A Definitive Ranking of the Most Photogenic Pugs on Instagram

A new wave of celebrities are crashing in on Instagram, and these celebrities aren’t the type to Photoshop their pictures or try to make sure their beach bods are in perfect shape for you. They are taking over your Instagram feeds (and social media in general) with a fierce confidence. Who am I talking about exactly? P-U-G-S. That’s right, pugs. Here is a ranking of the top 5 pugs on Instagram who are prettier than you. And let’s be honest, you love it.

5. Pugalicious Vinny

Not only is he sexy and he knows it, but he can rock a bow tie better than any guy you know.

pugalicious vinny 2

pugalicious vinny 3

Pugalicious Vinny


4. Nutello the Pug

He is #swole, he can rock any mustache, AND he is into romance.

nutello pug 3

nutello pug

nutello pug 2


3. Homer Pugalicious

He says it all with his eyes.

homer pugalicious 2

homer pugalicious 3



2. Doug the Pug

He is sassier than you. He is wittier than you. And he can rock his PJs better than you.

doug the pug

doug the pug 3



1. Ref the Pug

He understands how hard life can be when you are THIS beautiful. He still manages to work it for the camera though.

ref the pug 3

ref the pug





10 Reasons Every Woman from a Mountain Town Needs a Dog

10. They are a daily reminder to practice your Downward Dog.


Photo source: http://izismile.com/2011/12/04/top_100_animal_pics_of_the_week.html
Photo source: http://izismile.com/2011/12/04/top_100_animal_pics_of_the_week.html

9. A bed full of dogs is warmer and better insulated than your 0-degree, down sleeping bag.

Source: http://elitedaily.com/women/team-bed-55-ways-know-youre-absolutely-going/907232/
Source: http://elitedaily.com/women/team-bed-55-ways-know-youre-absolutely-going/907232/

8. They are a great buddy to enjoy the views with.

And they won’t complain that you are hiking too fast or their feet are cold.

Taking in views with the dog
Source: http://greenlikebathwater.tumblr.com/post/55834884912

7. You will never need to carry a bottle opener to a bonfire again.

Dog as bottle opener
Source: http://www.buzzfeed.com/robynwilder/22-awesome-things-you-didnt-know-about-your-dog?sub=3332595_3142058#.qkW9gEJgQ2

6. They are a better judge of character than you.

Living in a mountain town, we know there is a high ratio of dirtbag males. You need a little extra help selecting a mate. Let your dog help you.

Source: http://www.oregonhumane.org/donate/
Source: http://www.oregonhumane.org/donate/

5. Their unfettered joy bounding around in the snow is contagious.

Source: http://imgur.com/user/henriksen1
Source: http://imgur.com/user/henriksen1

4. Ditto for their love of playing in the leaves.

Dogs will help you enjoy every season, the more we think about it.

Source: http://www.viralnova.com/dog-owners-will-understand/
Source: http://www.viralnova.com/dog-owners-will-understand/

3. Dogs, trucks, and mountains belong together.

They form a perfect trinity with you in the middle.

Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/28057482@N05/13966457628/in/photostream/
Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/28057482@N05/13966457628/in/photostream/

2. They can smell the funk in your hiking boots before you do.

Hint: when the dog is really interested in your hiking boots, it is a sure sign that your entire apartment smells like a foot.

Source: http://petattack.com/smelly-dog-dogs-smelling-abilities/
Source: http://petattack.com/smelly-dog-dogs-smelling-abilities/

1. Because…love

dog love

Living in a mountain town, there are a lot of great dogs in need of a home. Here is a list of some of our favorite shelters where you can find your canine adventure buddy!

Bozeman, MT:                 Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter

Jackson, WY:                     Paws of Jackson Hole

Glenwood Springs, CO    Colorado Animal Rescue

Portland, OR                      Oregon Dog Rescue

Kanab, UT                          Best Friends Animal Society



5 Reasons I Will Always Own a Yorkie

First time holding Harlie

I wrote this post to explain why Yorkies are more then just a “rat” dog. I got my Yorkie when I was a senior in high school. I’ll admit that I was upset when my parents wanted a Yorkshire Terrier instead of a Husky, which is what I wanted. The day we picked Harlie up I immediately fell in love. I continue to do so everyday, she is the best dog I could ever ask for, and I will always own a Yorkie. Here are 5 reasons why.


Harlie dressed up for spring
Harlie dressed up for spring

1. Yorkies are so beautiful, and always adorable. I call Harlie my forever puppy. She’s 3 years old and people still think that she is a baby. They are often so surprised when I tell them that she is fully grown




Yorkie Puppy
Harlie hanging out, chillin.

2. Yorkies love to cuddle and love. Harlie is the best chill dog ever. We call her the chill dog because she loves to just lay around and hang out with you and snuggle, she actually sleeps in longer then I do most days. She doesn’t hardly ever bark either. She didn’t make a sound the 1st year that we had her!


Yorkie Puppy
Harlie after canoeing on Flathead Lake

3. Yorkies are adventurous. Harlie and I have been on many adventures. Mountain biking, boating, canoeing, hiking, floating the river, you name it she’ll do it with me. Most the time I just strap her in my backpack with her head popping out and she is good to go!


Yorkie Puppy
Harley straight up looking like Chewbacca

4. Harlie has the biggest personality ever to come out of such a tiny little body. She knows how to get your attention, gets pissed when you don’t go to bed with her on time, and will do her best to protect you from anything and everything no matter how many times bigger it is then her.


Mountain Biking with Harlie
Mountain Biking with Harlie

5. Yorkies are the best friend you could ask for! They want to spend every minute with you. Since they are so tiny you can take them anywhere and everywhere and life is  good.


Don’t judge a dog by its size. Not all small dogs are yip yap dogs that are hyperactive 24/7. Give Yorkies a chance and you’ll find your best friend.

Yorkie Puppy