7 Reasons Life is Beautiful

You wouldn’t think there could be a festival in a city of sin let alone the area of town that has been run down and hardly visited. Yet, amongst the abandoned buildings and desert, they created a beautiful mix of art, music, and learning. The festival brings together passionate people who are successful in making “life beautiful.” Here are some of things I found most inspirational.

1. Art. I have never been to a festival where there was so much art everywhere you looked. It was on the buildings, the pavement, every nook and alley way was covered in art. All three days of the festival you saw something new and interesting you didn’t even think to look for. Pictures were not able to capture everything nor the experience of walking through the art murals while hearing your favorite music in the background.

IMG_0609 IMG_0494

2. Food. So much food. The spread ranged from truffle tater tots to vegan pita sandwiches. One the best parts was being able to compare and contrast morsels with fellow foodies at the festival. Friends were made over the like or dislike of something and also the recommendations to try or not try certain dishes.

3. Dancing. Anywhere there is music there will be dancing, and lots of it. Even if you didn’t feel like dancing there was always someone to motivate you into cutting loose. You definitely could not avoid even just a tiny toe tap. Then there were people out there like this guy dancing as if no one was watching!

4. Lights. We are in Las Vegas so there was no shortage of light shows, bouncing ball lights, and glow sticks. The bands light shows were some of the best I have seen from a festival. Not to mention the costumes and lights the fans brought in. The ferris wheel light show was even included in all the video images on the main stage for big bands. It was like the biggest beacon, pointing to where the music would be.

IMG_0575 IMG_0584

5.  Friends. Festivals are so cool in the way that you always meet new, but like-minded people. People from all walks of life coming together for a common interest of music, food and art. Words can never explain the connections you make at a festival. Some are short lived, some will last forever. This was one of the most “Beautiful” things of the festival.


6. Music. The lineup for the festival was amazing and it was impossible to see every great act. But everything you did see was phenomenal and rocked your socks off! I mean literally all the music was good, which isn’t always the case when it’s live. I went in with a list of what I wanted to see but ended up deviating from my list because I would stop and listen to someone else and be caught off guard by how much I enjoyed the different set. Here are some of my favorites:


Holy Ghost!

Lionel Richie (The conga line to “All night Long” was awesome. I am sorry if you didn’t join)

The Beatles Love PerformersIMG_0558

Once again, though everything was so good and uplifting, it was difficult to even come up with this list.

7. Last but not least The Flaming Lips. They have their own ways of being inspiring for several reasons. They have humble roots but you’d never know from their lavish performances and high profile friends. The confetti, the lights, the experience, is unreal. This was my third time seeing them live and it never disappoints.

IMG_0552 I have never experienced another show where the artists are more interactive with their audience. This picture has Wayne Coyne, the lead singer, literally standing on top of the crowd.

The Life is Beautiful festival was an amazing experience. Festivals are always great but having such a mixture of food, art, and learning all in one place was what made it so much fun. If you were not there I highly encourage you to go, and If you were there, I hope this brought back great memories.