Breaking Out Of Your Comfort Zone By Traveling

A blogpost in what I would recommend EVERYONE to go travel and see other parts of this beautiful world. Learn, get better and grow as a person but most of all; Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

2 Replies to “Breaking Out Of Your Comfort Zone By Traveling”

  1. Stanzi, for being the first video posted, I think that you did an outstanding job! The lighting you had while filming was perfect as well as the sound quality was super clear and understandable. As for being the first to post, it takes a lot of courage, and I love that you tied that into your video. Great first post! I look forward to having the chance to see your others soon.

  2. Seriously props for being the first person to post a video blog, I’m still procrastinating on mine. You did an amazing job and i love the message behind what you’re saying. You inspire me!

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