Bar Hopping On A Budget: Missoula

College students can’t get enough of the weekends so why not just keep it going all week. There is an affordable way for college students to drink around town and have fun while doing it. Here are a few of the many great deals the bars have in Missoula that continue to drag students out each night.

Now tell me this, can you pass up on any of these deals?


If I happened to miss your favorite special around town, leave a comment to share it with everyone else. We would all love to know!

Where are you drinking tonight?

~Posted by Lindsey Dahl a senior graduating in the spring of 2016 with a major in marketing and a minor in math.

How to Play True American

1…2…3…JFK FDR!

New Girl fans know this means someone is about to embark on a quest to play the bewildering, intricate game that is True American. The characters play it on the show multiple times but never divulge the rules and even the most avid watcher would have a tough time deciphering what they are. There are a multitude of guides online but their misguided attempts always end in disjointed drunkenness (in a bad way). Lucky for you I’ve found the definitive guide so read on if you want your game of True American to end in disjointed drunkenness (in a good way).

What You Need

-1 table

-4 beers per player

-1 bottle of liquor

-1 Funky playlist with a disproportionate amount of the Black Eyed Peas

-Furniture you can stand on


Arrange your furniture in a circle with at least ten spaces (each cushion counts as one). Place the table with everyone’s drinks on it in the center of the circle. Once the game begins the floor turns into lava and contestants are no longer able to step there without incurring a penalty of one shot.

How to Start

Every game of True American begins with the national anthem. Players stand at attention and the first person to laugh or talk must take one shot. After everyone has paid their respects to this great country, players gather in a circle for shot tip off. During shot tip off each person places one finger gun at their side, raising it on the count of three and aiming at whoever they want to drink. The person with the most guns pointed towards them takes a shot. Repeat 5 times (or as many as needed depending on your tolerance).

How to Play

After shot tip off each player grabs one drink and jumps to a space. The floor has officially turned to lava and it is mandatory to be holding a drink at all times for the remainder of the game. On their turn, player’s rotate asking questions to the group and the first person to answer correctly moves forward a spot. Here are the three types of questions:

1. You may ask a trivia question in any of the following categories; Disney, Lord of the Rings, New Girl, or American History. The first player to answer correctly moves forward.

2. Start a famous quote (historical or pop culture) or sing a few song lyrics. The first person to correctly finish the lines moves forward.

3. If you can’t think of anything else just shout 1…2…3 JFK FDR! Players place a number between 1 & 5 on their forehead and if no one else has your number you move forward.

When it’s their turn each player acts as judge and the final call on who answered first is up to them. In the event of a tie those contestants must play rock, paper, scissors shot to decide the winner. They are momentarily allowed to step in the lava in order to follow procedure. The two participants stand back to back, take five paces, and then play. The winner moves forward a spot, the loser takes a shot. Either player in the tie may relinquish the spot to the other if they are unwilling or unable to play rock, paper, scissors, shot.

How to Win

Once a player drinks all four beers and completes the entire circle, landing on their original spot, they must take one final shot to win. Pace yourself. Remember that you must finish all four beers BEFORE arriving at your original spot. If a player reaches their original spot without having finished their drinks they must take a shot and move backwards two spaces.

Bathroom Rules

If a contestant needs to use the restroom during the game they may step in the lava to do so but only after answering a riddle decided upon by the rest of the group. Conversely players may also take off either their shirt or pants for the remainder of the game.


As you can probably tell True American includes a fair amount of drinking. Tailor the rules to your tolerance so you don’t end up with broken, vomit covered furniture. Every so often one player will encounter a stretch of bad luck and have to take more shots than they can handle. If this is the case any contestant can “volunteer as tribute” and take the shot instead. Placing three fingers to your lips and humming the mockingjay tune is encouraged but not required.


One of the most important aspects of True American is that it is a democracy. Any rule can be added, changed, or thrown out if a majority of the group wishes. If you would like to change a rule simply wait until your turn then make a motion to do so. This allows you to personalize each game for your audience. It’s also where some of the zanier rules you see in the show are created.


I did not create this guide. Like so many immigrants before me, I was lost and alone in my quest for the rules to True American. The founding fathers Michael Melugin, Sam Waldorf, and Andy Mikkola took me in with open arms and introduced me to their version of the game. As you’ve probably noticed there are elements from the show that are missing. This is on purpose. I’ve provided the structure that will get you started (and drunk) but it’s up to you to personalize your game. Remember the democratic process and implement new, crazy rules that are unique to your audience. Have fun and play responsibly 😉


By Joshua Harper

7 Bucket List Items for UM Students

There’s more to college than lectures, homework, and simple house parties. Especially when it comes to Missoula. There is so much to offer in the town and the surrounding area that you just need to know where to look. Well, here’s a start:

Float the Clark Fork

Grab a tube, a 6 pack, your friends, and hit the river. Sitting on the Clark Fork, sipping on a cold Summer Honey, and just relaxing with your friends is one of the best ways to spend a summer day. Hell, you may even make some new friends on the journey down the river! One piece of advice I would offer: don’t forget the sunscreen or the float will be a red and painful memory!

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 9.02.20 PM


Spontaneous Road Trip

If it’s just a day trip up to Flathead Lake, driving to Coeur d’Alene to go to Silverwood, playing a road of golf in Ronan, or whatever floats your boat, make some memories. I can honestly say some of the best times I have had in college are when my friends and I just hopped in the car and started driving. Ending up at the Raven Bar and swing dancing after a few beers is a memory I will never forget. So get your friends, get in your car and go!



Missoula Brewfest

Choose one or two or three or all of them! You don’t have a chance to sample some of the best beers Montana has to offer in one spot. I mean where else can you sample Bayern, KettleHouse, Lewis & Clark, Great Northern Brewery, and so many more for $20?



Themed Party

While this is not just a UM thing obviously, it is still a necessity. Throw a Christmas Party where everyone wears their Christmas best, a Tight and Bright Party, or a Beer Olympics and have everyone wear the attire of the country of their choice (A kilt with Ireland is a must). Where else are you going to see people sitting on Santas lap taking a shot of peppermint schnapps with a chocolate syrup chaser?



Hike Blue Mountain

Playing a round of folf or not, the view is truly amazing. No matter the season it is always guaranteed to be a hike you will want to do again and again. Hitting the trails with your friends is one of the best ways to get a breathtaking view of Missoula.



Downtown pub crawl

Missoula has such a wide variety of bars that experiencing them all (or most) in one night should be done before your college career is done. If you get the chance, try the Craft Beer Cup. A mini putt/pub crawl through downtown Missoula. Experience some of Montanas best beers while playing a round with your friends!



Griz Cat at Washington Grizzly Stadium

The Brawl of the Wild, winner takes home The Great Divide Trophy for at least one more year. If you don’t spend at least one game in the student section in Washington Grizzly Stadium you are missing out on greatness. From Monte and Mo, to the fans doing a MONTANA…GRIZZLIES chant back and forth, to the mighty North End Zone, it is possibly the biggest event in Montana. Don’t miss out!



While there are so many different and exciting events in Missoula that a true bucket list could reach triple digits, these are a few that I believe every college student should experience before they graduate and head out into the real world. So get going, college goes faster than you think!

A Guide To March Madness Bracketology!!

Every year, in March, when the college basketball brackets are released, there are people all over the country analyzing teams and players, trying to fill out the perfect bracket. There is no record that a person has ever filled out a perfect bracket. There is no sure fire method to the madness, but here is a guide that can help you make intelligent decisions when it comes time to fill out your bracket.

1st Round

           (Technically it is the 2nd Round, but for clarity we will be referring to it as the 1st Round since it is the 1st Round in the bracket)

1 Seed vs. 16 Seed

A 16 seed has never beaten a 1 seed in the history of the NCAA Division One Basketball Tournament. This is not a bet that you will want to make, take every 1 seed to the 2nd round. A 1 seed makes it into the sweet sixteen 88% of the time and the elite eight 71% of the time.

2 Seed vs. 15 Seed

A 15 seed has beaten a 2 seed seven times in history. This rarity is a possibility and has happened three times in the past three years. In 2012, Norfolk State beat Missouri and Lehigh beat Duke, then in 2013 Florida Gulf Coast beat Georgetown en route to the sweet sixteen being the only team to ever be in the sweet sixteen as a 15 seed. It is still a huge gamble and probably shouldn’t be done unless you have some very strong evidence that it is a possibility.

3 Seed vs. 14 Seed

Only eighteen times in history has a 14 seed beaten a 3 seed. If you are trying to win your bracket pool this risk might not pay off unless there is a strong contender against a team that has possibly been overrated. Just recently, in 2014, Mercer beat Duke and in 2013 Harvard beat New Mexico. If you pick all of the 1, 2, and 3 seeds to advance to the next round your bracket will be looking pretty good!

4 Seed vs. 13 Seed

A 13 seed has beaten the 4 seed twenty-five times in the history of the NCAA Division One Basketball Tournament. In the last ten years there have been nine, 13seeds that have beaten the 4 seed, so keep this in mind if you are looking to pick a 1st round upset. However, since there are four 1st round games, where a 4 seed plays the 13 seed, the challenge is figuring out which game is it going to happen in, if it happens at all. In 2014 not one 13 seed beat a 4 seed, although in 2013 LaSalle defeated Kansas State in a stunning upset.

5 Seed vs. 12 Seed

Now this is where the madness happens folks. There have been forty-two times that a 5 seed has beaten a 12 seed. Since the year 2000 at least one 12 seed has beaten a 5 seed every year except for in 2007. Unbelievably in 2013 and 2014, three of the four 12 seeds advanced to the 2nd round. This definitely seems like a gamble that could pay off. It is almost a guarantee that at least one 12 seed will advance and this is where watching a lot of College ball pays off. The last three years have been particularly impressive with 12 seeds posting an 8-4 record. SFA moved on to the 2nd round last year as a 12 seed and is once again a 12 seed this year. They might be a team worth taking to the 2nd round. Notably, Montana beat Nevada to advance in 2006.

6 Seed vs. 11 Seed

Surprisingly only forty-one 11 seeds have beaten a 6 seed, which is one less than the 12 seeds that have beaten 5 seeds. In the last ten years at least one 11 seed has advanced to the next round every year. Most recently in 2014, Dayton beat Ohio State and Tennessee beat UMASS.

7 Seed vs. 10 Seed

The 10 seed has beaten a 7 seed fifty-seven times in history, which is about 40% of the time. It is a bit of a toss up on whether to pick the 10 seed or the 7 seed. It is best, in this situation, to not base your pick on rankings but to instead pay attention to who you think has been a strong contender through out the regular season.

8 Seed vs. 9 Seed

You will be hard pressed to find a harder decision while filling out your bracket than whether to pick the 8 or the 9 seed to advance. An 8 seed beats the 9 seed 52% of the time. Even though the 8 seed seems to have a slight advantage, this match up is virtually a toss up. You should base your picks on is a team has had a really hot player or finished their season really strong. Rankings seem to have little to no predictability when it comes to the 8 and 9 seed.

Additional Facts That May Help You

Like I stated earlier, a 1 seed makes the sweet sixteen 88% of the time, 2 seeds make the sweet sixteen 68% of the time, 3 seeds make the sweet sixteen 60% of the time and the 4 seeds make the sweet sixteen 58% of the time.

The last five times that Georgetown has been in the tournament, they have lost to a team ranked at least five spots worse than they were. So they could be one team to choose for an upset against Eastern Washington.

Although all of the 1 seeds are a heavy favorite, there has only been one year in history, 2008, that all of the 1 seeds made the final four. Only six times in history has the championship game featured two 1 seeds. Only three times in history, most recently in 2011, has a final four not featured a 1 seed.

Among active coaches in the NCAA tournament this year, Duke’s coach Mike Krzyzewski has won 4 championships, followed by Louisville’s coach Rick Patino and North Carolina’s coach Roy Williams and they have both won two. Other active coaches in the tournament that have won a championship include SMU’s Larry Brown, Kentucky’s John Calipari, Michigan State’s Tom Izzo and Kansas’s Bill Self.

A 1 seed has won the championship five of the last six years. A 2 seed has not won a National Championship since 2004.

A 5 seed has never won a National Championship. Only four times in history has the winner of the National Championship been worse than a 4 seed, in 2014 Connecticut as a 7 seed, in 1988 Kansas as a 6 seed, in 1985 Villanova as a 8 seed and in 1983 North Carolina State as a 6 seed.

A 12 seed or worse has never made the final four and has only once made the elite eight, which happened when 12 seed Missouri made it in 2002.

Of the teams in this years NCAA tournament, nineteen of the sixty-eight teams have won a National Championship in their school history. UCLA has won eleven championships, Kentucky has won eight and North Carolina and Indiana have both won five National Championships.

Although Kentucky is a heavy favorite, only three times in the last twenty years has the topped ranked team in the country won it all. However the last time it happened was in 2012 and Kentucky was ranked #1 and won the tournament, so there is a good chance that they will do it again this year.

What follows is a link to where you can go to print off a bracket. There are so many outlets out there where you can enter into bracket pools that you should have ample opportunity to have some fun this march madness season. I hope this breakdown of odds will help you when making your predictions. Good Luck!!

Heavy Printable Bracket