7 Reasons why The University of Montana is Unforgettable

Here are 7 reasons why The University of Montana is unique and the perfect education institution for the outdoorsy student looking to further their education.

1. Griz Football Games

Football Games at the University of Montana are some of the most memorable experiences a student can have in his or her short years here in Missoula. Washington Grizzly Stadium’s playing field is 20 feet below ground with an oval shape that creates an overwhelming amount of noise on the field. The Stadium has a capacity of 25,217 screaming fans which has a resulted in a home record of 142-20.

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2. Forester’s ball

The Foresters ball is held in a variety of different places on campus and is one of the longest lasting traditions (96 years) U of M has to offer. Put on by the forestry department chainsaws rev and over a few days an outdoor decoration appears to make a fun experience for a student as well as a family to experience.

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3. Downtown Life

Many schools pride themselves on a massive Greek system or large party campus but here in Missoula downtown life is where the parties happen. Within a few blocks radius there are up to 18 different bars to choose!

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4. Snow storms

Snow Storms are common in Missoula but always seem to happen very unexpectedly. Such as the one Missoula faced in late February this year. The snow seemed to not stop coming down from about Wednesday morning until about Saturday night. The accumulation was enough to pile up a few feet of snow in the few days.

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5. Outdoors

Because of Missoula’s location in the bitterroot valley activities outdoors have always been a popular choice. A few of these activities are Hiking, Biking, Kayaking/ Canoeing, Fishing as well as many more.

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6. “M” Trail

The M trail is one of the most walked trails in Montana and even though may not be looked at as very historical the trail has been around for more than 100 years! The M is also the oldest Hillside letter in the state.

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7. Monte!

Monte is a featured face in the eyes of Griz fans everywhere and is to this day an icon all over the nation. Monte is the only mascot to win The Capital One Bowl Mascot of the year two times (2002 & 2004). Monte was also featured in a Super Bowl commercial with Joe Montana.

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