College through Si Robertson’s Eyes

Silas Merritt Robertson aka Uncle Si has his own look on life, and there is no doubt about that, which is why we have all come to love his life teachings. Being a college student there can be lots of struggles that we have to go through and sometimes I just wonder how Si would go about overcoming these struggles. Here are some memes just to see what Si would do in these different situations.

Day of School Activities:  Teachers love ice-breakers… Si has a much different approach.

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Group Projects: Every semester there seems to always be a group project… I just don’t know if Si is fit for a group project.

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   Being in a Rush: Deadlines, their always seem to be one… Si just wants to sit back and enjoy.

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   Stressed to the Max: College can be pretty stressful… But Si, now he knows what to be worried about.

733a7086e94b3c533c134c6f8f688062 SI!!!!!

Dead Week/Finals Week: The last two weeks can can be pretty tough on your brain… Si’s knows exactly what a brain goes through when it just doesn’t feel to good.

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Nap Time: Having breaks in between classes is always a nice time for a nap… Si has always been one to enjoy a nice nap or two.

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In the end…

I don’t know about you but I think Si has this whole college life figured out!
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