Top five Halloween costume personalities: which one are you?

Below are five different costume personalities that may or may not fit you or your friends. Read through the descriptions and comment which personality best fits you!

(I am a Last Minute Shopper!)

Personality #1: Most Minimal Costume PossibleImage result for halloween costume men

This person is normally above average on the scale of attractiveness and knows it, they want to wear the most skin revealing thing in the room in order to show off their body. Someone that wears a minimal costume almost always has two different costumes each year; one for school or work and one for their Halloween party or night oImage result for halloween costumes 2016 womenut on the town. They are almost never afraid to spend as much money as needed each year for the best costume possible.


Examples: Playboy Bunny, sexy version of ANY costume.



Personality #2: Total Transformation

The total transformation is the person that spends hundreds of dollars on costume material from facial/body makeup to even extravagant wigs. The
extreme version of the total Image result for heidi klum halloweentransformation person
would end up buying a complete
costume from head to toe that is made of high class material. The way to know if Image result for halloween costumesomeone meets the requirements for this personality is that at first glance you will not recognize them.

Examples: Iron Man, Jack Skeleton, the Joker.


Personality #3: Super, Super Fan

A super, super fan is a person that dresses up as their favorite character of either a show, book, or movie. The person normally knows not only who and what the Image result for comic con costumescharacter is, but they also know everything there is to know about the character’s personality, history, and world. They are extremely likely to get offended and correct you if you get Image result for comic con costumessomething wrong about the character or anything regarding the character’s world.


Examples: Star Wars characters, Harry Potter characters.

Personality #4: Costume with the Least Effort

If someone has a costume with the least effort it means that they normally have
something taped onto their clothing or they grabbed something out of their Image result for Halloween costumes least effortcloset. These are the people that decided at the last second they should probably dress up but didn’t even wantImage result for Halloween costumes least effort to go to the store to buy something official.

These can include people that go dressed up as themselves or even some one that tapes Smarties to their pants and refers to themselves as a “Smarty Pants.”


Personality #5: Last Minute Shopper

The last minute shopper is the costume person that normally needs to dress up for work, school, or a party with little to no time or money to run to the store for
Image result for Halloween costumes crappy a decent costume. This person ends up grabbing whatever they can off of the shelf from the costume store. This person is to not be confused with the “Costume with the Least Effort” as the last minute Image result for Halloween costumes crappyshopper at least puts in enough effort to go to the store for a costume.



Examples: witches, doctor coat, pirate.


Thanks for reading, hopefully a description fits your personality and if you didn’t like your description then just think; “what personality do I want to have this Halloween?”

The 7 Most Haunted Places in Montana That You Can Visit!!

Have you ever wanted to spend the evening fighting off ghosts and ghouls in Montana? Here is a comprehensive list of the most frightening and haunted places that you can visit…..if you dare!!

1. Garnett Ghost Town


This old mining town was home to more than 1,000 people, mainly gold miners and their families, in 1895. The town consisted of homes, stores, hotels and 13 bars. A fire in 1912 destroyed most of the businesses and only 150 people stayed and continued to live in Garnett Ghost Town. In 1947 the town was officially considered abandoned. In the 1970’s the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) decided to have someone stay year round because buildings were burning down. Since then there have been reports of a pianos playing quietly, men’s voices echoing, transparent figures walking the streets, fresh footprints in the snow leading into houses but never exiting and also the ghost of a women that was allegedly executed for murder. If you are feeling adventurous in the winter you may rent one of two historic cabins built in the 1930’s from the BLM.

2. Chico Hot Springs


Chico Hot Springs opened as a health-care resort in 1900 and was owned and operated by Bill and Percie Knowles. After the Great Depression Percie’s health began to decline and she spent most of her time in room 349 sitting in a rocking chair and looking out the window. In 1936 she was committed to Warm Springs State Hospital and soon passed away. There have been many reports from guests and employees of sightings of Percie. She has been seen as a hazy apparition in a period dress floating down the third floor hallway or in the dining room. There have also been reports of a strong smell of perfume and the rocking chair rocking even though no one is sitting in it. You can rent a room and relax all weekend and maybe even see a ghost!


3. Deer Lodge Prison

deer lodge

The old Deer Lodge Prison was built in 1871 and was a response to reign in the outlaws of the Wild West. This Prison was used until 1979 and was then converted into a museum that also leads tours. Visitors and staff members have complained of seeing flying objects, unexplained shadows, whispers and footsteps, feelings of dread and sadness, the smell of burning flesh and even the sensation of being choked. One particular cell in the hole is reported to be very cold and has a foul odor with an evil threatening presence. When people have tried to leave the hole by walking up the stairs they have said to experience a pushing back feeling, hindering them from leaving.

4. Canyon Ferry Mansion, Townsend

canyon ferry mansion

Wealthy railroad contractor and cattleman A.B. Cook built this 12,750 square foot mansion in 1914. In 1970 there was a brutal murder here when an intruder killed Franklin Hervey Cook, A.B’s stepson. The mansion was bought by owners Sandy and Steve Rose who turned it into a bed and breakfast. The mansion is said to have seven spirits and a poltergeist haunting the property and there have been many sightings. Some sightings include a man said to be Hervey Cook, a lady in the garden, a teenager crying on the stairs and old cars turning down the driveway and then disappearing. There have also been reports of a piano playing in the background even though there is no piano on the property, cold spots, items being unexplainably moved and the aroma of cigars.

5. Elks Lodge, Miles City

elks lodge

Elks Lodge #537 was built in 1914 and has a meeting room, clubroom, bar, ballroom and rooms for guests. During prohibition the Elk’s Lodge was a place where people could go for drinks and entertainment. According to legend there was a suicide committed there in 1936 and it is said that Bonnie and Clyde sat one-night playing cards. There have been numerous incidents reported including the ghost of a man donning a green jacket; a female ghost wearing a long dress has been seen gliding across rooms as well as unexplained footsteps and dark shadows.

6. Boulder Hot Springs Inn


In 1863 James Riley built a tavern and bathhouse for miners to use and has since been through many renovations. The Inn is now used as a conference center and is alcohol and tobacco free. There is evidence that suggests that a mining executive murdered a prostitute and she now haunts the halls. There has been the unexplained odor of perfume, footsteps in empty hallways, cold temperatures, strong energy and a woman in a white gown has been seen in numerous windows. The legend has grown so epic that people have even named the ghost, Simone, and you can even stay in her sweet, if you dare.

7. The University of Montana

                                                          Brantley Hall

Brantly Hall

Brantley Hall was built in 1922 as a dormitory and since the mid 1980’s has been used as an administrative office building. According to legend, a female student that killed her self in 1929 haunts the building. Countless incidences have been reported including, doors slamming, loud clapping, an eerie “sense of presence,” a female voice calling when the building was dark and locked, and woman’s feet underneath the bathroom partition when nobody was in the stall.


                    Rankin hall

Rankin Hall

Jeanette Rankin hall was first erected in 1908 but it wasn’t until numerous transformations that it was named after Jeanette Rankin in 1983. It is said that an entire ghostly lecture class gathers and restlessly shuffles around. There have also been reports of the sound of chairs moving around coming from the second floor and windows opening after custodians have shut them.


Top 25 Best Comedy Horror Movies Ever!

Here’s a brand new list of the top 25 best comedy horror movies ever made! If you love horror films, cult classics and gross comedies, you will fall into disgusting love with these films.

We’ll start with number 25 and move towards number 1. It’s more suspenseful that way…. Muahahaha!

#25 Zombeavers (2014)


I thought it only right to begin this post with the most recent comedy horror on the list. Zombeavers is a film with a ridiculous, scary, sexy basis! College kids attacked by killer zombie beavers. Awesome! Enough said, moving on.

#24 Fido (2006)


After the dead of the world are transformed into zombies because of space radiation, the Zomcon Corporation devises a domestication collar to neutralize and control the zombies. Timmy’s parents don’t like the idea, but get him a brand new zombie for a pet, which he names Fido. A boy and his zombie, its an age old story!

#23 Seed of Chucky (2004)

Seed of Chucky

Child’s play was one terrifying flick! But Chucky returns with a sense of humor in this third comedy horror of the franchise. Chuck and Tiff, his wife (I know it’s weird, but bear with me), are resurrected by their son, Glen, when he discovers that they are to star as dummies in a Hollywood movie. Chucky and Tiff are less than thrilled that their son lacks the murderous tendencies that they wanted so badly for him and hilarity ensues. No, really!

#22 The Monster Squad (1987)

The Monster Squad

Dracula is collecting monsters to help him take over the world. Who can stop him? A group of pre-teen loser, monster fanatics and a kid-sister of course!

#21 Piranha 3D (2010)

Piranha 3D

This remake is campier and scarier than the original! An earthquake releases an overly aggressive, school of piranha during spring break. Scientists discover that they came from an underground prehistoric lake filled with piranha eggs. But wait, if these are baby piranha…where are the parents?

#20 Re-Animator (1985)


The cat came back! When attending medical school make certain that your new roommate isn’t some sort of evil-Dr. Frankenstein-ish scientist. And at all costs, don’t let him involve you and your girlfriend in his experiments of bringing the dead back to life! This movie is as good as it gets for B comedy horror movies!

#19 Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

My worst nightmare! Killer aliens who look like clowns capturing and murdering residents of a small town. They just look like happy clowns with happy clown weapons. Chilling and funny, I think. Nope, just chilling!

#18 Ghostbusters (1984)


“Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!” Three paranormal scientists start a ghost-extraction business in New York City. Just in time to save the Big Apple from a terrifying evil-spirit emerging from another dimension! The cast will have you laughing and crying ectoplasm…Gross!

#17 The Lost Boys (1987)

The Lost Boys

Don’t tell Mom, but I think her boss is the head vampire! Can two brothers stop the town vampire clan from turning everyone they love into bloodthirsty vamps? They can sure try! Joined by another pair of brothers, the four teens battle evil to save the town. Oh, and Grandpa helps too!

#16 Hatchet II (2010)

Hatchet II

After singly escaping the disfigured, mammoth of a killer Victor Crowley, Marybeth returns with an army of gunmen to end his reign of the bayou. I don’t think they brought enough guns for this maniac killing spree! This comedy horror movie is smart, bloody, and laughable.

#15 House (1986)


The ultimate 80’s B-rated comedy horror movie! An ex-Vietnam vet/author returns to his childhood home after his aunt’s passing and begins a horrifically cheesy journey to defeat the other-worldly forces residing in the house before they kill him. Gruesome (yet not at all scary) monsters and self-animating garden tools are sure to make you laugh! As a bonus, George Wendt (Norm from Cheers) is the less than helpful, but hilarious neighbor. Available on Netflix all month!

#14 Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (2010)

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Tucker just bought himself his very first vacation home and these pesky college kids just keep killing themselves on his property! Really! Tucker and Dale are well-meaning backwoods dudes who are paying the price for saving the life of a young woman named Allison in this hilarious comedy horror self-slasher film!

#13 Dead Snow (2009)

Dead Snow

Believe me, the subtitles are worth it! Med students vacationing in the woods are picked off one by one by…wait for it…Nazi Zombies! That mysterious old man tried to warn you, but you just didn’t listen!

#12 Dead Alive (1993)

Dead Alive

“Your mother ate my dog!” An evil mother of a young man tries to sabotage her son’s relationship and is bitten by a creepy monkey creature that kills her and turns her into a zombie. She then goes on a rampage consuming pets and people alike! This gory comedy is a spoof of a 1950’s film “Braindead” and far exceeds the enjoy ability of its predecessor.

#11  Idle Hands (1999)

Idle Hands

An adorable teen stoner’s hand begins to have murder on its mind. Even after hacking off the affected limb, Anton Tobias (played by Devon Sawa) needs the help of his two murdered best friends (who have come back to life as helpful zombies of course!) and a sexy high priestess to save the soul of his pretty new girlfriend (Jessica Alba) from the terror of his own hand!

#10 Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn (1987)

Evil Dead 2

This Evil Dead installment only underperforms its younger brother, Army of Darkness, on this list because of its focus being more on the gruesome horror as opposed to purely goofy comedy. But never fear there is plenty of comedy here! Ash Williams, played by Bruce Campbell, fights off onslaughts of manic demons in a cabin in the most ridiculous fashion ever! Will he make it to morning light? A must see for comedy horror lovers!

#9 Zombieland (2009)


Bill Murray is a zombie! Not really! A young fearful student creates successful rules on how to survive the zombie apocalypse but after meeting a gun-crazed stranger who just wants to find the last remaining Twinkie on earth and two cute but deadly sisters, he has to change his plans.

#8 Black Sheep (2006)

Black Sheep

Not the Chris Farley movie! Genetically mutated sheep feasting on the residents of a quiet New Zealand town… Sounds like comedy-horror gold to me! Their cold, lifeless stares and bloodthirsty baa-s make these sheep your worst nightmare!

#7 The Night of the Creeps (1986)

Night of the Creeps

Alien brain parasites infected my prom date! Oh no! This film has amassed an impressive cult following that has endured over 20 years! The film combines horror genres, including zombies and aliens, and transforms them into a comedic killer film to span the ages.

#6 Club Dread (2004)

Club Dread

A little-known flick in the genre of comedy horror movies from the Broken Lizard guys (creators of Super Troopers), this film is a gem! A serial killer begins a rampage through the classy Coconut Pete’s island resort for swingers and the sex-fueled staff is tasked with finding the killer or becoming the next dead beach-body! Club Dread is a fabulous spoof on classic slasher-films.

#5 The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

The Cabin in the Woods

Touch it and die! When young friends discover a trove of mysterious items in the cellar of a creepy cabin…well, you know the story. Or do you!?!? This is one of the best comedy horror movies and carries a surprisingly hilarious twist that will ensure that you never go camping again!

#4 Young Frankenstein (1974)

Young Frankenstein

Don’t you dare mispronounce his name! Young Frankenstein is a parody film about Dr. Victor Frankenstein’s descendant who has spent his whole life denying his heritage, “It’s pronounced Fronkenstien!” Things change after he inherits his grandfather’s castle (along with trusty sidekick Igor and lusty assistant Inga) and begins recreating the experiment himself! The terror of mad scientist meets the electric hilarity of lead actor Gene Wilder and director Mel Brooks to bring Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel back to life!

#3 Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Recently engaged Janet and Brad are no match for the sultry advances of their emergency host, Dr. Frank-N-Furter (Tim Curry), and his sex-crazed-Transylvanian staff. But what are they to do with a broken down car in a storm like this? This cult-classic film will make everyone jump up and do the “Time Warp” again and again. It is even shown live every October all across the country!

#2 Army of Darkness (1992)

Army of Darkness

This series has acquired quite the cult following over the years. Although all three movies are hilarious, this one is my absolute favorite and takes time travel to a whole new level! Ash fights to return to the present after being transported to Medieval times (with his gun and chainsaw of course!) and is tasked with finding the magical book Necronomicon in the land of the undead.

And our #1 of all comedy horror movies ever is….

#1 Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Shaun of the Dead

“You’ve got red on you…” You try dealing with a zombie epidemic, whilst dealing with an idiotic best friend, fighting with your girlfriend, and attempting to reconcile with your mother and her abrasive husband at the same time! Shaun is a 30-something loser just trying to keep everyone alive in the midst of a crisis. Shaun of the Dead is a great movie with a hilarious comedic twist on zombie infestation and  the very best comedy horror film ever!

*All Movie Art credits belong to IMBD