Breaking Out Of Your Comfort Zone By Traveling

A blogpost in what I would recommend EVERYONE to go travel and see other parts of this beautiful world. Learn, get better and grow as a person but most of all; Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone!


Be the One Everyone Wants to Meet


By: Lia Sbisa

It’s no secret the power and benefits that networking has to offer. We’ve been told time and time again…or not, that creating a network of influential and successful people is crucial to one’s success. At a networking event, or just in a venue full of people, we all want to have that golden conversation with the biggest name in the room. It’s only natural to feel that the more people that know them, the more people they know. Your network does not stop with that one person, it extends to all of their networks as well.

As young adults making our way into the working world, and even those already well established in the workforce, it is important to make ourselves noticed and be the differentiator that radiates uniqueness. Be the person that everyone wants to network with at an event or even just at a casual get together.


  • Get Involved


Whether you’re seasoned in your extracurriculars or just starting out, being a part of something other than work or school is a great way to a) network and b) have something to bring to the table in an introductory conversation. The more you do, the more you will relate to a broader audience (not saying overload yourself).


  • You do not have to hold the highest or coolest position.


The status you hold within a company may help your networking reputation, but it does not solely dictate how marketable your other attributes may be. Just as we learn from those top notch professionals, they learn from us. Any influential being is on the lookout for more up and coming influential beings.


  • Take time to learn about your own experiences and learn to talk about them.


If you’re a college student or newly entering the workforce, become an expert on your experiences (internships, jobs, campus news, extracurriculars). Networking with older professionals can be intimidating, but much less tricky if you can relate to an experience even on the most minimum level. If you are more established in the workforce, know a little bit about a lot of things. Nothing is more attractive than being able to hold a thoughtful conversation over something that excites your audience, even if it may not be your cup of tea. This goes for anyone and everyone: READ THE NEWS. However you choose to keep up on current events, just do it, or start doing it if you do not. It is okay to admit that you do not know much about a topic, you become more interesting when you’re interested.


  • Be interested in who you’re talking to.


As previously stated, you become more interesting when you’re interested. Just a rule of thumb (whether you want to admit it or not), everyone loves to talk about themselves. Be able to relate to a few key topics during a conversation (talk about a travel destination that you have in common, ask about the company they work for and how they got to their position). People like you more when they think you like them just as much if not more.


  • Initiate a relationship that grows beyond your initial introduction.


Do not let the relationship end with the end of a conversation. If the conversation allows, briefly share your goals for your near future and give a rough timeline of where you’ll be in the next few months and express your interest in keeping in touch. Find common ground and set up a time to check in if you have established a relationship that will last longer than just one conversation. Grab a business card and follow up the conversation with an e-mail reminding whoever it is that you enjoyed their time and throw in your favorite topic from that conversation. 

Believe that you are worth meeting. Be interested. Involve yourself in things that you enjoy. Make people believe you’re worth meeting.

So You Wanna Be Rich: The Secret Behind Compound Interest

So You Wanna Be Rich: The Secret Behind Compound Interest

As adults, a lot of us have big dreams and aspirations when it comes things such as owning a home, driving a nice car, traveling around the world, etc. The media like to sells these ideas to us, but most of the time we find ourselves saying things such as, “If only my job paid more,” “If only I won the lottery next week,” “There is no way I could ever save enough to afford _____.” While these things would certainly help you achieve what you want, they are not the only solution! Most people, especially teenagers and young adults who are fantasizing about driving a Ferrari or owning a mansion, have a resource that is often undervalued, the resource of TIME. Now you might be thinking to yourself, everyone has TIME, why is time so important? It’s important because it is the factor that drives compound interest, a magical concept that people don’t take advantage of, and often do not understand.

Let’s look at the definition: The addition of interest to the principal sum of a loan or deposit is called compounding. Compound interest is interest on interest. It is the result of reinvesting interest, rather than paying it out, so that interest in the next period is then earned on the principal sum plus previously-accumulated interest.

Looking at that definition, you may be confused, and trust me, you’re not the only one. Let’s look at a easy example:

Say you have $100, and your account earns 10% a year, or simply: $10.

Now after two years, in theory you will have now earned 20%, or simply: $20.

However, you earn interest on the $10 from the first year, and that goes into the second year, so at the end of Year 2, you actually have: $121.

I know what you’re thinking, big deal, I made a whopping $1 extra over two years, which when you compare the simple interest ($120) vs compound interest ($121), is basically nothing. Look back at what you started with though, $100. In the two years, you made an extra 1%. At $100, an extra one percent is only a dollar, but if you have $1m, that extra one percent is ten thousand dollars.

The point of this concept is no matter how much money you start out with, the more you save, the easier building wealth becomes. If you look at the stock market from 1950 to 2016, the average return is about 7% a year. This means for every $100 you invest, you can expect to get about $7 back annually. Some people decide to not invest, and leave their money in a bank account. The average savings account at banks pays about .01%, or roughly ten cents per hundred dollars. This means investing, on average, pays 70x MORE than keeping your money in a bank account.

Still not convinced? Let’s spice this up just a bit more. A lot of investments will pay what’s called a “dividend,” which is basically just a reward that is given to shareholders based on company performance. Most dividends are about 1-3% a year, and are paid monthly, quarterly, or annually. Add this return to your average 7% return, and you could be getting upwards of 10% return on average.

Why is all of this stuff important? Refer back to the beginning where we talked about buying a house, car, traveling, etc. If you have $1m in investments, and your getting a 7-10% return, you can expect to earn between $70-$100k a year, without lifting a finger. Now a million dollars is a lot of money, how could you ever expect to save that much?! You don’t have to, in fact, you don’t even need to save half of that. If you start saving now, and let compound interest do its magic, you’ll see $1m is more achievable than people realize. And if you have TIME, that number could become much bigger…

If you’d like to start investing, companies such as TD Ameritrade, JP Morgan, Vanguard, or Scottrade are great places to start!

compound interest calculator:

3 Companies you need to invest in. (You will never guess #3)

Three companies that have the potential to make you a great return on your stock investment.

1) Amazon (AMZN)    amazon

Thanks to their dominance in the online retail industry, Amazon stock has doubled in 2015. Expect this company to continue this exponential growth as they are breaking into the technology industry with cutting edge electronics featuring the Amazon Echo. Also, Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to grow worldwide helping other companies improve their online presence.

2) Tesla (TSLA)tesla

While Tesla stocks have had some highs and lows lately, this company is on the verge of making astounding achievements in the transportation industry. Electric cars, and even more exciting, self-driving cars are the next big thing. Society’s push to go green and reduce carbon emissions only helps Tesla’s cause. By developing longer lasting batteries, and designing a more affordable vehicle, electric cars are bound to become mainstream.

3) American States Water Company (AWK)    water co

Most people underestimate the value of water stocks. While technology companies have great potential, the demand for water is guaranteed to rise as the global population increases. Some larger cities including San Francisco, Atlanta, and Albuquerque have borderline unsafe tap water. New an improved water treatment sites are in need. The fact is, the world can’t survive without fresh water, and the infrastructure needed to supply this demand is only going to increase.