Crazy Pickup Trucks, What’s the Deal??

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In order to get the ball rolling, I need to make something transparently clear. I do not hate ALL trucks. There is a time and indeed a place where trucks can serve their purposes wonderfully. If I am really being honest, I need to admit that my father actually owns a truck and has for years in fact. Despite my endless barrage of insults and recommendations of more sporting alternatives, he continues to lease a new truck every three years. Being that he is my dad and he actually plows our road and tows the boat to the lake during the summer, I cannot chastise him too much for his car choices.

Being an automotive enthusiast, I tend to veer towards cars that have exceptional handling and performance characteristics. And although I do not own a truck (and never intend to), I begrudgingly admit that I do see the point of owning one. The idea behind a pickup truck or recreational vehicle is so beautifully simple: embodiment of power, freedom and almost limitless exploration capabilities. Some of the videos I have seen that demonstrate what these vehicles can do seem to bend the laws of physics. But is that the reason why people buy these machines?

I think not. Trucks are not the only type of car that are bought as status symbols in today’s automotive community. For many, being seen driving in a lifted truck on 40 inch wheels makes them feel better about themselves. Perhaps it makes them feel as though they are in control. Whatever the reason(s) may be, it cannot be argued that most truck owners hardly ever take their precious machines off the paved tarmac. This fact is what perhaps angers and frustrates me the most about the pickup truck community ( I will discuss this topic more in depth in a later posting).


Are All Truck Drivers the Same?

Pickup truck drivers might seem very similar to one another due to their vehicle choice. In fact, this assumption could not be further from the truth. There are two distinct categories of pickup truck drivers: those who drive trucks with diesel powered motors, and those who drive trucks powered by petroleum. Basically, there are pro’s and con’s of choosing one type over another. Diesel trucks are louder, require more maintenance and can be expensive to repair. However, they are capable of towing/ hauling mind-bottling amounts of weight in addition to achieving a higher fuel economy over petroleum trucks. Petroleum powered trucks, on the other hand, offer a quieter and more refined automobile that tend to require less maintenance. Another important facet to consider is the ease of which one can service one’s truck. Finding a mechanic who is certified to work on petroleum powered engines is much easier than finding a diesel-certified mechanic. (More info on the great debate between which type to choose can be found here.)

Example of a Petroleum Powered Truck: 2016 Toyota Tundra w/ normally aspirated V8

2014 Toyota Tundra V8

Example of a Diesel Powered Truck: 2016 Dodge Ram w/ I6 Turbo Diesel Motor

2016 Dodge Ram

No matter what type of truck you choose to drive, be it petroleum OR diesel, you are going to have a large presence on the public roads of whatever town you live in whether you like it or not. In my personal experience, pickup drivers in the town where I live tend to drive very quickly, very dangerous and very selfishly. Someone who drives a small hatchback like myself needs to be on his or her toes when driving. Pickup drivers are sometimes in such a hurry that they will neglect to see smaller cars. It is the responsibility of the owner or driver of these trucks to drive carefully and check all of the blind spots (of which there are many).