Montana is weird. Here are 10 reasons why.

Montana is a one of a kind state. Most of Montana is accustom to “Arctic Vortexes” and extreme temperatures, it’s nothing new for Montanans.  Wildlife is abundant in Montana, with the largest migratory elk populations in the nation, its normal to see herds of the animals grazing on mountainsides. Most people have heard of the book Huckleberry Finn, but did you know that huckleberries are really edible berries and grow wild in Montana? Who know that there is such a thing as the world’s shortest river? We all know there were famous California gold rushes, but Montana also rushed out $32 million gold and silver in the 1800’s. International mountains and glaciers attract numerous visitors every year to Glacier National Park. The  majestic American Buffalo roams free in Montana as well as national preserved on the National Bison Range located on the Flathead Indian Reservation. Montana’s steamy, geothermic pools and geysers in Yellowstone National Park and attract many visitors every year. Have you ever thought about playing a game of golf with with a Frisbee and your dog? Montanans play this crazy game during the warmer months of the year. One more weird thing about Montana is possibility that the Swan Princess could have found her home in the south portion of the state. With all the weird things about Montana, this state is definitely a unique and one of a kind state.

It is Really Cold

Rogers Pass

With recent Arctic Vortexes rocking the nation, Montana is no stranger to the subzero temperatures. The lowest temperature ever recorded in Montana was a blistering -70, which occurred at Rogers Pass on January 20th, 1954.

Elk in Huge Numbers

Elk Beding Down

The largest migratory elk population within the northwest region of the country find their home within Montana. In between 15,000 to 20,000 elk migrate through Yellowstone National Park into the heart of the Northern Rocky Mountains in Montana every winter.

Wild About Berries

One delicious, seasonal treat that grows wild in the Montana Rocky Mountains is the huckleberry. These delicious wild berries are cannot be farmed, due to the specific elevation needed for them to grow. Huckleberries are best harvested between the months of June and mid-September. Montana is the home of one of the only huckleberry businesses in the United States.

One Short River

Roe River

Did you know that there is such a thing as the world’s shortest river? The Roe River is only 201 feet in length and flows from Giant Springs to the Missouri River. The Roe River is located near Great Falls, Montana and has a foot bridge that stretches over it for easy viewing purposes.


Gold Rush Montana

Montana Mining Ghosttown
The famous ghost town of Elkhorn, Montana has a elevation that is over a mile high and started mining in 1872. Elkhorn mined $32 million in gold and silver. With the old 19th century buildings and mining town setting, this ghost town is a wonderful tourist attraction during the summer months.


International Glaciers

McDonald Lake, Glacier Nat. Park Info.
Glacier National Park in the northwestern part of Montana is the largest national park within the state with 1,583 square miles. The park stretches across the United States border into Canada, which makes it an international park. Glacier National Park is home to 68 different animal species and 277 documented bird species. Montana’s Glacier National Park has over a million national and international visitors every ten years and generates abundant amounts of revenue every year for the state .

Saving America’s Buffalo

Montana Bison

The American Buffalo were nearly driven to extinction in the late 1800’s. However, Montana ranchers worked together to preserve these magnificent creatures. Today, the National Bison Range on the Flathead Indian Reservation has about 350 head of bison, not counting the new babies that are born every year. Wild herds of buffalo roam the mountains near Yellowstone National Park and one of Montana’s slogans is “let the buffalo roam”. Montana has saved one of America’s most beautiful and astonishing animals from extinction and will continue to do so.


Steamy, Geothermic Goodness

(My Photo)Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone Info.
Montana’s other well-known and frequently visited national parks is Yellowstone. With the world’s largest array of geysers and geothermic pools, Yellowstone attracts numerous national and international tourist every year. At sunrise, the stream spools off the geothermic waters, spilling over the edges of Mammoth Hot Springs. It’s really a steamy show.


Crazy Games and Crazy Laws

Folfing Law

Montana has some very interesting laws, one of which states that the game of “Folf” cannot be played at nighttime. If you don’t know the game of “folf” is, it’s a mixture of the games Golf and Frisbee. Many Montanans play this game with a cooler of beer and man’s best friend, their dogs. However, Montana had to develop a law for this regulating this game. Montana State Ordinance 2797, 6-23-1997, states the following; ” 5-13-2: Folfing Prohibited. No person shall play or engage in the game of folf or throw a golf disc at nighttime in any area within the business improvement district that has not been sanctioned as a designated folf course by the city.”


Home of the Swan Princess

Trumpeter Swans

Large populations of Trumpeter Swans find their homes in Montana. With the largest population of trumpeter swans in the south portion of the state, Montana holds the largest majority of the species in the northwest region of the country. Trumpeter Swans actively bred in Montana and migrate to and from the state seasonally. Montana could be the original home of the Swan Princess.


You’re a True Missoulian When…

Missoula, Montana is one of a kind and so are the citizens. Outsiders don’t understand us and to be a true Missoulian is a title that must be earned. Students from The University of Montana compiled a list of instances only true Missoulians understand. To be considered a true Missoulian is a privilege, not a right.

1. You know you’re a true Missoulian when the only reason you grow a beard is to protect your face from freezing wind.   -Alexander Fuehrer

1.SnowbeardPhoto Credit

2. You know you’re a true Missoulian when the features of your Subaru include a “Keep Missoula Weird” bumper sticker, a cracked windshield, and a year round ski rack and/or bike rack.    -Larke Stuart

2.SubSnowPhoto Credit

3. You know you’re a true Missoulian when you think Birkenstocks are real shoes.  -Christopher Clark

3.shoesPhoto Credit

4. You know you’re a true Missoulian when your own “short cuts” don’t really save you time.  -Katrina Thorness

4.CarPhoto Credit

5. You know you’re a true Missoulian when you use the M as your point of direction instead of North. -Ryan Watson

5.lostPhoto Credit

6. You know you’re a true Missoulian when some off your friends (not dropping names) know the happy hour schedule better than their own class schedule. -Connor Campbell

6.studyPhoto Credit

7. You know you’re a true Missoulian when all your glassware consists of mason jars! -Miranda Fox

7.jarsPhoto Credit

8. You know you’re a true Missoulian when grown ups hula hooping in public to hippie music becomes a social norm. -Elizabeth McGee

8.hulaPhoto Credit

9. You know you’re a true Missoulian when you have out of control road rage when it takes you more than 15 minutes to get from one end of Missoula to the other.   -Kristina Carlino

9.roadPhoto Credit

10. You know you’re a true Missoulian when you start drinking and enjoying Kombucha.   -Kelsi Laraway

10.kombuchaPhoto Credit

11. You know you’re a true Missoulian when the word “republican” becomes more like profanity than a political affiliation.    -Katherine Vincent

11.republicanPhoto Credit 

12. You know you’re a true Missoulian when almost being run over by a biker no longer bothers you. -Becca Mulhill

12.BikesignPhoto Credit

13. You know you’re a true Missoulian when you realize for the first time in your life you’re excited to wake up at a reasonable time on a Saturday to go buy fresh vegetables at the Farmers Market. -Scott Young

13.FarmerPhoto Credit

14. You know you’re a true Missoulian when you can’t tell a homeless person apart from someone who is actually trendy.  -Rebecca Strellnauer

14.Homeless FashionPhoto Credit

15. You know you’re a true Missoulian when the saying, “my dog is my copilot” is taken quite literally.  -Josh Rhines

15.DogPhoto Credit: Josh Rhines

16. You know you’re a true Missoulian when you defend the logic behind Missoula’s public roadways. -Bailey Chauner

16.OneWayPhoto Credit

17. You know you’re a true Missoulian when you sunbathe while there are still big piles of snow in the ground.  -Jessie Mazur

17.sunsnowPhoto Credit

18. You know you’re a true Missoulian when you experience a lockdown, snow day, and falling boulders in only one month.  -Bailey Chauner

18.SelfiesPhoto Credit

19. You know you’re a true Missoulian when you and your buddies recite A River Runs Through It quotes when you’re fishing on the Blackfoot. -Connor Campbell

19.FishPhoto Credit

20. You know you’re a true Missoulian when the sign of spring is the slack liners setting up shop in the trees. -Scott Young

20.SlacklinePhoto Credit

21. You know you’re a true Missoulian when the stocks dance-floor is a nightmare for you or friends’ past -Connor Campbell

??????????Credit: Personal Photo…no I’m not totally ashamed

22. You know you’re a true Missoulian when every item in your closet matches and can go together in every season. -Elizabeth McGee

22.sameoutfitPhoto Credit 

23. You know you’re a true Missoulian when it seems normal for a man in deer pelts to yodel and play the accordion. -Spencer Sheehan

23.AccordianPhoto Credit

24. You know you’re a true Missoulian when you will wait in a line of 30 people at Big Dipper…in the middle of winter.   -Josh Rhines

24.IcecreamPhoto Credit

25. You know you’re a true Missoulian when the idea of more than one freeway scares you. -Scott Young

25.FreewayPhoto Credit

Why St. Patty’s Day Should Be Every College Student’s Favorite Holiday

It’s only natural that a holiday that has become centered on drinking and celebrating would be the best day of the year for a college student. Here’s why:

1. There is ALWAYS a party

Let’s face it: If you’re a college student, partying is one of your top priorities.
Who even comes to college for “learning” anyway? Sadly, this behavior is not socially acceptable 364 day out of the year but guess what…

It’s the one of those days where it’s perfectly acceptable to make questionable decisions and flake on responsibilities.


**DISCLAIMER: is not responsible for your actions on St. Patrick’s Day and is not “directly” encouraging bad behavior

2. Copious Amounts of Alcohol

Especially Green Beer. But seriously green beer is delicious.

So delicious in fact that my dad left the hospital the day I was born (St. Patty’s day baby right here) and went to drink green beer at the local bar.
Some would say that his priorities were messed up, but as a St. Patrick’s Day fan- girl I applaud this action whole-heartily.

Also, whoever did this has more alcohol than a liquor store

3. Shamrocks

Shamrocks are the symbol of Ireland! YAY!
Also for some unfortunate reason, shamrocks have recently made the list of “Most Typical Girl Tattoos”, only ranking behind anchors, sappy quotes, and dream catchers.

Find a shamrock with four-leaves? LUCKY YOU. But seriously, four leaf clovers are supposedly lucky.

4. The Abundant Amount of Gingers to Make Fun of

Did you know? There are probably the same amount of the Red-heads at a St. Patrick’s Day celebration as there are at the International Redhead Festival in the Netherlands (This festival is real, check it out here).

This fact alone is a good enough reason to celebrate! And gingers don’t have souls so there’s that…

Note: Gingers are great people and they probably do have souls

5. The EPIC costumes and accessories

From shot glass necklaces to “Kiss me I’m Irish” shirts, you can get decked out in green gear for St. Patty’s.
The possibilities are endless!
Make a trip to the Target dollar section…or to Wal-Mart, where thanks to labor sweatshops (kidding…maybe) the entire store is basically a dollar section.


6. St Patty’s Parade Faces

The faces parade goers make are always priceless, especially when you have applied a liberal amount of green paint to your face.
St. Patty’s day parades are not for the weak stomached and most will be an unforgettable (okay slightly forgettable) day.

Little ol’ Butte, Montana even makes the cut for boisterous parades, and believe me this event is anything but little.

7. Pinch an Inch, Smile a Mile

You know that annoying kid in class that asks too many questions?
Guess what! Pinching them for not wearing green is the perfect (and seemingly innocent) form of payback.
Or you can be like me and pinch someone even when they are wearing green… just play dumb.

But please, don’t be an idiot and forget to wear green yourself.

8. Leprechauns and Pots O’ Gold

These little red-headed tricksters are adorable, and if you don’t think so go look at a Lucky Charms box (look I provided a picture of one).
Does it even really matter that they are secretly greedy and deceiving? No! You would be too if after ever rainbow someone was trying to steal your gold.

Honestly though, he’s so cute.

Whatever you decide to do for St. Patty’s Day remember:

1. Everyone is Irish on St. Patty’s Day
2. Don’t forget to wear green
3. Pace yourself, or else you’ll end up like this guy…

Enjoy the best holiday of the year!


*Each photo linked to source