13 Signs That You Are About To Turn 30!!

Are you to the point in life that you no longer want to go out with friends on a Friday night, but instead enjoy a quiet night at home watching Netflix? Be prepared, you my friend are about to turn 30!! Here are 13 signs that the big 3-0 is closer than you think!!





 1.) You find phrases like YOLO, Turn Down For What and also Hashtags extremely annoying. What am I turning down?







 2.) Panic is starting to set in that you are not in the exact place that you thought you would be by the time you turned 30. It is not ok that you still live at your parents house.









3.) You have no concept of personal space when you see someone with a baby. You want to squeeze those cheeks and you want to squeeze them now!!








 4.) All of your friends on Facebook only post about kids and weddings. Your drunken party photos are increasingly becoming sadder and sadder.







 5.) You can no longer go out the night before you have to go to work. If you go into work with a hangover, you’re gonna have a bad time.









 6.) Joint pain is starting to become a thing, you sure don’t feel like you should feel like this.







 7.) There are a number of young singers that you have never heard of. Who is Hunter Hayes?







 8.) Tanning is no longer cool, sunscreen is cool.








 9.) You have gone to a bar and left because it was too loud. At this point in life you want to have actual conversations with your friends.







 10.) It makes you extremely happy when you get carded. The only people that roll their eyes when they get carded are 21 and 22 year olds. No the entire world does not know you just turned 21!








 11.) You decide to return to school and realize that when your fellow classmates talk about things you have no idea what they are talking about. What the hell is Yik Yak ?






1212.) You are thankful for having an actual childhood that didn’t involve social media and tablets. You were playing Nintendo enough as it was!








13.) You can no longer eat whatever you want. Taco Bell at 2:00am is a bad idea.