5 Pretty Obvious Reasons to Not Pass Judgement

Children’s naive understanding of the world allows them to live and learn freely, openly and,  until they begin to compare themselves to others, without judgement. I am envious of kids abilities to say whatever they feel, ask any question, and do so without fear of what others will think.

As we learn about the world and grow into teenagers and adults, we develop ideas of what is right and what is wrong based on a variety of external and internal influences. The sequence of events that happen in life will affect based on your reaction to them.

This is the same in our relationships with people. In life, people will come and go. This could be someone you fall in love with, an acquaintance, or someone who walks past you on the street. How you react and interact with these people shapes how you move about in the world.

To put it simply and hopefully not to cliche, how you view others around you stems from how you feel about yourself. If we could all remember how we felt as children  perhaps we could recall the genuine simplicity of interacting with others and improve the way we view each other.

I have come up with five reasons why you wouldn’t want to judge someone before you chat with them.

  1. Imagine how much someone else knows. No one knows everything, everyone has interests, and everyone likes to share what they know with others. There is endless power in knowledge and unless you think you know it all, there is not a single person you will meet who cant teach you something. If you’re open to it, you will always be pleasantly surprised. “Normality is a paved road: It’s comfortable, but no flowers grow.” -Vincent Van Gogh 
  2. There isn’t a person you wouldn’t love if you could read their story. People are fascinating, everyone starts from nothing and over time becomes a unique personality with a unique story. You don’t have to love listening to peoples life stories to appreciate how different we are and how far we’ve all come.
  3. The power of positivity is simple. It feels better to feel good and feels worse to feel bad. Thinking negatively, especially in regards to people, will likely evoke negative feelings in and about yourself. Seeing the good in others and being understanding of people, will allow you to recognize and feel good about your own qualities. Positivity grows exponentially faster than negativity and is significantly easier to put your energy into.
  4. What are you afraid of? While people may come from different backgrounds beliefs and understandings, it will only benefit you to try to understand the why behind their ways. If you are confident in your own values, there should be no fear of the unknown. “When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind” -African Proverb
  5. You’d hate for it to happen to you. Considering how smart and capable you are, you have a lot to offer and it would be a shame for someone to overlook that based on a judgement. When others engage with you, be kind, be honest, and be yourself. It wont always work out and you wont always agree but if both parties can take away something different or new, then that’s a win.

Remember to love each other despite differences, ask questions if you don’t understand, and use your powers for good. At the end of the day it’s honestly so much easier.

Something to consider,





5 Songs That Will Bring Happiness To Your Day

By: Charlie Freyn

#1. Nujabes – “Feather”

Jun Seba (Nujabes) was born in Tokyo, Japan, on Februrary 7th, 2010. Nujabes mixes hip hop, rap and jazz samples. Unfortunately, Nujabes passed away on February 26, 2010 in a traffic accident. His music lives on and brings joy to countless listeners around the world.


#2. Electric Light Orchestra – “Mr. Blue Sky”

Electric Light Orchestra are an English rock band from Birmingham that formed in 1970. Their music falls into the following genres: progressive pop, symphonic rock, art rock, and progressive rock. “Mr. Blue Sky” is featured on Electric Light Orchestras 1977 double-LP Out of the Blue. “Mr. Blue Sky” is a great song to add to your playlist as the warmer weather is approaching.


#3. Lettuce – “Move on Up”

In 1992, the Lettuce band formed in Boston, Massachusetts. Lettuce brings the sounds of funk and jazz to their vibrant live shows. In 2008, Lettuce released the Rage! Album that pays a tribute to Curtis Mayfield’s “Move on Up.” If you’re ever looking to attend an extremely funky show, I recommend you check out the Lettuce band.


#4. Nappy Roots – “Good Day”

In 1995, Nappy Roots formed their rap group in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Nappy Roots adds an energetic twist to the hip hop and alternative hip hop genres. During the month of July, 2007, Nappy Roots released the Innerstate Music album which included the single “Good Day.” Give this song a listen if you are on the search for feel good music.


#5. Earth, Wind & Fire – “September”

Earth, Wind & Fire is an original Chicago band that was founded in 1971. Their music focuses on a number of genres: R&B, soul, funk, jazz, disco, pop, and psychedelic soul. “September” was released as a single by Earth, Wind & Fire in 1978. If you haven’t heard of Earth, Wind & Fire, I highly recommend you go listen to several of their albums.

What Happened When I Direct Messaged Aaron Carter On Twitter Everyday for Three Weeks

By Kate Trahan

The Follow

Aaron Carter follows me on twitter, I do not know how or why. I would like to say that he could sense that my love for him in early 2000s still runs deep and that the joy and excitement I experienced from his debut on that Lizzy McGuire episode in 2001 (you know which one I’m talking about) created a loyalty that cannot be broken. But more than likely it was a fluke, an accident or even a PR stunt.

Whatever it is, he is one of my 48 followers and I was able to message the tween sensation on twitter.

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 3.10.56 PM

(above is the picture I took of Aarons profile from my twitter account)

The Experiment

I got the idea to reach out to Aaron Carter when I saw on Facebook that he is performing in Billings, Montana on May 6th. It was really serendipitous because I haven’t heard a song or seen Aaron Carter since my Lizzy McGuire fan club days and now he has been on my radar twice in the last month.

I figured I had nothing to lose and I was going to send him a message.

I did some research and by that I mean I typed into Google “what to say to a celebrity in a direct message on twitter?” and there was pages and pages of advice. There was even a WikiHow page and hundreds of pages from One Direction Fans who have tried every different way to get in contact with Harry Styles.

So I sent my first message. It was long and I babbled and I mentioned his appearance in Lizzy McGuire back in 2001 and how he is still a great artist.

It was an awful message. My eight-year-old self would have been so disappointed.  But I told myself to keep at it.

For the next few days I stuck with some basic “Hey Aaron” or “Have a good day”, nothing too crazy because I didn’t want to sound like an idiot (that ship might have already sailed but for the sake of this argument we will say that ship is still in the harbor).


The next week I saw something on Facebook that was pure gold.

A local artist named Farch created a petition  called “ FARCH TO OPEN FOR AARON CARTER“ (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aZ0ot_KtTsVILxCkMiip48r368D0ehrJB_fu1ma6BEA/edit?pref=2&pli=1)  in an effort to open for Aaron carter in Billings.


SO I messaged Aaron about Farch.  Again, it was not a great message but I tried to get the point across.


I messaged him a few more times about the local artist.



( (a picture of Farch in the campaign for him to open for Aaron Carter)

Week 3

After sending multiple messages I refuse to get discouraged.

I am continuing to message Aaron Carter everyday until his show or until he blocks me on twitter (whichever comes first.) And I will keep you guys updated.  You can check back to this page for updates and you can also follow me on twitter @Katerade4


Your Guide to Montana Music Festivals: Summer 2015

Summer is finally here. School is winding down and plans are being made to fill in the long, gorgeous days ahead of us. There is a lot Montana has to offer during the summer but music festivals captures the heritage of Montana like few events can. If you have never been here is a few to check out:


Red Ants Pants Music Festival ~ July 23-26


White Sulphur Springs is a quiet Montana town for about 360 days a year, but during the Red Ants Pants Music Festival brings over 16 bands and thousands of people. The festival started in 2011 and has been the source of fundraising for the Red Ants Pants Foundation. The non-profit foundation supports women’s leadership, working farms and ranches, and rural communities. You can enjoy your favorite bands and festivities while contributing to a great cause. It gives people the chance to enjoy a festival in true Montana fashion.

~ Tickets are available as a 3 day pass or individually and can be purchased online or at various outlets.

~ Lineup for 2015 includes the likes of The ‘Lil Smokies, Bus Driver Tour and Lucero.


Rockin The Rivers Music Festival ~ Aug 7-9


Montana’s favorite rockfest, Rockin The Rivers is located in Three Forks, MT about 30 miles west of Bozeman. The 3 day festival lineup includes:

August 7 – Dee Snider, Quiet Riot, Autograph, Jack Russell’s Great White, Black N Blue and Blue Tattoo

August 8 – Theory of a Deadman, Skid Row, Puddle of Mudd, Saliva, Hell’s Belles and Shamans Harvest

August 9 – Little River Band, WAR, Chuck Negron and Whiskey River

~ Tickets and campsite information are available online here


Headwaters Country Jam ~ June 25-27


Also located at The Bridge near Three Forks, Country Jam is one of the most popular festivals in Montana, and for good reason. The lineup for 2015 includes Trace Adkins, Austin Webb, Randy Rogers Band, Western Skies and Blackjack Billy. While the music is the highlight, festival goers can fill in the downtime between artists with horse shoe tournaments, dance contests and mechanical bull riding.

~ Tickets are available as a 3 day pass or individually and can be purchased online here.


Montana Folk Festival ~ July 10-12


Butte, MT is home to the Montana Folk Festival. 2015 features a stellar lineup from bands and artists all across the country. Keep an eye out for Dale Ann Bradley, The Cambell Brothers, Preston Shannon Band and the Whitetop Mountaineers. From bluegrass to blues, Irish fiddle and oldtime, the Montana Folk Festival has something for everyone. Admission is free.