Vector Visuals: “It’s a bird, no, it’s a plane, no, it’s a UAV”- by Tyler Christianson

From the death of my vehicle to creating Montana history to panic room train shooting to me doing my best Stephen Colbert impression, Vector Visuals first project was a huge success.


Vector Visuals, a newly started media production company, has recently finished filming its first commercial this past weekend with an up and coming made in Montana UAV business known as Skyyfish.  The project all started in 1996 when 5-year-old Tyler ignored property signs and started playing in a big pile of dirt.  Eventually, that pile of dirt would become one of my life long friends house, Austin Schweitzer.  Schweitzer is head of sales and marketing for Skyyfish.  A month ago Schweitzer and I discussed our businesses and how we could collaborate with one another.  Before you know it, I’m skipping my capstone marketing class (which I’m sure was content filled with random facts about Georgians birth cycles and how Google will one-day rule the world), to meet the owner, CEO and rest of the Skyyfish team.  The meeting was at the Mustard Seed.  The Mustard Seed seems like a great place to have a meeting, but the thing is, I’m a picky eater and I’m not a huge fan of chineese food.  I prefer being called selective eater, but whatever!  So I did my best mature adult impression and I tried healthy new goods.  It was delicious.  Between eating peas and sweet shrimp, I conversed with John Livingston the owner and Orest Pilskalns the CEO.  The table was filled with intelligence, including the UAV engineer, Dan Reed.  I was a little overwhelmed, but I kept the eye on the prize and not the alien looking chicken sauce.  After frantic phone calls with one of my cinematographers, Colter Olmstead, I figured out a bargaining zone price to present to John.  I learned about bargaining zones from my Chineese teacher, Fengru Li, and I was first implementing the knowledge in a chineese restaurant.  Funny how life comes full circle and in such an ironic manner.  After the lunch was finished, Skyyfish and Vector Visuals had a tentative plan to film a promotional video with the potential to be the best commercial video to come out of Montana.  Not only that, I had just tried new vegetables.  It was a good day.



As producer, I continued to work with Skyyfish and the rest of the Vector Visuals team to come up with a list of location sites, receive permission to film at the locations, filming dates that work for the entire filing crew, and of course, the weather.  The list of locations was created from both Skyyfish and Vector Visuals.  The teamwork from both sides would even put the San Antonio Spurs in awe.  Everyone did their own work and even helped each other in this long pre production process.  Orest and myself both tackled receiving permission for filming Lady of the Rockies.  At first, I was talking with the Lady of Rockies board of directors to obtain permission, but Orest was the closer in the deal.  Orest had a personal family connection to the Lady of the Rockies because his deceased sister loved the Lady of the Rockies when she was a young girl.  Not go go too much into detail, but when Orest shared that story with me, filming the beauty of the Lady was important to me too.  More about filming the Lady, later.  Receiving permissions to film the other sites was relatively easy, but required time and collaboration between the Skyyfish side and Vector Visuals.  After the Skype calls, board calls, repetitive permission calls, date planning, and weather watching, the pre-production was over.  Now time for the fun part, filming.  Lights, camera, broken car, action.

Lady of the Rockies

IMG_2640I wouldn’t call myself a religious man, but I believe in some type of higher power.  So when my car over heated while I was driving up to one of the most powerful religious statues in the world, I reevaluated my life a little.  By reevaluate, I mean calling my insurance company.  Talk about a godsend!  Orest was nice enough to turn around and drive Colter  and myself up the rest of the way to the Lady of the Rockies.  The Lady is a statue in Butte, MT that was dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.  The statue was created by Bob O’Bill after he prayed to God asking to save his wife’s life who had cancer.  O’Bill’s wife survived and O’Bill funded the building of the Lady of the Rockies in 1979 to create the largest statue in America, other than the Statue of Liberty.  So yeah, it’s kind of a big deal.  Being the first filming and UAV organizations to obtain permission to film the Lady is a historic point in time.   Both teams can’t believe how lucky we are to hold this title.  The footage we were able to record is breath taking, so be sure to keep an eye out for it at and  The first shoot took four hours and collaboration from both Vector and Skyyfish was needed in order to create such an accomplishment.  After the Lady, both teams were off to Helena, with a short tow truck pit stop.

Helena Motorcross Track
motobikeThe motocross shoot in Helena was my baby, and I’m not great with babies so I was keeping my fingers crossed! No dead babies on my watch.  Dedicating 3 hours of driving time for one hour of footage was a big deal and I had a lot of anxiety when we were thirty minutes behind schedule to begin with.  Luckily, I have a buddy who is one of the best riders in Montana and he has a buddy who was also very talented, or as riders say, he’s gnarly.  Both riders said the course was really squirrelly to ride, but all I know is the footage we captured was nuts.  Multiple UAV’s from both Big Sky UAV (cooperating UAV provider) and Skyyfish flying at 30 mph over your head and two professional motocross riders riding at 60 mph at sunset was something you don’t easily forget.  Telephone lines limited our shooting abilities, but the shoot was still my personal favorite.  Then again, I wasn’t there for the filming of the train trestle bridge, which was the most hectic five minutes of the shoot.

Marent Train Trestle Bridge

IMG_0666The Lady of the Rockies is 90 feet tall, but the Marent Train Trestle bridge we filmed at is 226 feet.  This filming location was so implausible at first because the odds of obtaining permission to film on private land and time the oncoming train was equal to the odds of me eating vegetables on a daily basis, and you know how much I hate peas.  Incredibly luckily, Orests’ wife, who was driving by the train tracks a couple miles up the road saw the train coming and gave the filming crew a call.  Vector Visuals cinematographer, Zane Clampett, described shooting the train passing by and having to record the whole event as taking the last shot in a basketball game as the buzzer goes off.  The whole filming crew had to be on point to get the footage we wanted, and it turned out we went all Steph Curry on that train.  The UAV had to go almost 300 feet in the air and the crew had to track wherever the UAV went.  The end result turned out to be movie cinematic quality footage that I never thought was possible when first starting this project.  Any commercial businesses wanting to film/or use UAVs needs to look into purchasing through Skyyfish.  Industry leading machines with great operators and impeccable software, but enough plugging from me for now.  Before this project, I never thought waiting on a train could be so much fun.  From the worst of car luck to the best of train luck, we then filmed the UM ultimate Frisbee team.

Ultimate Frisbee

ZANE_FILM_2Filming the UM Ultimate team was great to have in our video because you can actually see human faces/tops of heads in the video.  Sometimes UAVS or drones can have a negative connotation, but these machines are helping make simple and difficult tasks easier for individuals.  They should be looked at and treated as so.  In the video you’ll be able to see some great shots of team huddles and scrimmages from the practice.  Thanks to the UM team for allowing us to film the hard work they put in everyday.  As a producer, I wasn’t sure what I was in store for when starting the shoot.  Let’s just say I turned out to be the Charlie Kelly in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  Wild Card, b****es!  I helped film, annoyed people to sign release forms, coordinated between the two businesses, created contracts, set up filming sites, help hold filming equipment, held pretty much anything I was told to, interviewed the Skyyfish team, argued, and played the bongos.  When you don’t have one specific talent, you’ll have to learn to be the utility belt of the team.  I loved helping with anything I could because the two teams I worked with were very respectful and worked hard at everything they did.  So after all this rambling, what do I have to show you? Nothing…yet.  Soon, I will be able to show you one of the best business promotional videos you have ever seen from your very own state, Montana.


Follow yours truly @bonestharipper.  You can also add either Skyyfish or Vector Visuals on Facebook.  The video of this trend setting project should come out by mid November.  Tell your friends about it, they won’t want to miss it.


College Football Playoff 2015. Who’s in?

Halfway into the 2015 college football season we have seen more parody in the current college football season than the previous five seasons combined. Although we have embarked upon only our second college football season with a “four team playoff”. I believe that it is safe to say that every weekend in 2015, has felt like a playoff thus far. Honestly with fourteen undefeated teams after nearly seven weeks into the season, you could say that the 2015 college football campaign is challenging enough. Not to mention throw in a last second heartbreak for Michigan, an ineligible quarterback for Florida and a iconic Steve Spurrier resignation. The 2015 campaign has been flirting with a lot of emotion, but enough about emotion. Football is a game of disillusion and this blog is about the best in the land this year in college football (FBS). So without further ado I attempt the inconceivable and break down the college football conferences to see who will make the college football playoffs in 2015. May the odds be ever in your favor.Picture odds

1. American Athletic Conference

american-athletic-conference The first conference breakdown will be the American Athletic Conference. A conference that is often quiet when it comes to the N.C.A.A selection committee. However the American Athletic should not be overlooked with three of the fourteen undefeated teams hailing from this conference. Which consists of Houston (6-0), Memphis (6-0) and Temple (6-0) respectively. This conference although often underestimated due to strength of schedule should not be overlooked on any account. Already bolstering impressive wins by Temple over Penn state, Memphis over S.E.C powerhouse Ole Miss and Houston over Louisville earlier this season. This underrated conference should gain some respect. However, that being said it is important to highlight the key games remaining in this Conference. Especially if one of these American Athletic teams can earn respect from the N.C.A.A by post season time.

Important Games
Temple VS Notre Dame 10/31
Houston VS Memphis 11/14
Houston VS Navy 11/27
Memphis VS Navy 11/7
Memphis VS Temple 11/21
Conference Championship 12/5

My Prediction
Memphis over Temple

Playoff Teams
None. With the other power conferences it might be a while before an undefeated American Athletic team makes the playoff before a one loss team  from a power conference.

2. Athletic Coast Conference ( ACC)

ACC Conference Moving into the first of the power conferences and the conference represented in the playoff last year by Florida State. It is important to mention that the Atlantic Coast Conference or A.C.C is loaded with depth this year. In the Atlantic Division of the A.C.C their is two undefeated playoff hopefuls in last years semi-finalist Florida State Seminoles, who is led by old Notre Dame QB Everett Golson. In addition new playoff hopeful Clemson who knocked off Notre Dame in Death Valley. In the Coastal Division of the A.C.C the playoff contenders consist of Pittsburgh, Duke and North Carolina who are all (5-1) respectively. Which shows an array of talent throughout a conference which will more than likely get one playoff team.

Important Games
North Carolina VS Pittsburgh 10/29
North Carolina VS Duke 11/7
Pittsburgh VS Notre Dame 11/7
Florida State VS Clemson 11/7
Pittsburgh VS Duke 11/14
Florida State VS Florida 11/28
Conference Championship 12/5

My Prediction
Clemson Over North Carolina

Playoff Teams
Clemson. With a very diversified Atlantic Coast Conference, it’s anybodies ball game. It is only expected that one team advances to the playoff and it’s most likely Clemson, who has the most balanced attack.

3. Big 12 Conference

Big 12 Conference Image. Entering perhaps the most talented conference of them all in the 2015 college football season, the Big 12 conference is loaded. Consisting of three undefeated teams Baylor (6-0), Oklahoma State (6-0) and T.C.U (7-0). The Conference should end with a fight to the finish. Also to be considered Oklahoma is right their with only one loss thus far at (5-1), making it even more unbelievable that only a year ago this power conference was denied a spot in the first college football playoff. Something desperately looking to  be changed in 2015, while possibly even being the first conference to claim two teams in the newly formatted playoff.

Important Games
T.C.U VS Oklahoma State 11/7
Oklahoma VS Baylor 11/14
T.C.U VS Oklahoma 11/21
Baylor VS Oklahoma State 11/21
Baylor VS T.C.U 11/27
Oklahoma VS Oklahoma State 11/28
Conference Championship 12/5

My Prediction
T.C.U Over Baylor

Playoff Teams
T.C.U. only, although two teams is a possibility in the playoff especially in this division. I just don’t predict it happening this year. T.C.U’s balance with senior leader Trevone Boykin will outlast Baylor and push the horned frogs to the playoff.

4. Big Ten Conference

Big Ten Conference The parody is at it’s biggest in the Big Ten this year. In a Conference that was represented by the National Champion Ohio State Buckeyes last year. The league now has three legitimate contenders which contains the Bucks at (7-0), Surprise Iowa at (7-0) and Miracle Michigan State at (7-0) after a Michigan disaster on special teams. In a league that is a football powerhouse and continuously beats up on each other week to week, I don’t see more than one contender coming out of the Big Ten. Meaning that Big games in the Big Ten are expected right around the corner and should format to the playoff accordingly.

Important Games
Michigan State VS Ohio State 11/21
Iowa VS Nebraska 11/27
Michigan VS Ohio State 11/28
Michigan State VS Penn State 11/28
Conference Championship 12/5

My Prediction
Michigan State Over Iowa

Playoff Teams
Michigan State. Sticking with the plot of Senior QB’s I take Connor Cook and Michigan State to represent the Big Ten in the Playoff. I predict Michigan State over Ohio State on 11/21 too. Sparty On State fans. Only one team advances from the Big Ten.

5. Conference U.S.A

Confernence Usa Pics In a conference that only consists of two real competitors for a playoff spot and clutching to a lackluster hope of even making the playoff. It’s pretty safe to say that Conference U.S.A may win the trophy for being patriotic, however will probably not have a chance to raise the National Championship trophy in 2015.

Plain and Simple

Important Game  Marshall VS Western Kentucky 11/27

Conference Championship 12/5


Marshall over Louisiana Tech

Playoff Teams

None. This conference just doesn’t have the talent this year. The Conference U.S.A will play for pride and bowl eligibility this year.

6. Mid-American Conference ( MAC)

Mid American Conf In a conference such as the Mid- American it is hard to judge quality opponents and a solid strength of schedule. However when Northern Illinois University put together four solid quarters against last years National Champion Ohio State earlier in the season. Myself and many others started to become believers in a little conference called the M.A.C.. However as far as the Playoff goes, the M.A.C only has one real contender in Toledo at (6-0).

Important Games

Toledo VS Northern Illinois 11/3

M.A.C Championship 12/4


Toledo over Ohio

Playoff Teams

None. Toledo didn’t schedule strong enough and will most likely be left out.

7. Mountain West Conference

Mountain West FootballIn the Mountain West Conference this year the teams are playing for bowl game positions and the opportunity to win the Mountain West Conference. Competitive teams in the Mountain division are Boise State and Utah State. While in the West division San Diego State and San Jose State are the respective leaders.

Important Games

Utah State VS San Diego State 10/23

Utah State VS New Mexico       11/7

Boise State VS New Mexico      11/4

Conference Championship       12/5


Boise State over San Diego State

Playoff Teams


8. Pacific 12 Conference ( PAC 12)


In a conference that has been so well represented by a steady favorite in the Oregon Ducks. The Pacific 12 Conference has found a new identity. In the pacific south division that team is the undefeated Utah Utes at (6-0). The Utes have gone on to do the unthinkable dethroning Oregon 62-20 and have even defeated the Michigan Wolverines earlier in the season. The Utes Playing as the new Pacific 12 favorite for the playoff will still have competition from the Pacific 12 North who has Stanford and California at (5-1) respectively. Keep an eye out for at least one team to represent the Pacific 12 in the College Football Playoff.

Important Games  

Utah VS Arizona                       11/14

Utah VS U.C.L.A                         11/21

Stanford VS California             11/21

Stanford VS Notre Dame         11/28

Conference Championship      12/5


Utah over Stanford

Playoff Teams

Utah. The Utes will represent the Pacific 12 Conference and finish the regular season at (13-0) before heading to the playoff. The Pacific 12 will only get one team.

9. Southeastern Conference (SEC)


In a conference that has represented more B.C.S National Champions than one can imagine, and each and every week is battle tested. One might say that the Southeastern Conference is a survival league. In a conference that is broken up into a west and east division,no team walks the path of least resistance. In the treacherous west division, playoff tested L.S.U is the lone undefeated team sitting at (6-0) after close calls against both Mississippi state and Florida. In which the Florida gators sit atop the east division controlling their destiny over the (5-2) Georgia Bulldogs. Contenders in the west include both Alabama and Texas A@M each respectively with only one loss behind the undefeated L.S.U tigers leading for a tight race down the stretch.

Important Games

Florida VS Georgia               10/31

L.S.U VS Alabama                 11/7

L.S.U VS Ole Miss                  11/21

L.S.U VS Texas A@M            11/28

Florida VS Florida State      11/28

Conference Championship 12/5


Alabama over Florida

Playoff Teams

Up to the N.C.A.A Committee! If Alabama beats L.S.U on November 7th than every team in the S.E.C would have at least one loss before the S.E.C Championship. Meaning that the outright champion would be a one loss team and would have to rely on the committee to pick them over other undefeated teams. Creating the controversy of possibly leaving the S.E.C out of the College Football Playoff in 2015.

10. Sunbelt Conference

Sunbelt Conference 2014

Rounding out the last of the major F.B.S football conferences may be the most geographically diverse conference of them all in the Sun Belt Conference. Now although the Sun Belt in 2015 doesn’t seem to have any real threat for the 2015 College Football Playoff. It is important to mention that F.C.S powerhouses Georgia Southern and Appalachian State have made some healthy strides in transitioning to the F.B.S and are now contending for a conference championship in the Sun Belt both sitting at (5-1) respectively. Don’t expect much push from any other conference foes besides Arkansas State who sits at (4-3) but is also undefeated in conference. Its Important to note that this Conference doesn’t have a conference championship. So the overall season winner is the outright champion.

Important Games  

Georgia Southern VS Appalachian State 10/22

Appalachian State VS Arkansas State      11/5


Appalachian State wins their first Sunbelt Championship

Playoff Teams

None. This Conference is a couple steps away from the College Football Playoff.

11. F.B.S Independents

independent-teamsFinally last, but not least what would college football be without the independents. The history of college football lives within the Independents and who better represents the Independents than the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Out of all the Independents Notre Dame stands the only chance at making the playoff this year and at a very respectable record of (6-1) with their only loss coming to Clemson. Don’t expect Notre Dame to make the Playoff just yet. However don’t count them out as their strength of Schedule is always the best in the land.

Important Games

Notre Dame VS Temple       10/31

Notre Dame VS Pittsburgh  11/7

Notre Dame VS Stanford     11/28

Playoff Teams

None at the moment. Notre Dame will need some help from the N.C.A.A committee if they want to play in the College Football Playoff.

The Final Four. Who’s In?

The moment has arrived and I surely have angered multiple fans who have not given up reading this far into my blog. However just as difficult as deciding who is deserving of the chance at the national championship trophy. One must learn to live and die by their decisions. In no particular order below I have listed the four teams I believe who will make the College Football playoff in 2015.

  1. Michigan StateRepresenting the Big Ten Conference and Led by Senior Quarterback Connor Cook. I look forward to watching the Michigan State Spartans battle it out in the College Football Playoff. Michigan State’s never die mentality this year will carry them far and just might help them hoist the national championship trophy!
  2.  T.C.U FootballRepresenting the Big 12 Conference and Led by Senior Quarterback Trevone Boykin the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs relentless offense will push them to the 2015 College Football semi-finals and possibly beyond. I look forward to see what T.C.U can do and ask myself if this is the year of the Horned Frog?
  3. Clemson vs. Furman football game.Representing the Atlantic Coast Conference and led by Sophomore Quarterback Deshaun Watson. It is expected the fast paced Clemson Tigers could potentially push their way to the top and take home the National Championship trophy.
  4. Utah Utes FootballLast, but not least representing the Pacific 12 Conference and led by Senior Quarterback Travis Wilson the high power Utah Utes, will look to attain a National Championship with balance on offense and defense.


If the end of the college football season in 2015 is as unpredictable as the beginning has been. Predicting the final four playoff teams can never be a certainty. As previous seasons have shown predictions can be blown by the wayside with just a single snap. Going forward happy football season to all and may the odds be ever in your teams favor.

Best regards,

-Connor Campbell

Connor Campbell is a Senior at the University of Montana graduating in Fall 2015 with a degree in Business Administration.





Big Sky Conference: Top 10 Male Athletes in Last 12 Years


Jared Allen and Damian Lillard Square OffImage Credit                                                          Image Credit

The Big Sky Conference has produced some incredible talent over the past 12 years. Take a look and see who made the list! Don’t agree with the list? Let me know in the comments who you think should be on it!

1. DAMIAN LILLARD, Weber State.

Damian LillardImage Credit

Lillard averaged 24.5 points his junior year at Weber, finishing the year as the 2nd leading scorer in the Nation. He was drafted as the 6th overall pick in the 2012 NBA draft, and won the NBA rookie of the year award during the 2012-2013 season. Although his talent in the realm of basketball is highly recognized, he is also quite the talented rapper and lyracist. Lillard created a #4barFriday community on Instagram, where others display their 4bar talent.

2. LOPEZ LOMONG, Northern Arizona.

lopez-usaImage Credit

Lomong ran track at the University of Northern Arizona, winning the NCAA 1500 meter outdoor championship and the 3000 meter indoor championship in 2007. He has gone on to be very successful in track, qualifying for the 2008 Summer Olympics in the 1500 meters. He was also chosen by the team to be the USA flag bearer for the 2008 Olympics.

3. JARED ALLEN, Idaho State.

Jared Allen with the VikingsImage Credit

Allen was a complete stud for Idaho State, winning the Buck Buchanan Award in 2003. He became an incredible player in the NFL as well, where he was drafting by the Kansas City Chiefs in the 4th round of the 2004 NFL draft. A 5 time Pro Bowl and 4 time All-Pro selection with a career total of 133.5 sacks, Allen has done quite well for himself, spending the majority of his career with the Minnesota Vikings.

4. MARC MARIANI, University of Montana.

Marc Mariani with the BearsImage Credit

Mariani was a walk on with the University of Montana in 2005. He now holds University of Montana records in career receiving yards, receiving touchdowns, and career all-purpose yards. Mariani was taken in the 7th round of the 2010 NFL Draft, and in 2011 he was selected to the NFL Pro Bowl as a return specialist. Mariani started his NFL career with the Tennessee Titans, and is now a part of the Chicago Bears Organization.

5. RODNEY STUCKEY, Eastern Washington University.

Rodney StuckeyImage Credit

Stuckey was an incredible basketball player for Eastern Washington, being ranked 7th in the Nation in scoring during his sophomore season with 24.6 points per game. He was drafted 15th overall in the 2007 NBA draft by the Detroit Pistons. Stuckey now plays for the Indiana Pacers, scoring over 12 points per game.

6. TRUMAINE JOHNSON, University of Montana.

Trumaine Johnson with the RamsImage Credit

Johnson played cornerback for the University of Montana, and was one of the top NFL prospects for that position. He was drafted 65th overall in the 2012 NBA draft by the St. Louis Rams. He saw significant playing time during the 2013 season, starting 12 of the 16 regular season games. His work ethic is going to take him beyond what anyone else expects.

7. JULIUS THOMAS, Portland State.

Julius Thomas scores a touchdown for DenverImage Credit

Thomas played both football and basketball for Portland State. His talents took him to NFL in 2011, where he was drafted in the 4th round by the Denver Broncos as a Tight End. In 2013 he caught 12 touchdown passes, the most by any Broncos tight end. He matched that number again in 2014.

8. JORDAN TRIPP, University of Montana.

Jordan TrippImage Credit

Tripp was a 3rd generation Montana Grizzly football player, and had an outstanding career at linebacker for the Griz. The Miami dolphins took him in the 5th round of the 2014 NFL draft. He received minimal playing time during his first season. However, in the next few years I predict that more people than just Montanan’s will know who this guy is. He is going to be good.

9. DENARIUS MCGHEE, Montana State University.

 Denarius McGheeImage Credit

McGhee played quarterback for MSU, where he became the winningest quarterback in school history. He is currently signed in the Canadian Football League with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. I am not quite sure where his football talent will take him, but definitely do not count him out of eventually making it to the NFL.



Image Credit

Which Big Sky Athlete do you think should have made the list that didn’t? Comment and let me know his name and University, as we may just put him in!


***Agree or Disagree?  Let me know in the comments, or share your love/hate of this list with your friends on social media!

22 of Missoula’s Best “Big Kid Drinks”…as told by the experienced



When the going gets rough…finish finals and head to the bars! After searching and stressing through extensive amounts of research, slaving away for hours behind a computer screen and textbooks, and bubbling scantrons anxiously in a crammed desk it’s only necessary to treat yourself to a “big kid drink”. So, in honor of all you hard workers, I’ve done my own homework in providing you with the best possible conglomeration of drinks that anyone and everyone (above the legal limit) should try!

I’ve asked some of Missoula’s finest to provide me with the information I need…a drink of choice…and a reason why. Some are classy, some are funny, some are basic, and some are headache-city. But, with no further ado, I give you the saving grace list of beverages!

  • Vegas Bomb – Coconut Rum, Peach Schnapps, Canadian Whiskey, Red Bull

    • “It’s fun, nice tasting, and it’s a variety of flavor. Just like Vegas, you don’t quite know what you are going to get” – Brooke Moody
  • Double Makers Mark…on the rocks – Whiskey

    • “I love the taste, I love the buzz, and it’s a efficient drunk” – Alex Bienemann
    • “Because I like the taste and it fits my budget” – Tyler Ellis
  • Fun Stuff (Mo Club) – Mystery Concoction

    • “It’s really fruity and tastes like a starburst” – Bailey Harper
  • Coldsmoke – Beer

    • “Because hard liquor is rarely a good thing” – Johanna Kohorst
  • Long Island Iced Tea – Triple Sec, Light Rum, Gin, Vodka, Tequila, Coke, Lemon Juice

    • “So many alcohols…” – Ashley Robertson
  • Dirty Girl (Tamarack) – Vodka, Kahlua Coffee Liqueur, Bailey’s Irish Cream, White Creme de Menthe

    • “I don’t know why people consider her dirty, I would call her classy. I know I am after a few…or seven” – Allie Simon
    • “It’s a nice creamy root beer drink that’s tasty but also has a lot of alcohol in it” – Paytyn Wheeler
  • Double Whiskey Coke (Charlie B’s)

    • “Very price effective” – AJ Frisell
  • Hop Skip and Go Naked (Tamarack) – Vodka, Beer, Lemonade

    • “It’s like a fruity mimosa so it fits any occasion!” – Cassandra Flynn
  • Vodka Soda with Lime

    • “Because it isn’t sugary!” – Caitlin Caraway
  • Gin and Tonic with a Lemon

    • “I like gin” – Krystina Thompson
  • Cranberry Vodka

    • “It’s delicious and easy to drink…and I hate shots” – Kayla Gray
  • Crown and 7 – Crown Royal Whiskey, 7Up

    • “Because I have class” – Zacharias Raftopoulos
  • Blow Job – Bailey’s Irish Cream, Amaretto Almond Liqueur

    • “Well I usually just drink beer but I guess I’d have to say a blow job…they are really tasty” – Jake Leininger
  • Irish Trash Can – Gin, Light Rum, Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Blue Curacao Liqueur, Triple Sec, Red Bull

    • “It’s the quickest way to get you drunk off one drink!” – Kaylee Rabson
  • Jager Bomb – Jagermeister, Red Bull

    • “For sure a Jager bomb because they get me super faded and have red bull for stamina” – Dustin Striessguth
  • Washington Apple – Crown Royal, Sour Apple Schnapps, Cranberry Juice, 7Up

    • “Sweet and doesn’t taste like alcohol!” – Laurence Pelchat
  • Caesars – Bloody Mary spin off

    • “It’s like you’re getting a meal with every drink!” – Mckell Bennett
  • Pendleton Whiskey, one ice cube, and a traditional glass

    • “Because of it’s level of quality, you won’t be as hungover the next morning. It’s a drink that says ‘I’m classy as f*#&, and can also kick your a$$ at any card game you choose” – Kelsey Carlson
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch (Iron Horse) – Rum Chata, Fireball

    • “Probably because I like Cinnamon Toast Crunch…and I also like Fireball so it works” – Chloe Torres
  • Purple Drank (Bodega) – UV, Sprite

    • “It’s amazing” – Ty Trucco
  • Tequila

    • “Because it’s always the funnest time” – Sean Fleenor

And there you have it. 22 quality drinks from 23 quality people!

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8 Steps To End Police Brutality In America: Stop The Epidemic



It is with great sadness in my heart that I write this blog post. There is an epidemic happening right in your backyard; police brutality. Police are continuing to shoot first and ask questions later, and it is tearing this country apart. Beyond taking lives, they are not being held responsible for their heinous crimes. Something must be done. Here are 8 steps that the United States can take to bring police brutality to an end. First, here is a video of the last words of 11 people that were killed by police. It will shock you.


Last Words of 11 People Killed by Police

1.) Investigations led by Independent Prosecutors.

Incidences of accused police brutality, not only resulting in death or injury to suspects, should be investigated by an independent prosecutor, because district attorneys rely on the police department in their districts every day for information, evidence and testimony. The police department and the district attorney have to have trust and cooperation between each other. Some district attorneys may not prosecute to their full potential because they are afraid to alienate the police. If an independent prosecutor investigated crimes internal to the police department, then there would be an un-biased investigation that would result in more incidences of charges of police brutality being brought to trial.

2.) Defunding of Police Departments by the Federal Government.

The Federal Government could defund police departments that are in violation of good practices. This would not completely take away the funding for the police department, as they receive funding from other places. This would not be a permanent solution; it would be temporary until they complied with fair practice. There needs to be a consequence for departments that do not follow the rules and incentives, other than just being humane, to be a fair police department.

3.) End to the “Broken Window” Policy.

Localized only to New York City, there should be an end to the “Broken Window” policy. This is a policy that states that every small crime is treated as an entry level crime to bigger crime. This means that anyone doing something as petty as jumping the subway turnstile can then be arrested for a misdemeanor crime as if they were committing a more serious crime. Strictly enforcing minor violations does not deter more serious crime but simply harasses and antagonizes residents of high-crime neighborhoods.

4.) End to the “Stop and Frisk” Policy.

End the “Stop and Frisk” policy in New York City. This policy allows the police to stop and frisk anybody in New York City that they feel should be stopped, not because they are breaking the law. The “Stop and Frisk” policy creates racial profiling, suspicion, resentment, a sense of unfairness and stereotyping.

5.) End to the Blue Wall of Silence.

Put an End to the Blue Wall of Silence. This is the thin blue line. Cops do not inform or testify against fellow police officers because there is a culture of sticking together no matter what. Cops feel like they will be violating or turning against their “brothers” if they speak up against injustices. Also, a lot of cops do not speak up against their fellow officers when they see an instance of police brutality on the job. They do not question each other’s actions to put on a united front.

6.) Cut off Supply of Surplus Military Gear to Police Departments.

End the supply of surplus military gear to police departments across the United States. If the government creates a war zone, it will be a war zone. It is using unnecessary force on society for police to advance on protestors as if they were a bunch of terrorists. The people are not the enemy, we are society and the goal of police should be to protect citizens, not suppress them into submission. This only increases the mentality of brutality.

7.) Tolerate Peaceful Protests.

Tolerate protestors without using beanbags, tear gas, rubber bullets and dispersal as the first resort. Citizens have the constitutional right to protest, express themselves and peacefully assemble without being dispersed. It is not the police officer’s job to clear the sidewalk of people gathering peacefully. These forceful tactics cannot be a first response but should only be used when the protest gets violent and out of control.

8.) Create an Open Dialogue Between Police Officers and the Community.

There should be an open dialogue between police officers and the community that they are serving. Police officers should be able to tell the community the struggles that they face and what they need from the public to perform their job better. At the same time the community needs to be able to tell their local police department the concerns and issues that they face.

Police departments all over the country should have retraining on how to deal with aspects that have lead to unnecessary violence, injury and death. They cannot continue to shoot first and ask questions later. This would help them have a new approach and it would send a message to the community that they are trying to change their tactics. I do not want to generalize all police officers and assume that they are all on a power trip, but we have a serious epidemic on our hands that must be stopped. I respect most police officers and have had good experiences with them, but some officers are acting in an unacceptable manner. Police officers are here to protect the community, and I was under the impression that they put their lives on the line for the greater good every day. I was not aware that police officers could shoot down any unarmed civilian and then claim, “I was scared.” This must not be tolerated any longer!!!