Bachelor Season Finale: Top 10 Reasons We Love This Show

1. The Bonding Experience 

Friends watching TVIt’s a modern day book club.

2. The Secret Desire to be on the show

The BacheloretteI mean, I’m not opposed.

3. Style Tips

Britt BacheloretteHow does she even look like this?

4. This Guy

Chris the hostWill Chris be the next bachelor?

5. The Drama

Ashley CryingSo Many Tears!

6. The Crazies

Kelsey Is CrazyDid she really use a death as leverage?

7. The Elaborate Dates

Jade Date CardTake Tips Boys!

8. The Speechless Moments.

Ashley S Is CrazyNo comment on this one.

9. The Rose Ceremonies

Jillian MusclesPlease, just send her home!

10. The Finales

bachelor season finaleAlways “On Point!”


Let’s face it….Chris is BAE!

chris soules bachelor