Best (Worst?) LinkedIn Profile Pictures Ever!

As we get closer and closer to graduation, it seems like we’re on LinkedIn a lot more than we were before. We all know how important it is to show your best professional self because nowadays it’s all about first impressions. Here’s a few people who leave a little bit too much to be desired…


Like this guy. He’s all about being casual professional. He keeps it casual by avoiding eye contact and putting his hand in his pocket and being in front of a mirror…in a bathroom? I’m pretty sure bathroom mirror selfies aren’t even okay on facebook anymore. But that mass produced Christian Riese Lassen poster in the background really classes up the shot, and he is wearing a tie.

Linkedin Picture Fail 1


Why not spice up your LinkedIn picture with a fun filter?! Because….THIS.

Linkedin Fail 3


It’s Christmastime somewhere amiright?! I don’t even care that you might actually be Kevin Spacey, this probably shouldn’t be your first choice for your LinkedIn profile.

Linkedin Fail 10


“I frickin hate this job and my boss threatened to fire me if I didn’t get on LinkedIn.”

Linkedin Fail 9


“I love to listen. No really, that’s why my hair is so big…it’s full of secrets.”

Linkedin Fail 8


Whether he’s chillin’ in the backseat of his car, or in his mom’s basement…he knows how to play it cool. Some say he may be playing hard to get…as in it’s going to be hard for him to ever get a job.

Linkedin Fail 7


I like how she didn’t even capitalize her own name. It says I don’t take things too seriously and I also have no idea what LinkedIn is. It’s almost like bartenders maybe don’t need to be on LinkedIn…..

Linkedin Fail 6


Can we please just all agree to leave the fitness pictures to Facebook?

Linkedin Fail 11


Ummm…what? I have no words.

Linkedin Fail 12


“Hey there kids! You probably know me from The Wiggles and I’m here today to offer YOU a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!”

Linkedin Fail 13


I’m just nervous that this guy might actually be reading my mind through the computer.

Linkedin Fail 14


At least her future employers can’t say they’re surprised when she comes to work hungover every Monday….and then they have to pay for her medical leave when she ends up in rehab.

Linkedin Fail 5



6 Replies to “Best (Worst?) LinkedIn Profile Pictures Ever!”

  1. I feel uneasy when I read this. Surely, a few of these people seem arrogant enough to deserve a sarcastic remark. But most of them are just like you and me: insecure when it comes to their public image. Therefore, they try to avoid the fact that they need to see a good portrait photographer who can make them feel comfortable.

    Remember: laugh _with_ people, not _at_ them!

    1. I think you make a very good point Olle and I applaud your humanity and compassion. Perhaps the best feedback these people need is for a loved one or friend to tell them they can do better with their photo rather than having others mock them. We do others a disservice if we aren’t honest and tell them the truth about how they might be perceived. Otherwise they’ll never improve themselves.

  2. Yes it is important to feel compassion for these people because they probably don’t know any better. Many people underestimate the true value of LinkedIn – it has come of age as is the best platform for getting a better job or more business.

    My role is to quickly make people feel very comfortable and to enjoy their photo shoot. The best part is seeing them happily using new LinkedIn profile photos.

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