Dating in Your Twenties by Rachel Dugas

Since I was around 15, I always had a serious boyfriend. When one relationship would end I was with a new boy within a month, like nothing had even happened. I had always looked forward to being in my 20’s so I could casually date around like in the movies. I pictured it being so easy, no heart breaks, no pressure. Boy, was I wrong.

But now, I have been single for a year… new PR

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Here are some of the strugs I’ve experienced along the way, enjoy.

WARNING: If we have dated I advise you stop reading. But, if you continue past this point… good luck, bud!

So, let’s start with the initial question: “Do you wanna grab coffee sometime?” It is an easy question if you are genuinely interested in the boy, but can get messy quick if you are not. Are you saying yes to be nice? Or are you going to be honest and say no? Let us look at exhibit one:

There is literally no other option. It sucks either way.

So, you said yes to the date. Let us take a glance into my first date conflicts, shall we???

I am kind of a wildcard. Will I be shy, hold back, and barely talk? Or will I be nervous and talk WAY too much? I think my nervousness can be confused for vulnerability because I really will talk about anything.  

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Yes, ANYTHING! I do not hold back. You cannot shut me up. Being vulnerable can be a positive trait, but in this case it really does me dirty. Because this what happens in the boys head:

“Wow she feels so close and intimate towards me. She must really trust me. People normally would not bring this up until at least date #5.” Well surprise, surprise. I said too much and now you think we have a *~connection~*.

Ok, so next up on the agenda is the art of being casual. I thought dating in your 20’s was all about casual dating…

Since when does one date = married? Take a chill pill babycakes. I will probably not text you for at least 4 days, and that is a-okay! Date #2 will come, but please do not text me everyday leading up to it. To reiterate: one date ≠ texting everyday. Let’s keep it casual.

So, after a year of casual dating, I am here to say that I resign. No more first dates. 2019 is the year of staying single and dating me. Me + myself = couple goals. We are so cute.

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  1. I can totally relate to this! Being twenty is such a weird age for dating! I feel like there really is no such thing as casual dating lol.

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