Memes to the Rescue or: 7+ Cat Memes, Funny eCards and Epic Fails to Turn a Sh**ty Day Around.

Let’s face it…life is hard. Some days are great, some are just OK and some days are just plain awful. For whatever reason, there are days during our lives that are harder, more stressful, unbearably sad or completely maddening. But don’t despair, dear readers, for there is hope. We have within our grasp a powerful tool that, in the right hands, can obliterate even the most terrible mood. That tool … is the internet.

Forged in the fires of D.A.R.P.A., the internet is a mysterious land, teeming with the forces of good and evil. I have always believed in the mood-transforming powers of the internet, but cyberspace is vast and filled with countless villains who seem bent on making your bad mood even worse. I have always tried to fight these villains and harness the powers of internet for the forces of good.

In honor of that lofty goal, I’ve taken it upon myself to create one blog post to change those “meh” moments into “yay” moments. One blog post to turn to when the Facebook NewsFeed is bringing you down. One blog post that can shine a light when it seems all other lights have gone out.

Memes can take many forms, but I find that video tends to be the most powerful. So here are just a few funny or inspiring memes and videos culled from many corners of cyberspace collected into one post.

One post…to rule them all.


Humans Are Pretty Great, After All!

It can be easy to get down on your fellow humans, especially if you spend time with them, but this video will definitely remind you that people can be pretty awesome too!

Epic Fails

I have most definitely tripped and fallen in front of large groups of people while checking out my reflection while passing a window.  In the spirit of commiseration, here is a collection of totally epic fails that remind us that we are, in fact, all human.

Cute Puppies

I don’t think cute puppies need much explaining, but in case you need a little bit of inspiration, there is something incredibly rejuvenating about watching little fuzzy balls of cuteness try to figure out a door.

Funny Cat Videos (of course)

I’m pretty sure the internet was invented to facilitate the sharing of cat videos…


I need to see a funny eCard on a daily – sometimes hourly – basis.  Here are a few of my favorites. awesome drinkingecard fbecards my-first-instinct

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I hope this post gave you some respite from any doldrums you may have been experiencing in your life.  Feel free to share this link with anyone, and on any social media platform, you think it may do some good!

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Post by Chris Jambor, a senior at University of Montana’s School of Business Administration.

EPIC Proposal from 26 countries, 4 years in the Making

These are my two best friends Becca and Jack. We are from Whitefish, Montana and spent our lives growing up together from preschool to high school and finally college. It wasn’t until freshman year at University of Montana when Becca and Jack began to date. Since 2010, Becca and Jack’s romance has grown and I’ve enjoyed watching my two best friends fall in love. We graduated May 17, 2014 from college and later that night Jack proposed to Becca.


3 good news stories sure to brighten your day.

In the news today all we seem to hear about are the bad things happening around the world. Unfortunately, most of the good news is consistently overshadowed by the bad in the media today. Here are just a few stories that may remind you there is still some good in the world.

One of the great things about technology is that it enables people to unite for a cause despite how removed from it they may be. It all started when Youtube prankster Magic of Rahat gave a homeless man named Eric a lottery ticket. He also gave the store clerk $1000 to give to Eric as his “winnings.” The video went viral and the online community started donating like crazy, next thing you know Eric had a fully furnished house, food, clothes, and a bank account with a balance of over $20,000.

o-CHART-570 homeless-man-gets-home-1


Watch The Video!

The Kentucky Derby has always been a sort of “high class” event in which having money almost always grandfathers you into success. This year however, California Chrome stuck it to the man. After losing multiple races California Chrome was basically to never be seen again until two “dumb ass” partners bought the mare for a measly $8000. The two owners modestly named their partnership “Dumb Ass Partners” then to top it off hired the oldest trainer to ever win the derby, threw it all together and are now celebrating like its 1999.

California Chrome

Panic was beginning to set in when the search for a three year old boy had to be called off due to a North Dakota downpour of a rainstorm. A few remaining four wheelers continued the search when one noticed the family’s retriever german shepherd mix near a knoll. The boy was found huddled underneath the dog who was shielding him from the thunderstorm. The boys father had noticed the dog was gone and knew that to find the boy all they would have to do is find the dog. Man’s or boy’s best friend indeed. Watch the amazing video here.


Can You Handle The Facts?


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Please Check Out


“Help us build sustainable communities for children in need.”



Learn more about The Red Road Foundation and their last jazz and sushi dining experience held to raise funds for their farm and safe home project in Cambodia.


The amazing sushi dinner was catered and donated by Montana’s Best SaketoMe Sushi.

red25 The Vice President of The Red Road Foundation educates guests on the foundation’s progress and goals in Cambodia.


Amazing, fresh sashimi platter by, Montana’s best SaketoMe Sushi.


An event guest sharing her support and love for The Red Road Foundation.



Image board of the community being built in Cambodia labeled, “Help Us Color Their World”


Excited guests request a picture with the Vice President.

 red14Guests with Marci Jones, The Red Roads Foundations dazzling event coordinator.  red1

Guests are welcomed and served cocktails and appetizers.


Vice president and event coordinator share a happy moment for their success!