West Coast is the Best Coast: The Seven Reasons Everyone Wants to Live Here



Since the days of the Oregon Trail the Wild West has always been a symbol of adventure, progress, and opportunity. Sustainability, marriage equality, moves to end the marijuana prohibition, and constant technological innovations are just a few areas where the West pushes the status quo.

Companies like Apple, Microsoft, Nike, Google, YouTube, Ebay, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon and are all great examples of life changing businesses planted in the West. How many 35-year-old (or younger) self-made multi-billionaires can you name from the east coast? Probably not many.

And there’s no end in sight! If you want to see for yourself just stop by one of Cali’s many world-renowned startup and innovation conventions.



We’ve got swag. We just do.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a hipster’s mustache in Portland, some skater’s skinny jeans in LA, or a snowboarder’s thugged-out get-up at any one of our countless amazing resorts. Unlike our eastern counterpart, West Coast culture doesn’t differentiate “cool” style by the price tag. Creativity, unique personality, and resourcefulness are what define us. Just ask Macklemore!

Fact is, so many people here have swag that you can pretty much assume if your from the West Coast, you’re reppin it with style.



For those of you from the eastern part of the country I should probably explain what swag means.

Swag is a shortened version of “swagger” and refers to the steeze with which one carries themselves. Don’t know steeze either? Well you’re just going to have to google that one.

Other terms you’ll hear thrown around are sick, gnarly, dope, ill, hella, bomb, clutch, and dank, just to name a few. Truthfully, if you can make it sound cool no one will judge you for saying it and it very well may catch on.

It’s like a whole new kind of freedom of speech!



You can’t argue with the fact that California is the world’s entertainment epicenter; Hollywood is the home of nearly every large-scale production company. And we don’t stop with movies! Some of the world’s most amazing musicians call the West Coast home. Hendrix, The Doors, The Grateful Dead, The Beach Boys, Snoop, Nirvana, and Tupac all hail from the Left Coast. In fact, our music game is so strong that musicians from all over the world (including the East Coast) come here in search of success.

And you can bet that in the coming years we won’t stop pumping out the classics.




Blue skies and relatively constant sunshine give us beautiful beaches, breathtaking state parks, and happier, healthier people. Even cities like Portland and Seattle that are known for rainy winters have incredible summer weather. The never-ending deep green foliage is just an added bonus!

There’s a reason why many movie stars and celebrities live and work on the west coast. Just think of how many songs are written about California’s beauty alone!



 We’re all about the outdoors. If you’re a surfer we’ve got California and Oregon coast (and Hawaii is also just a short flight away). If snowboarding or skiing is your thing there’s Vail, Telluride, and Aspen CO, Park City UT, Jackson Hole WY, Sun Valley ID, Mammoth CA, Mt. Bachelor OR,  and hundreds of others (yes, literally hundreds)! We have rock-climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, sailing, skateboarding, and the list could go on forever!

Simply put, the West Coast is home of world-class recreation areas for nearly any adventure you could imagine.



 As far back as Lewis and Clark, people have been traveling west to stake their claim. 200 years later after hundreds of thousands of people have settled the area, we’ve still got space. Lots of it!

Even while hosting the countries second most highly populated city, Los Angeles, the West is still associated with mountains, forests, lakes, and parks galore. Some of the effects of this are cleaner air, ease of travel, and cities that are consistently rated as the happiest and healthiest in the country.


While there are many reasons we love it here, these are just a few that make the West Coast the Best Coast. To those of you from the east, you don’t have to just be jealous. Pack up and come on over! People have been doing it for hundreds of years, and these days you don’t even have to worry about cholera or diphtheria.

Just don’t come all at once… we like things the way they are.

Unbelievably Raw And Inspiring

This is my best friend Zach Krueger.

He is a kind, loving and compassionate family man.




He has the ability to light up a whole room with his contagious personality, smile and laughter.

University of Montana

He also loves to play dress up with princesses.

So why am I writing this? I guess you could say its my tribute. My best friend Zach chose to end his life 2 weeks ago. It shocked his masses of friends and family. Zach was a 22 year old student former student of The University Of Montana. He was so gifted and truly a beautiful person from the inside out. It sounded like a terrible joke as the news was broke to me by his roommate and other best friend Jack Gagnon who found him that morning. Especially because I was with both of them earlier that night it was unfathomable.  In 2010 the AFSP stated there was 38,364 suicides reported, making suicide the 10th leading cause of death for Americans. Suicide is complicated, and I have learned it leaves us with many questions unanswered. Often, we never learn exactly why our loved one took their life. But though opening yourself to help, your may find sharing your way through this tragedy we build support systems to help you go on living your life, and could prevent other tragedies.

Sometimes the hardest thing in life is to ask for help. To confess to the people around you the things you may not even want to admit to yourself. We all try to compartmentalize our fears and anxieties in some way or another, positively or negatively to avoid pain or disappointment, I know I do. Its impossible to deal with conflicting values, cognition, emotions, beliefs, etc alone with your one perspective. I mean how could you possibly understand the great symphony of the universe when we are simply one note. The strange thing about our defense mechanisms are they don’t actually help us cope and work through our problems in the long term. That requires open and honest communication. It sounds so simple but with evolving pressures of our society  on our performance, looks, wealth, etc. How can any logical person deal with a world that operates in grey and dark areas everyday. I wanted to share my experience to maybe help others, to encourage people to communicate true feelings to the ones around you, in all your relationships. Because you never know when you may have to receive the news I did. Then realizing truly how special that person was, and hoping you could have done more. Much unhappiness has come into the world because of bewilderment and things left unsaid. Say how you feel, do it often and seek help when the weight of the world drops you to your knees.

He would light up the room with that big goofy smile. Share all he had if he could just stay a while.
It seamed he had no worries and lived in his dreams. But to find out there was a lot of confusion in between.
It hurts me to wonder if I could have done more? A few more talks about life as we cried on floor.
But It couldn’t stop what I believe took him in the end. The doses of venom he drank killed my friend.
So I know at the end of the day he will always be that bright light. That goony laughter and happiness he brought to all our lives. Lived to short but lived it like Peter Pan, and Ill see you one day my brother, in Neverland.
RIP Zach Krueger

Texting and Driving? This Video Will Make You Think Twice…

This video shows just how deadly texting and driving can be.

Originally created for a Future Business Leaders of America competition in the Spring of 2012, three students from Alta High School in Sandy, Utah show the devastating consequences that could happen when you text and drive.

SO before you reach to send that quick text watch…


The video creators Mitchell Calder, Nicholas Carpenter, and Ben Doxey took first in the State of Utah competition with the help of their FBLA advisor, Kim Batey.

Together they proved that texting and driving accidents could happen to anyone.  

Thank you to Mitchell Calder and the rest of Canopy Productions for the video content.

12 Unbelievable Disney Facts

Most of us love Disney from our childhood, growing up watching the movies and experiencing the magic. It’s fun to look back at all of the old memories and think about our favorites, but what I have found most interesting growing up is all of the things we never realized as kids about our favorite movies, parks and characters. Here are some of the unbelievable Disney facts that I think actually make Disney even more epic:

1. Disney was Sued for the Defamation of Hyenas

Photo Credit

After the release of the movie The Lion King, portrayal of hyenas led to several researchers, whose work was with hyenas, to boycott the movie. One of these researchers actually sued Disney for the defamation of hyenas. The fear of the researchers was that in casting the hyenas in the role of evil (and stupid) minions of Scar, their efforts to preserve the lives and populations of hyenas might be compromised.

2. Hidden Courts in a Mountain

Photo Credit

The Matterhorn roller-coaster at Disneyland has a secret basketball court inside it for Disneyland staff to use.  It was most popular during the construction of the mountain, but is still in use today.

3. Seriously Haunted Mansion

Photo Credit

Each year, several families ask to scatter a loved one’s ashes into the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland. The answer is always no, but a family has been caught in the act before.

4. The King of the what?

Photo Credit
The original title of The Lion King was “King of the Jungle” — which was scrapped when the Disney team remembered that lions don’t live in the jungle.
5. Quiet Characters

Quiet Aurora
Photo Credit

Of all Disney characters, Dumbo speaks the least — having no actual lines of dialogue during the film. Coming in a close second is Aurora of Sleeping Beauty. Who had only 18 whole lines and 18 minutes of screen time during her own movie.
6. How many Fairies does it take?

Aurora Fairies

Photo Credit
Speaking of Sleeping Beauty, There were originally seven fairies instead of three, and at one point, the fairies were all supposed to look alike, which would have been incredibly confusing.
7. Princess and the Frog Focus Groups

Photo Credit

Princess and the Frog was originally supposed to be called The Frog Princess,” and Tiana was named Maddy, however, a number of changes had to be made to the film, at the request of black focus groups.
8. Redfeather the Turkey


Photo Credit
Pocahontas was originally supposed to have a talking turkey side-kick named Redfeather, played by John Candy; however they decided they no longer wished to have a speaking animal, and the character was dropped.
9. Mushu’s Real Size

Photo Cite

Mulan’s story was conceived by Robert D. San Souci, retold from an earlier true story, who imagined the character’s companion as a giant dragon. However, the studio was reluctant to portray what could be a very freighting sidekick, and San Souci informed them that Chinese myth allowed for smaller dragons. So they shrunk Mushu down. Mushu alludes to this in the movie, saying, “I’m travel size for your convenience! If I was my real size your cow here would die of fright.”

10. Hercules: The Gospel Truth
Photo Credit

Actually Hercules was based off the Greek myth of a hero charged with performing ten “labors” to atone for killing his children, after he was driven to insanity by his stepmother (who was also Zeus’ sister). All of this is obviously left out in the movie, as is Hercules’ real name. It’s “Heracles,” inspired by his stepmother-aunt mother Hera. This was later Romanized as “Hercules,” which became the more well-known version of his name. This also makes Hercules the only character in this movie to have a Roman name instead of a Greek name.
11. Pocahontas
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She was actually only eleven when the English arrived in Virginia, while John Smith was twenty-eight. Apparently she did save him from execution, but they never fell in love. Pocahontas kept in contact with the settlers and aided them in times of need, such as providing food for the winter. One summer, Pocahontas arrived at the colony asking for Smith and was told he died; however, he had just been sent back to England from a leg wound. She later met a man named John Rolfe, and they eloped to England. Pocahontas’s died as a foreign princess living among the richest and most powerful people in Europe. Sadly when she was 21 she died of disease, never having returned to America.

12. Beastly Birthday

Photo Credit
So, according to the movie the Beast’s rose dies on his 21st birthday; as that time is approaching Belle comes into his life and during the song, “Be Our Guest,” Lumier mentions that they have been in object form for 10 years now. That means that Adam (the beast) was turned into a beast when he was 11, and he remained that way for almost half his life.

Why St. Patty’s Day Should Be Every College Student’s Favorite Holiday

It’s only natural that a holiday that has become centered on drinking and celebrating would be the best day of the year for a college student. Here’s why:

1. There is ALWAYS a party

Let’s face it: If you’re a college student, partying is one of your top priorities.
Who even comes to college for “learning” anyway? Sadly, this behavior is not socially acceptable 364 day out of the year but guess what…

It’s the one of those days where it’s perfectly acceptable to make questionable decisions and flake on responsibilities.


**DISCLAIMER: Unbelievab.ly is not responsible for your actions on St. Patrick’s Day and is not “directly” encouraging bad behavior

2. Copious Amounts of Alcohol

Especially Green Beer. But seriously green beer is delicious.

So delicious in fact that my dad left the hospital the day I was born (St. Patty’s day baby right here) and went to drink green beer at the local bar.
Some would say that his priorities were messed up, but as a St. Patrick’s Day fan- girl I applaud this action whole-heartily.

Also, whoever did this has more alcohol than a liquor store

3. Shamrocks

Shamrocks are the symbol of Ireland! YAY!
Also for some unfortunate reason, shamrocks have recently made the list of “Most Typical Girl Tattoos”, only ranking behind anchors, sappy quotes, and dream catchers.

Find a shamrock with four-leaves? LUCKY YOU. But seriously, four leaf clovers are supposedly lucky.

4. The Abundant Amount of Gingers to Make Fun of

Did you know? There are probably the same amount of the Red-heads at a St. Patrick’s Day celebration as there are at the International Redhead Festival in the Netherlands (This festival is real, check it out here).

This fact alone is a good enough reason to celebrate! And gingers don’t have souls so there’s that…

Note: Gingers are great people and they probably do have souls

5. The EPIC costumes and accessories

From shot glass necklaces to “Kiss me I’m Irish” shirts, you can get decked out in green gear for St. Patty’s.
The possibilities are endless!
Make a trip to the Target dollar section…or to Wal-Mart, where thanks to labor sweatshops (kidding…maybe) the entire store is basically a dollar section.


6. St Patty’s Parade Faces

The faces parade goers make are always priceless, especially when you have applied a liberal amount of green paint to your face.
St. Patty’s day parades are not for the weak stomached and most will be an unforgettable (okay slightly forgettable) day.

Little ol’ Butte, Montana even makes the cut for boisterous parades, and believe me this event is anything but little.

7. Pinch an Inch, Smile a Mile

You know that annoying kid in class that asks too many questions?
Guess what! Pinching them for not wearing green is the perfect (and seemingly innocent) form of payback.
Or you can be like me and pinch someone even when they are wearing green… just play dumb.

But please, don’t be an idiot and forget to wear green yourself.

8. Leprechauns and Pots O’ Gold

These little red-headed tricksters are adorable, and if you don’t think so go look at a Lucky Charms box (look I provided a picture of one).
Does it even really matter that they are secretly greedy and deceiving? No! You would be too if after ever rainbow someone was trying to steal your gold.

Honestly though, he’s so cute.

Whatever you decide to do for St. Patty’s Day remember:

1. Everyone is Irish on St. Patty’s Day
2. Don’t forget to wear green
3. Pace yourself, or else you’ll end up like this guy…

Enjoy the best holiday of the year!


*Each photo linked to source