to Seattle or Portland.


7. After college.

You finally found a “big-kid” job in the city of your dreams and think you’re off the hook for a while. You’re only off the hook until the holidays when grandma asks why you haven’t brought a nice significant other home yet and your parents remind you they want grandkids. Good luck.

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Let’s face it, growing up is a trap.