3 Things to Do In COVID-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused many incoviences for us to go out. We may not hang out with friends as before, nor will most of us continue the lifestyle that we have been accustomed to as well. To some degree, the ways we entertain, work, as well as recieving educations all have been changed.

We may spend more time staying home, especially when the winter is coming near, just as if our ancients in the pre-historical time. I’m not kidding, for which I take it serious and think about what should we do at home.


We can spend a lot of time in reading at home, including the newspaper, novels, academic articles, as well as fictional documents, etc. These reading materials will help us update our cognitive levels, logical thinking, and enrich our minds.


When we have to stay at home, we have to make plenty of adjustments in terms of daily exercising. For instance, we can use treadmills to jog instead of running in the ourdoor playgroud. Yoga is a good choice for us to reshape our badies indoor.


We can make full use of the chances to practice our cooking skills when we have to stay at home. We also can get more opportunities to change our original diet habits, since we can prepare foods for ourselves as we like.