Memes to the Rescue or: 7+ Cat Memes, Funny eCards and Epic Fails to Turn a Sh**ty Day Around.

Let’s face it…life is hard. Some days are great, some are just OK and some days are just plain awful. For whatever reason, there are days during our lives that are harder, more stressful, unbearably sad or completely maddening. But don’t despair, dear readers, for there is hope. We have within our grasp a powerful tool that, in the right hands, can obliterate even the most terrible mood. That tool … is the internet.

Forged in the fires of D.A.R.P.A., the internet is a mysterious land, teeming with the forces of good and evil. I have always believed in the mood-transforming powers of the internet, but cyberspace is vast and filled with countless villains who seem bent on making your bad mood even worse. I have always tried to fight these villains and harness the powers of internet for the forces of good.

In honor of that lofty goal, I’ve taken it upon myself to create one blog post to change those “meh” moments into “yay” moments. One blog post to turn to when the Facebook NewsFeed is bringing you down. One blog post that can shine a light when it seems all other lights have gone out.

Memes can take many forms, but I find that video tends to be the most powerful. So here are just a few funny or inspiring memes and videos culled from many corners of cyberspace collected into one post.

One post…to rule them all.


Humans Are Pretty Great, After All!

It can be easy to get down on your fellow humans, especially if you spend time with them, but this video will definitely remind you that people can be pretty awesome too!

Epic Fails

I have most definitely tripped and fallen in front of large groups of people while checking out my reflection while passing a window.  In the spirit of commiseration, here is a collection of totally epic fails that remind us that we are, in fact, all human.

Cute Puppies

I don’t think cute puppies need much explaining, but in case you need a little bit of inspiration, there is something incredibly rejuvenating about watching little fuzzy balls of cuteness try to figure out a door.

Funny Cat Videos (of course)

I’m pretty sure the internet was invented to facilitate the sharing of cat videos…


I need to see a funny eCard on a daily – sometimes hourly – basis.  Here are a few of my favorites. awesome drinkingecard fbecards my-first-instinct

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Post by Chris Jambor, a senior at University of Montana’s School of Business Administration.

Life Lessons I Learned From My Lesbian Mother

Sexual preference and sexual orientation has become very acceptable in the past decade. The LGBT community in the world is growing exponentially with many countries legalizing the marriage of people to the same sex. There are many influential figures that have relationships with members of the same sex and have gone through transgender transformations. If this was how society was 40 years ago when my mother was growing up, I am not sure if I would be here today. My mother is a lesbian and I am proud, inspired and strengthened because of this fact.

My mother and father got a divorce 17 years ago and my world as a child was turned completely around. Divorces between parents are always difficult for the children in families, but mine was exceptionally emotional. My sisters and I (all younger than 10 years old) were realizing our family was never going to be the same. The next 5 years were filled with tears and denial. Our parents were separated, our father turned into an alcoholic, and our mother became a lesbian.

I have learned many lessons from my mother who is a lesbian and here are the ones that have most impacted my life.

  1. Love Who You Want to Love

Cat Dog


This lesson was taught to me at a very young age because my mother had changed her sexual preference to love a woman instead of a man. This was difficult to understand at first. Now as I look back at it, I realized that she had always been teaching me to love who I want to love. Have no exceptions and don’t hold anything back. Our family history has had many circumstances where women were not allowed, by family, to love the people that they had true feelings for and this has shaped our family history. My great grandmother had my grandmother with a man who was not socially acceptable (due to religious purposes). My grandmother was given up for adoption and was never told that the family that she was living in was not blood related to her. She later found adoption papers and never had the courage to discuss this matter with her family.   This has a large impact on my mother and who she chooses to love. She passed the lesson onto her daughters, that they can love whomever they want t


2. Beauty Comes From Within. Look For Beauty In Everyone


Most parents teach their children “You are beautiful! No matter what!” This is told to children as they are picked on in school, when a person who they have a crush on doesn’t like them back, and when children bully other children because of what they look like. My mother taught me that everyone is beautiful and that beauty comes from within. A few years after my mother had told her children that she was going to become a lesbian she drastically changed the way she had looked, by completely shaving her head. As a child I was shocked and mortified. My mother had always had long, dark brown hair that I remember playing with as a child. Getting used to her not having any hair was not the hardest part. The thing that really threw me out of my comfort zone was my mother showing up to a Christmas concert at my school and telling my classmates that my mother was the bald woman in the audience. Did this mean my mother was no longer beautiful? Of course not! She was my mom and I loved her. She would always be beautiful in my eyes. She taught me to carry this vision of looking past people’s appearance and to see the beauty that everyone has, which comes from within.
3. No Matter How Broken You Are, You Can Always Pick Yourself Back Up


Our family motto is “We glow but do not burn.” As a child I had to deal with many challenges that broke down my spirit. Some childhood problems included but were not limited to alcoholism, drug use, depression, and identity crisis.  My mother would console me in my time of need. She would tell me how strong and beautiful I was and that I had the strength to get through my sadness. I would survive. We are candles in the wind and may dwindle and loose light, but we will never blow out. We will keep glowing and stay lit.  Now she is the one who seems to have forgotten that we have the strength to pick ourselves up. No amount of tragedy, sickness, pain or negativity will be able to stop us. We glow but do not burn.


Thank you Mom, I love you.

Top 10 Montana Wedding Trends of 2015

Are you in need of some inspiration for you rustic-themed wedding? The state of Montana has long been known for its authentic, rustic charm. Through my experience in the Montana wedding industry in the last year, I have identified the top 10 wedding decoration trends of 2015.

1. Chalkboard Signs

          chalkboard sign

These hand-made chalkboard signs add a great element of intimacy with guests. The fact that you went to the trouble of hand writing messages for your guests shows personal investment in the project which creates a sense of closeness. The fact that you can dress up the board with re-purposed photo frames also adds a fabulous, personalizable, rustic design element!

2. Antler Flower Arrangements

Antler Arrangement

Honestly, what’s more rustic than a set of antlers? Grooms love this trend because it adds an element of masculinity into the flower arrangements that are featured in the reception area. And as if that wasn’t great enough, you don’t even need to feel bad about using the antlers of living animals. Antlers are shed annually by the animals that create them, so there’s no harm done!

3. Naked Cakes

Naked Cake

With the exposed cake translating earthy tones (and less calories), a naked cake is a beautiful statement piece in a rustic setting. My personal favorite thing about the naked cake trend is that you can dress it up or down with different fruit based on the color scheme that you choose for your wedding. It’s delicious and diet-friendly!

4. Re-Purposed Bar Signs

Re-Purposed Bar Sign

This trend is a perfect example of a project that will translate beautifully from your wedding day to everyday life. They’re simple to make, and hold a great atmospheric presence in a wedding venue. The best part? It’s also perfect to include in your bar space at home once the wedding is over!

5. Sparklers



Can you imagine a more beautiful send-off once the sun goes down? The soft light that the sparklers give off is very flattering, and stimulates a fun atmosphere. This is a great trend because it is something that everyone involved with the wedding can be a part of, kids and adults alike. They’re safe, interactive, and best of all, CHEAP.

6. Reclaimed Wood Bars

Reclaimed Wood Bars


Want to make a statement that also supports the environment? If so, this is the perfect way to go! Reclaimed wood is a cost effective option that produces the perfect rustic look. The fact that the wood is mis-matched is really charming and does a great job of making the project even easier! This is another element that can be either dressed up or dressed down to match the formality of your wedding venue.

7. Rustic Arbors

Rustic Arbor


With this trend, there is no need to push your budget to rent an arbor for your venue. These arbors are made from discarded branches from trees which are put together to create a really cool and  innovative design for an arbor. Since the charm in this project is imperfection, it’s really low-stress. All you need to do for this is go to your local wooded areas and get to work!


8. Muted Color Scheme

Muted Color Scheme

With the earthy tones and soft design elements that influence every rustic wedding, these muted tones of pink, purple, and blue are a perfect compliment. The colors bring about feelings of many things, some of which include femininity, purity, intimacy, and professionalism.

9. Pops of Deep Red

Deep Red Flowers

As you have read, there has been a movement in the rustic wedding scene to have a muted color scheme. Pairing this with the fact that brides sport pristine, white dresses, a pop of deep red is a perfectly captivating element that makes a statement. Since the connotations connected with a deep shade of red are passion and intimacy, your love for your spouse will be translated beautifully in a feature piece. (This trend can also be used in things like arbors, place cards, and drinks.)

10. Ranch-Style Barns


What kind of Rustic wedding would be complete without a big, beautiful barn to use as either a ceremony spot or reception venue? There has been a huge movement recently to hold rustic weddings at guest ranches that feature renovated barns that have been standing for 100 years, which have been perfectly tailored into a rustic wedding haven. Some Montana guest ranches to check out would be Paws Up,the Z5 Guest Ranch, and the Ranch at Rock Creek.


Well, there you have it! I hope that you not only enjoyed this post, but I hope that it also offered you some help in creating your perfect rustic wedding! Feel free to share this post and the ideas given with your friends! Thanks for reading!


Elizabeth Sicheri is a senior in the business school at the University of Montana. She hopes to complete her degree in the next year with a double major in International Business and Marketing as well as a double minor in Communications and French.