18 Confessions of Customer Service Reps

18 Confessions of Customer Service Reps
By Christy Gliko

Working in customer service can really test your tolerance for patience.  The struggle is REAL when dealing with other people.  I’ve asked for anonymous stories and struggles about working in customer service.  If you’ve ever worked in customer service, chances are you’ll relate to these fellow customer service workers:

  1. “I had a customer try to pick up an online order for her mom. She didn’t know the order number, the phone number it was ordered under (which is the only way to look it up), or have her ID on her. Her mom came in a couple minutes later. She was yelling and cursing at me the whole time, stabbed the signature capture pad with the pen, and then threw it at me.”

Mug toss

2.  “We have chicken or beef teriyaki”
Customer: “Whats the difference?”

Oh My God

3. Me (as a server): soup or salad? Customer: super salad? What’s in it?

Baseball reaction

4. My Aunt worked in St. Mary’s, outside of Glacier National Park. She was asked how many trees were in the Park! Also, when the next glacier would be coming by.

5. Lol when I ask “do you want soup, salad, or fries with that?” And a lot of times I get “sure” …. Which one!!!!


6. “What’s a grilled cheese sandwich?”

Idiot sandwich

7. “One time, a customer threatened to call the cops because we ran out of lettuce for his sandwich.”

Deal with it

8. “I was helping one of my regular customers, she is strange.  One day when she came in, she had a LIVE bird on her shoulder. Halfway through her order she took the bird off her shoulder and shoved it in her pocket, rather violently.”


9. “One time, a customer……literally shit in the dressing room.”


10. “I had a regular customer that would come in and order a sandwich, and then inform me how many days it had been ‘since she left me.’  He was in the thousands.”

No ones happy

11. “There is a customer who demands boiling hot coffee.  My coworker spilled it on her hand and yelped in pain. The customer replied ’Oh good, I know it’s hot enough.’ ”

Hot pot of coffee

12. “One time a customer came through the drive-thru and ordered a coke with no ice.  When she got to the window, she explained the coke was for her dog…”


13. “One time, a lady asked me where the nearest adult store was.  I work at a restaurant.”


14. “I worked in a fast food restaurant and my coworker took a break.  9 months later she birthed a child that was conceived in the bathroom at work that day.”


15. That feeling when a customer comes in 5 minutes before closing…


16. “I work in a fast food restaurant and someone shit on the floor….right next to the toilet.” …………………………..I see a theme here.


17. “I had a crazy-looking lady, something wrong with her skin, wearing a ton of makeup and obviously just dyed her hair because her whole neck was pink, immediately tell me ‘DON’T LOOK AT ME!’ before she placed her order. Petrified, I took her order (obeying her request to not look at her) as she told me she just got out of the hospital and was quarantined for leprosy, and her husband thinks she’s ugly and her kids hate her. After paying, she said she was going to go back to her car to ‘put more makeup on’. Thirty minutes later, she came back inside for her food and said she had fallen asleep. I didn’t hesitate to hand her the food and send her on her way.”

Dont look

18.  “I had a customer call in and demand for her card back.  Confused, I started asking questions.  It turns out that she mailed her debit card in with her bill and was confused why we hadn’t mailed her card back or charged it.”


At the end of the day, we all feel the same.

Dead inside

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– Christy Gliko

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