All time classic comedies from the 2000’s

Movies are something that everyone loves. They have an innate way of bringing people together. One well timed movie quote to a complete stranger could spark a friendship right then and there. The 2000’s were the glory days of comedy. It seems hard to believe that some of these movies are more than ten years old, but nonetheless hold a revered place in our hearts. As a 24 year old, these movies came out during the formidable years of my development into a young adult. They taught my friends and I what was funny, what certain words meant and how to see humor in an awkward situation. Here is a not so definitive list of classic comedies from the 2000’s,  I am eager to hear if you agree ~


Office Space (1999) – While technically not from the 2000’s, ’99 was close enough. Most of us have our own Lumberg to deal with, and Office Space perfectly tells the story of how a working man rose from the depths of everyday monotony to take matters into his own hands.



Meet the Parents (2000) – Gaylord M. Focker still might be one of the funniest names I’ve seen in a movie. Ben Stiller and Robert de Niro capture lighting in a bottle and provided laughs all the way home.



Saving Silverman (2001) – Most of us can relate to losing a friend to a relationship. Jack Black and Steve Zahn show us all how sometimes you have to fight for your friendships. A true story of love, loss and Neil Diamond.



Old School (2003) – The “Frat Pack” as they are known. Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn and Luke Wilson create magic in this one. From Frank the Tank to “Blue” to Dean Prichard,  this culminates into one of the greatest comedies of the 2000’s.



Grandma’s Boy (2006) – With an underrated cast, Grandma’s Boy over delivers and is one of those movies that we find ourselves quoting all the time. The ultimate stoner film/comedy, Grandma’s Boy is one of those movies you can watch again and again.