Dog and Cat: A Love Story

Grady Matter

I created a joke story of my two pets using videos I’ve compiled since having them this summer.


Ceci Scare Cam Compilation

By: Karissa Kuchtyn

This is my friend Ceci, she gets scared quite easily. A few years ago when my friends and I found this out, we started capturing a lot of these reactions on our snapchats and posting them to our story where they are known as “Ceci Scare Cam”. People always seem to laugh at them and her overtop reactions. Here is a compilation of a few favorite’s.

Living with Roommates: How to Effectively Wash Dishes

Going to college, or just leaving your parents house you will probably live with roommates at some point. One of the biggest things that ruins a friendship with your roommate is washing the dishes. People just don’t see eye to eye about when and or how to wash the dishes. The video below shows the absolutely most effective way to wash dishes, and will stop a lot of passive aggressive arguments.

This video is just a joke, please don’t be the roommate that never washes their dishes!